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Blake is a character in Saints Row 2.


Blake is a Stilwater University student who has a frat house in the Apartments district next to Apollo's.[1] He is one of Shaundi's exs, and gives Playa information regarding the Sons of Samedi's drug labs.[1]

Blake is also the contact for Trail Blazing in the Apartments District.[2]


  • The Greek letters on Blake's hat, shirt, and frat house are ΣΘΔ: Sigma, Theta, Delta: STD.


Blake: "Thanks for stoppin' by...the brothers of Theta appreciate it."
Playa: "The brothers of Theta better have cash."
Blake: "Don't worry, we'll scratch one of our pub crawls, that should cover whatever you charge."
Playa: "So what's the problem?"
Blake: "Those jag-offs in Gamma beat our step team, now they think they're hot shit...we need someone to knock 'em down a peg."
Playa: "You got anything I can use so they know you sent the message?"
Blake: "This year we bought a flame suit for pledge hazing, you think you can find a way to work that in?"
Playa: "Oh yeah..."
— "Apartment District Trail Blazing" Cutscene


Blake - character model in Saints Row 2

Burning Down the House - Blake from the front

Blake in Trail Blazing cutscene

Sigma Theta Delta frat house

Blake - closeup with hat removed


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