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Benjamin King is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row IV.[12][13]

My name is Benjamin muthafuckin' King. I'm the man who took my crew from being a bunch of baby gangstas in Sunnyvale to being one of the most influential and feared forces in the god damn city.
— Benjamin King, during a heated argument with his lieutenant Warren Williams.[14]


Promotional artwork of Benjamin King in Saints Row.

In Saints Row, Benjamin King is the founder and leader of the Vice Kings, one of three enemy gangs. The Vice Kings have been active in Stilwater since the '70s,[1][2] where King formed the gang alongside best friend Julius to counter the Carnales' encroachment on their neighborhood of Sunnyvale. After King grew accustomed to power and refused to give it up, Julius retired to Saint's Row while King expanded his criminal empire.[15]

By the events of Saints Row, the Vice Kings' demesne encompasses most of northern Stilwater. Under King, the Vice Kings control prostitution and gambling rings, hold numerous protection rackets, and have turned their attention to more legitimate business ventures, such as the music industry's Kingdom Come Records. King has become a "public darling" through his philanthropy[1][2] and, in order to solidify his grip on the city, he works alongside the corrupt mayoral candidate Alderman Richard Hughes[16][17] and Police Chief Monroe,[18][19] forming a steady relationship with the Stilwater Police Department.

Described as both "a professional [and] a bad ass",[20] Benjamin King exercises patience and commands the respect of his crew. After his enforcer Anthony Green is killed,[21] however, King is soon betrayed by his two remaining lieutenants, Tanya Winters and Warren Williams, who stage a coup.[14] King escapes[22] and forms a temporary alliance with his old friend Julius; with the help of the 3rd Street Saints, he finishes off what remains of the Vice Kings.[23][24]

With his influence on the city concluded, King obliges Julius and leaves the city.[25] He writes a novel based on these events, Regicide: The Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings, sometime before Saints Row 2,[26] which has been adapted into a movie at the time of Saints Row: The Third.[27]

King returns in Saints Row IV, working alongside the 3rd Street Saints once again. King now has a shaved head and wears a scarf coloured Vice Kings yellow.[28] Playa rescues him in a quest called "King of Stilwater" with the description "To get back your Chief of Staff, you'll have to revisit your mutual past".[29]


Saints Row[]

Benjamin King's photo of him and Julius back in the '70s.[30] The image is based on a real-life 1974 photo of two men in a Chicago ghetto.[31]

In the 1970s, childhood friends Benjamin King and Julius Little formed the Vice Kings to fight back against Los Carnales, who had swept through their neighborhood of Sunnyvale, demanding protection fees, pushing drugs, and bringing gang warfare to the streets. King organized the kids in Sunnyvale to stand up for themselves, and "fueled by their desire to take back their neighborhood, the Vice Kings surged". Sunnyvale was liberated from the Carnales in a matter of days but King, who had grown accustomed to power, continued to battle the Carnales for control over the rest of Stilwater. Julius, unhappy with his friend's decision, decided to retire to Saint's Row.[15]

In the following years, King increased his gang's influence and income, and decided to focus on "legitimate business ventures" instead of his criminal empire. This allowed the Carnales to regain their strength and a new gang, the Westside Rollerz, soon formed. The three gangs fought against each other, but once the violence spilled into Saint's Row, Julius was forced to follow King's footsteps, and thus started the 3rd Street Saints in an attempt to quell all the other gangs in the city.[15]

As King cultivated his gang, he employed Anthony Green, "an old friend [...] from back in the day", as his enforcer and "go-to" guy, and Warren Williams, a "second rate rapper turned third rate gangster", to run Kingdom Come Records, the Vice Kings' record label. Tanya Winters, once nothing more than a "small time hooker", managed to be put in charge of the Vice Kings' brothel at the Raykins Hotel due to her relationship with Green. During this time, Chief Monroe had an undercover officer infiltrate the 3rd Street Saints; during the officer's preliminary report on the four gangs, he noted how Monroe doesn't want him investigating the Vice Kings any further, hinting at King's close relationship with the Stilwater Police Department.[1][2]

Don't let his philanthropy fool you; this guy is the same banger he was in the 70's,[sic] he just traded in his bandana[sic] for a suit and tie.
Undercover officer, during their report on the Vice Kings to Chief Monroe.[2]

During the year leading up to the events of Saints Row, King improves his public persona, going from a feared gang leader to a "public darling" through his philanthropy. The Stilwater Post did a human interest story on him, but the undercover officer noted his absolute distrust of him during his report on the Vice Kings.[1][2]

The Vice Kings are named after one guy: Benjamin King. That shit don't happen unless you're a professional or a bad ass, and in King's case, he's both.
Johnny Gat, introducing Playa to the Vice Kings.[32]

