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"Best Laid Plans..." is the fifth mission of the Vice Kings story arc in Saints Row.

Tanya lucked out last time you took out her brothel... this time the bitch is gonna get what's comin' to her...
Johnny Gat to Playa, while on their way to Tanya's hideout at the Abandoned Police Station.


At the church, Playa and Johnny Gat prepare for an assault on the Abandoned Police Station which is being used as a hideout for Tanya Winters. Gat selects a VICE 9, Tombstone and a switchblade to take and he and Playa make their way to meet the 3rd Street Saints outside the old station.[1]

The Vice Kings try to defend the station but are quickly overwhelmed by the Saints, and Tanya is forced to withdraw further and further into the building. Johnny and Playa seemingly corner and confront Tanya, only to be ambushed by Anthony Green, who strikes Playa in the back of the head and shoots Gat in the leg with a shotgun. Gat retaliates by stabbing Green in the leg with a switchblade, giving Playa time to escape by diving out of a nearby window. Green calls Benjamin King to say they've caught Johnny Gat. Warren Williams wants to gather a crew and attack Saint's Row but is sternly talked down by King, who states that his time will come eventually, but right now the Vice Kings have the 3rd Street Saints exactly where they want them.[2][3]

Maybe, but we ain't gonna find out. We got the cops bustin' up 3rd Street for us, and we got Julius' lieutenant tied up in Anthony's condo. Everything's goin' our way right now, so just chill. Your time gonna come, Warren. It just ain't happenin' now. Understood?
— Benjamin King


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

After meeting Johnny at the church, you set out together to find and kill Tanya. Meeting up with a group of Saints already outside the abandoned Police station, the two of you made your way inside and up to an office where Anthony Green, Benjamin King's bodyguard, and Tanya sprung their trap on the two of you. Johnny distracted your captors, providing you with enough time to escape. You managed to evade pursuit, but Johnny was not so lucky.


Best Laid Plans - dispatch room.png
Go to the abandoned police station and kill the Vice Kings.

The route to the Abandoned Police Station is automatically marked on the GPS. Johnny's Venom is parked outside the church, although any vehicle can be used.

After arriving at the police station with Johnny Gat, there are several Saints outside with Hammerheads, facing off against 4 Vice Kings on the steps of the building.

When the Vice Kings see Playa, 1 level of Vice Kings Notoriety is added, but this can be avoid by staying in the car and not approaching.

Police Notoriety can be gained, but cannot go above 2.

Catch Tanya and kill her.
What are you standing around for? Kill 'em!
— Tanya Winters, when Playa enters the building

When the door to the police station is opened, Tanya tells her men to kill the Saints and flees further into the building. If Notoriety has not already been acquired, it is raised to level 1.

The real objective is simply "follow Tanya". Tanya herself cannot be damaged, so it's futile to shoot her.

Inside is a series of rooms containing at least 2 Vice Kings in each room, mostly armed with VICE 9s. There are 12 Vice Kings on the ground floor. Tanya is waiting inside the stairwell, and flees upwards, but there are also stair down to the holding cells in the basement, where there is a Tombstone in the office. There are 3 Vice Kings downstairs, 7 upstairs, and one who appears from behind.

If more than one follower has been unlocked, the 3rd Street Saints outside the station make for excellent Homies along with Gat. None of the Vice Kings are required kills, so it's possible to sprint through the building following Tanya; the cutscene immediately plays after reaching the room on the second floor of the building, even if Tanya hasn't reached it yet.

Pulling Out

The gameplay portion after the cutscene is named "Pulling Out", but this name is not displayed in game.

Vice Kings Notoriety is locked at 2.5 and Stilwater Police Department Notoriety is raised to 3.5, but is not locked and can drop normally. Police Notoriety can now go up to 5.

Any other Homies that were recruited before the cutscene are still present.

There is a incoming phone call from Julius Little, and the objective does not change until it is answered.

Get back to the Church.
Hey playa. One of Johnny's crew got out of there in time and told me what went down. If the cops are workin' for the Kings, you gotta get off the streets fast. Hurry up and get back to the church. We'll figure out a way to get Johnny back home.
— Julius Little

A beater Slingshot is parked at the side of the building next to Playa, and the Hammerheads are still out the front, along with whichever vehicle was driven to the police station.

The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, abandoning Gat, or Gat getting smoked.[4][5]



  • Tanya Winters is invincible during gameplay; do not bother wasting ammo trying to shoot her as she runs through the police station.
    • She is, however, not invulnerable to the effects of explosions; while they don't damage her, they send her flying through the air helplessly.
  • The Cash reward for this mission is less than the previous mission.[6]
  • Johnny's Venom can be obtained by exiting the mission at any time, or by using it to drive back to the church.
  • It is possible to reach the Abandoned Police Station before Gat finishes his driving lines.
  • As well as the Tombstone in the holding cell office, there is a T3K Urban inside one of the locked holding cells.
  • Although cutscene shows an open window, all of the windows are all bricked up from the outside, and the window is closed from the inside.


