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Big Ass Chains is a multiplayer mode in Saints Row.


In Big Ass Chains, players must collect chains by killing people, and then depositing them for points. A bonus is awarded for delivering more chains at once.

The "Chain Gang" Achievement is unlocked after dropping off a total of 500 chains in ranked matches of Big Ass Chains.

In-game description[]

Big Ass Chains (BAC) can be played either as a team or individual game in which the goal is to score the most points by dropping off chains.
Whenever a player dies, they drop a chain. If an opponent walks over the chain, that chain is added to their total. The number of chains held by a person is indicated by a number over their head. If you walk over your own chain, or in a team game, if someone on the same team walks over the chain, the chain is removed, but it doesn't add to your total.
Once you have picked up an enemy's chain, you can drop it off at the drop-off location, which is indicated on your mini map. You score points based on how many chains you have on you when you drop them off. The more chains you have (to a maximum of ten), the more points you score. Be careful, if you die while holding multiple chains you will drop them all. The drop-off location changes periodicallly.
The BAC HUD displays the point totals for the teams or players, the number of chains you're carrying and the amount of time before the drop-off point changes location, and the amount of time left in the match.
The team (or player) that reaches the score limit is the winner.
— In-game description

Customize Settings[]

  • Time of Day: Day, Night, Dusk, Dawn (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weather: Clear Skies, Partly Cloudy, Light Rain, Medium Rain, Heavy Rain, Overcast, Thunderstorm (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weapons: Varies per Map (The Corner: 6; Hotwired: 11; The Ultor Dome: 8)
  • Vehicles: Varies per Map (The Corner: 0; Hotwired: 4; The Ultor Dome: 1)
  • Game Time: Off or 1-60 minutes (1 minute increments, default: 10 minutes)
  • Score Limit: Off or 50-1000 points (50 point increments, default: 250 points for Individual, 400 points for Team)
  • Drop-off Time: Off or 30 seconds to 5 minutes (30 second increments, default: 2 minutes)
  • Drop-off Score: Off or 10-200 points (10 point increments, default: Off)

Drop-off Time and Drop-off Score are an either/or situation. If you turn one on, the other automatically turns off.


The same Gangsta Brawl maps are available for Big Ass Chains.


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