Benjamin King tells Warren Williams to calm down after the loss of Kingdom Come Records.[33]

King first becomes aware of the 3rd Street Saints after they destroy the Kingdom Come Records building and apparently kill Aisha, causing millions of dollars in loss of revenue.[34] King remains completely calm as he is informed of the incident, much to the chagrin of his lieutenant Warren Williams. After then being informed by Tanya Winters of the 3rd Street Saints' seizure of Prawn Court, King states that he will call in a few favors and have Kingdom Come Records rebuilt, and have Chief of Police Richard Monroe put pressure on the Saints, allowing the Vice Kings to take back their territory.[33]

The 3rd Street Saints fight back[35] and eventually head to an abandoned police station to kill Tanya. There, Johnny Gat and Playa are ambushed by Anthony Green, who reveals that it was a trap devised by King. They capture Gat but Playa escapes. An eager Warren Williams insists on taking further action, but King is currently content with Julius' lieutenant captured and the police out for the Saints.[36]

Benjamin King barely escapes his office alive during the coup.[22]

After Green is killed and Gat is rescued, Gat and Playa dress up as Vice Kings and cause chaos downtown, destroying The Pride of Stilwater.[37] Furthermore, they kill the policemen on King's payroll and destroy the Kingdom Come Records building again,[14] straining King's relationship with Alderman Richard Hughes and Chief Monroe. Warren Williams, who is upset with King's refusal to get into drug dealing[38] and who now believes King to be selfish,[39] stages a coup with Tanya Winters and other disloyal gang members.[14]

Fuck! Listen carefully, playa. Benjamin King just called. It seems like one of his boys got a big head and tried to take him out. He's pinned down in the park right now and needs some help. Now, what happens to King may not mean shit to you, but him and me, we got history. I owe King from way back in the day, and he ain't gonna eat it if I can help it. You're gonna go out there and save his ass, understand? I ain't fuckin' around, playa, you bring King back here safe. You feel me?
— Julius, briefly informing Playa of his and King's past, and ordering Playa to save King.[22]

Benjamin King meets with Julius, Playa, and Johnny Gat at their church.[23]

King flees and requests help from Julius. Playa soon arrives under orders from Julius and rescues him, and together they go to the Saints' headquarters, leaving Warren for dead along the way.[22]

After a discussion with his old friend Julius, King accepts to walk away from Stilwater; but only once he's dealt with Tanya, who has now taken control over what remains of the Vice Kings. With Playa, King lures several remaining gang members to police ambush points, paving the way to Tanya. King laments that Playa never joined the Vice Kings instead, believing that they could have owned the city.[24]

In his final appearance with Playa, Benjamin King thanks them for all their help and gives them the keys to his penthouse.[24]

Finally, alongside Playa and Johnny Gat, King heads to his old penthouse to finish off Tanya. After getting the codes to the elevator from Stefan, the three fight their way through the remnants of the Vice Kings and King personally kills Tanya, sending her plummeting to her death from his office. Outside the penthouse, King gives Playa the keys to the building and walks away.[24]

Later, as Benjamin King prepares to board a private jet and leave the city, he briefly glimpses at an old photo of himself and Julius in their early days.[30] During Richard Hughes speech to Playa prior to the yacht blowing up, King can be back in Stilwater, leaning against his car with his thoughts.[25]

Saints Row IV[]

King returns in Saints Row IV once again working with the 3rd Street Saints, having appeared in the "Meet the President"[40][13] and "War for Humanity"[41] trailers. In the five years between the two games,[42] he has written Regicide: The Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings,[26] a novel based on the events of Saints Row that has been adapted into a movie.[27]

After the events of Saints Row: The Third, King helps Playa become elected as President of the United States, with King becoming Chief of Staff. At the start, King and Pierce disapproved of Playa's reckless verbal missteps that alienated part of America. Then suddenly, when the alien Zin invade, King and Pierce are among those who are abducted.[43]

King is placed in his own virtual simulation, where he experiences the betrayal of Anthony and Tanya and being killed by them on and on. When Playa arrives to rescue King, they first kill Anthony but Tanya escapes into the virtual Steelport. Playa then informed their plan to reunite the Saints and kill Zinyak. King then exclaimed, "That's not a plan, that's a goal!" They then start arguing, which escalates to when King points out that Playa needed his help in their election campaign.[44]


Saints Row[]

King is a Homie in the final three missions of the Vice Kings storyline, first when he is rescued,[22] as well as the following two missions.[23][24]

King drives a Mag; it is used during the mission "All the King's Men" and unlocked in the Garage after completion of that mission.