"Decisions, Decisions" cutscene[]

Good thing you're here, I was about to leave without ya. I don't think I'm feelin' the bat today. This is always the hardest part for me... ya know, balancing stopping power with personal enjoyment. Oooo, yeah, I'm feelin' this. It ain't gonna be easy clearin' all those VKs outta the station, so I told my crew to meet us there. Let's ride.
— Johnny Gat in the "Decisions, Decisions" cutscene


Johnny Gat: "Tanya lucked out the last time you took out her brothel... this time the bitch is gonna get what's commin' to her..."
Johnny Gat: "After we're through with this whore I wanna find Big Tony... you listen to Julius talk about the guy and he makes it sound like he's built like a fuckin' APC... I'm lookin' forward to takin' him apart."
Johnny Gat: "I got a good feeling about this... I think it'll be a nice bonding experience..."
Johnny Gat: "I hope you can keep up with me in there."
Johnny Gat: "Let's hurry up, we don't want to miss the fun."
— Johnny Gat, after entering a vehicle before reaching the abandoned police station
There's our boys. Let's drop some Vice Queens.
— Johnny Gat, upon arriving at the abandoned police station

Johnny Gat: "Hey, I can't kill anyone if I'm dead!"
Johnny Gat: "This is a car, not some bitch who forgot the safe word."
Johnny Gat: "Did you see that fucker bounce?"
Johnny Gat: "Let's save some of that for the station, k?"
Johnny Gat: "Slow down man, we'll get that bitch soon enough.."
Johnny Gat: "Would you mind not runnin into me?"
Johnny Gat: "Watch it, I'm jumpy enough as it is."
Johnny Gat: "What's your problem man?"
— Johnny Gat's random lines when Playa drives poorly
Johnny Gat: "Come on muthafuckas, you can do better than that!"
Johnny Gat: "Don't stop now, we got more killin' to do."
Johnny Gat: "Don't let that bitch get away!"
Johnny Gat: "Fuck yeah!"
Johnny Gat: "Get up so I can shoot you again!"
Johnny Gat: "This shit is too easy."
Johnny Gat: "Ya hear that Tanya? I'm gettin' closer."
Johnny Gat: "Step on up boys and girls, everyone gets a turn."
Johnny Gat: "When are you bitches gonna get the message, stay out of Stillwater![sic] "
Johnny Gat: "We're gonna take this place, just like we took the ho house!"
Johnny Gat: "The Saints are through bein' pushed around!"
Johnny Gat: "I'm sending all you fuckers home in a box!"
Johnny Gat: "It's been too long."
Johnny Gat: "I could do this all night."
Johnny Gat: "Tanya, we're getting closer..."
Johnny Gat: "Anyone else think they're hard?"
Johnny Gat: "Who's next?"
Johnny Gat: "What, that's it?"
Johnny Gat: "Bitch, you just bled on my shoes."
— Johnny Gat's random lines when attacking
Johnny Gat: "Oh, I like it when they play hard to get."
Johnny Gat: "I'm fine, keep moving."
Johnny Gat: "You think a couple bullets are gonna stop me?!"
Johnny Gat: "Mother fucker!"
Johnny Gat: "Hey man, are you gonna cover me or what?"
Johnny Gat: "A little help here would be nice!"
Johnny Gat: "Oh, I'm gonna take my time with you."
Johnny Gat: "Bitch, your day is about to get a whole lot worse."
Johnny Gat: "You couldn't take me out on your best day."
Johnny Gat: "This is what Tanya's got for protection? That girl is fucked."
Johnny Gat: "A swing like that, you wouldn't last five minutes in the Row."
Johnny Gat: "Motherfucker just hit me."
Johnny Gat: "See, that's just gonna piss me off."
Johnny Gat: "Becareful, somebody's gonna get hurt..."
Johnny Gat: "Fuck it, I'll finish this myself."
Johnny Gat: "You think you can take me on?"
Johnny Gat: "You don't cut that shit out, I'll put you down myself."
Johnny Gat: "I'm running out of patience."
— Johnny Gat's random lines when taking damage
Johnny Gat: "Man, I love your work."
Johnny Gat: "Not too shabby."
Johnny Gat: "Ya know, we should really do this more often."
Johnny Gat: "You don't fuck around, do ya?"
— Johnny Gat's random lines when Playa kills Vice Kings
Johnny Gat: "Shit!"
Johnny Gat: "Incoming!"
Johnny Gat: "Clear out!"
Johnny Gat: "Fuck us!"
— Johnny Gat's random lines if a Hand Grenade is thrown
Johnny Gat: "Buddy, when this thing's loaded, you're dead."
Johnny Gat: "I ain't runnin' out anytime soon."
Johnny Gat: "You're luck's about to run out..."
Johnny Gat: "You can't hold out forever..."
— Johnny Gat's random lines when reloading
Johnny Gat: "We better get movin' or Tanya's gonna get away again."
Johnny Gat: "I didn't bring this gun along for show, let's get moving."
— Johnny Gat's unused lines about standing around idle
Johnny Gat: "Where ya think you're going?"
Johnny Gat: "Come on, who am I fighting, a Vice King or a ho?"
— Johnny Gat's unused lines when an enemy, possibly Tanya, flees
What are you standing around for? Kill 'em!
— Tanya Winters, when Playa enters the building

