Black Bottom Refinery
Black Bottom Refinery stronghold
"Black Bottom Refinery" loading screen.


Story arc

Los Carnales

Unlocked after

"McManus Says Hello"


Marked: ?. Minimum kills: ?


Find the Carnales tag spots.

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"Black Bottom Refinery" is a Stronghold in Saints Row.

I don't think the Carnales have gotten the message that the Saints are here to stay. Tag up their refinery, I want those bitches to see our sign wherever they look.
Black Bottom Refinery intro
Julius Little to The Protagonist, in a phone call after starting the Stronghold.


Julius Little phones The Protagonist and briefs them on tagging up a refinery owned by Los Carnales.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Killing Hector Lopez was a demoralizing blow to the Carnales, in an effort to further crush their morale, Julius sent you to tag up the Black Bottom Oil Refinery. While the refinery was heavily guarded, you still managed to paint 3rd Street tags all over the what was once one of their most fortified strongholds has been turned into a giant 3rd Street Saint billboard.


Find the Carnales tag spots.

The goal of the mission is to move along the oil refinery tagging 7 marked graffiti tags. Look out for explosive barrels and make sure to kill any nearby enemies before beginning to tag. This is not a challenging Stronghold, but it is easy to fall off and get Smoked after completing the Stronghold.


  • Black Bottom neighborhood unlocked


  • The tag spots in this Stronghold are not part of the unmarked Tagging Activity and thus do not count as part of the 75 tag spots throughout the game.
  • The refinery still exists in Saints Row 2, however, the tags are no longer present.


  • Black Bottom Oil Refinery, where the Stronghold takes place
  • One of the seven tag spots
  • Black Bottom Refinery 'Stronghold Completed' screen


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