Blazin completion screen in Saints Row IV gameplay preview

Blazin completion screen in Saints Row IV.

Blazin, AKA Blazin'[1][2] is an Activity in Saints Row IV.

Super Powered Racing
— Activity description[3]


Blazin is a updated version of Trail Blazing from previous games. The object of the Activity is to Super Sprint through a number of checkpoints in the fastest time possible. on the way The Protagonist should collect green orbs which guide you and give you a speed boost when picked up. The player should avoid red glowing firewalls as these deduct time.

The player is given 40 seconds in the beginning. Hitting a checkpoint stops the timer for some seconds. Completing Blazin with 25 or more seconds left awards Gold Medal; completing with 15-24 seconds left awards Silver Medal; completing with less than 15 seconds left awards Bronze Medal.


Blazin has 9 locations, 4 Easy, 3 Medium, and 2 Hard.

Difficulty Location Quest
Easy Burns Hill (west) Learn the Rules... (Quest)
Easy Yearwood (north) Campaign Trail of Destruction (Keith David)
Easy Sunset Park Something to Prove (Shaundi SR2)
Easy Wesley Cutter Intl Saintfinger (Asha)
Medium Espina The Simulation Recognizes... (Keith David)
Medium New Baranec The Turn (Matt Miller)
Medium Burns Hill (east) Three-Count Royale (Asha)
Hard Arapice Island Obey (CID)
Hard Salander Payback (Shaundi)


  • This Activity's gameplay style is similar to a mix between Trail Blazing and Racing from Saints Row 2.



  1. Image:
    Challenge 10 Blazin' Silver Medals

    Challenge 10 Blazin' Silver Medals

  2. Image:
    Challenge 11 Blazin' Gold Medals

    Challenge 11 Blazin' Gold Medals

  3. Image:
    Blazin named on-screen in Saints Row IV gameplay preview

    Blazin map description

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