Don't let them get through!
— Tanya Winters, when Playa reaches the stairwell

We're not losing any more ground to the Saints!
— Tanya Winters, before she enters the final room

"Tanya and Tony" cutscene[]

Tanya Winters: "How 'bout you drop the gun, honey?"
Anthony Green: "If I were you, I'd listen to the lady."
Johnny Gat: "Well of course you would, you bein' her bitch."
Anthony Green: "Watch your fuckin' mouth."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, no reason to be hostile."
Gat drops gun, and Green searches him, throwing Gat's VICE 9 to Tanya
Tanya Winters: "He packin' anything else?"
Johnny Gat: "Just some rubbers, I was hopin' I could get some of Williams' sloppy seconds."
Green hits Gat over the head with his gun and Gat falls to the floor
Johnny Gat: "Guess I hit a nerve."
Anthony Green: "Do yourself a favor, stay down and shut the fuck up. You 3rd Street mothafuckas think you so smart. Well check this out, we ain't impressed. Hell, the only reason you got as far as you did was 'cause King let you. We led you right to where we wanted you, and now the police are gonna finish your ass for good, just the way we planned."
Johnny Gat: "Well, that explains how your bitch lost Prawn Court."
Tanya Winters: "Are you gonna let him talk about me like--"
Anthony Green: "Don't worry baby, I got this."
Johnny Gat: "Yeah Tanya, shut the fuck up."
Anthony Green: "I thought I told you to be quiet."
Johnny Gat: "I got shitty hearing."
Green shoots Gat in the leg.
Johnny Gat: "(screams in pain)"
Anthony Green: "Now you got a shitty leg."
Gat pulls out a knife and stabs Green in the foot
Anthony Green: "(screams in pain)"
Johnny Gat: "So do you."
Gat and Green start fighting, and Playa gets to his feet
Johnny Gat: "GO NOW!"
Playa jumps out the window
Tanya Winters: "Baby, we better call King."
— "Tanya and Tony" cutscene

Phone Call[]

Hey playa. One of Johnny's crew got out of there in time and told me what went down. If the cops are workin' for the Kings, you gotta get off the streets fast. Hurry up and get back to the church. We'll figure out a way to get Johnny back home.
— Julius Little

"The Generation Gap" cutscene[]

Anthony Green: "Trust me, he ain't goin' nowhere."
Benjamin King: "Damn good work, Tony. I'll stop by after I pay a visit to Hughes."
Anthony Green: "I'll see you soon boss."
Warren Williams: "So what do we do now?"
Benjamin King: "We wait."
Warren Williams: "Hold on, dawg, that muthafucka is still out there. The fuck you mean, we wait?"
Benjamin King: "I mean, you're gonna sit your black ass down and wait cause I fuckin' said so. Don't worry 'bout the one that got away, the 5-0 will take care of him."
Warren Williams: "Oh, so while you loungin', Tre Street keeps jackin' us. That's great, that's... that's fuckin' brilliant."
Benjamin King: "Slow up, little n​igga."
Warren Williams: "Come on, King, this is some bullshit. Let me get a crew together. I could roll into the Row and drop all them bitches. I'm tellin' you--"
Benjamin King: "No."
Warren Williams: "But Mr. King--"
Benjamin King: "I said no. Don't make me say it a third time. Warren my man, you got the music scene locked down. I need you to bring in the chedder, not get shot 'cause you think you got somethin' to prove."
Warren Williams: "I can do this!"
Benjamin King: "Maybe, but we ain't gonna find out. We got the cops bustin' up 3rd Street for us, and we got Julius' lieutenant tied up in Anthony's condo. Everything's goin' our way right now, so just chill. Your time gonna come, Warren. It just ain't happenin' now."
Benjamin King: "Understood?"
Warren Williams: "Yeah; we straight."
— "The Generation Gap" cutscene


Johnny Gat chooses his Tombstone shotgun at the church

Tanya Winters meets Johnny Gat and Playa

Anthony Green ambushes Johnny Gat and Playa

Johnny Gat and Anthony Green

"I thought I told you to be quiet."

"I got shitty hearing."

"Now you got a shitty leg."

"So do you."

Tanya Winters shoots at Playa as the latter escapes

Best Laid Plans - dispatch room

Best Laid Plans - complete