In addition to Kingdom Come Records, King owns a Penthouse in the Downtown district which is unlocked as a Crib after completion of the Vice Kings storyline.
He also owns King's Grocery, which is used by the Vice Kings as a stronghold to stockpile weapons. It is still under construction during the fall of the Vice Kings, but is a fully operational, albeit inaccessible, grocery store when Playa awakes from the coma.

Saints Row IV[]

King is briefly present during gameplay in "The Saints Wing" in which he along with Pierce are abducted by the Zin.

King is part of several story missions, first when he is saved from his simulation[45] which unlocks him as a homie and also makes him a crew member of The Ship. He has his own loyalty mission which is required to unlock the full ending for the game.[46]. Later, Playa escorts King, along with Pierce Washington, defending them from Zin[47], which is similar to the Heli Assault activity.

In Grand Finale, King is an option in either of the three missions. He is teamed up alongside Johnny Gat. If selected for Grand Finale Part Two, friendly Vice Kings arrive to assist him.


Angela is Benjamin King's sister. She is never seen throughout the Saints Row series but is mentioned by a paramedic in Saints Row[48], and alluded to twice in Saints Row IV. When talked to on the Ship after he is saved,[45] King may say, "If only Angela could see me now. My sister never would believe any of this."[5]

Julius Little's third Audio Log elaborates on her fate; he states how he has few regrets — "You make your choices [and] you live with 'em" — but is remorseful over how things ended for her — "It was all fun and games for her. She wanted to be just like Benjamin... I shouldn't have let her get in so deep."[6]


Saints Row[]

  • King is one of only two enemy gang leaders not killed in the series, along with Matt Miller, both of whom later work alongside Playa.
  • During the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene, King looks at an old photograph of Julius and himself.
    • This photo of Julius and King is based on a 1974 photograph of two black men in a Chicago ghetto.[31]
    • The picture looks to be taken at the Saints Row Church before it was trashed with graffiti and scum.
    • Both are wearing their respective gang colours, although their taste in clothing may merely have served as an inspiration during the later formation of their respective gangs.
  • In Saints Row, Benjamin King is voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan. In Saints Row IV, he is voiced by Terry Crews.
  • King's facial texture is reused by several gang members.[49][50]

Saints Row 2[]

  • After rescuing Johnny Gat from the courthouse[51] he mentions that King wrote an autobiography (referencing to Regicide).
  • Playa tells Julius that the latter should have dropped his flags and wrote a book like King, referring to Regicide.[52]

Saints Row IV[]

  • King's appearance in Saints Row IV was confirmed the day after the "Meet the President" trailer for the game was released,[12] when the Saints Row Facebook account asked if anyone spotted "this royal blast-from-the-past" and linked to the Benjamin King page on the Saints Row Wiki.[13]
    • Michael Clarke Duncan is still posthumously credited for voicing King alongside Crews in Saints Row IV — "Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) - Benjamin King"[53] — and during these credits, when the song "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie is played, it finishes with Duncan singing and laughing.[54]
    • During the news reel in Appointed Defender in Saints Row 2 it states that Michael Clarke Duncan would play Benjamin in the Regicide movie. Roddy Piper references this during a Homie conversation with King in Saints Row IV when he states that "the guy who played you [King] sounds nothing like you.
  • After completing his loyalty mission, King Me, in Saints Row IV, King's virtual appearance is changed to resemble Morpheus from The Matrix.
  • King's Romance is the only one to not have Playa have sex; instead he asks King to sign a copy of his book.
  • Even though Playa is responsible for killing Julius in Saints Row 2, King doesn't hold a grudge against them in Saints Row IV.
  • When in Super Powered outfit Ben like Kinzie loses his everyday glasses which are replaced with sunglasses.
  • The Super Powered Ben King is thinner than normal Ben King.
  • As a homie, Ben King breaks the 4th wall in an idle remark saying "This game got weird since I was away" referring to the realism of Saints Row changing into the sci-fi theme of Saints Row IV.
  • A character model resembling the Saints Row version of Benjamin King is present in the game files and can be used through editing the game files.[55]
  • Benjamin uses a .45 Fletcher when called in as a Homie.
  • Benjamin is the only member of the ship to not make an appearance in Gat out of Hell.


Everybody, calm the fuck down. We ain't gonna start a war every time some muthafuckas act hard.
— King, upon learning of Kingdom Come Records' destruction and the loss of Prawn Court.[33]

Warren Williams: "So what do we do now?"
Benjamin King: "We wait."
Warren Williams: "Hold on, dawg, that muthafucka is still out there. The fuck you mean, we wait?"
Benjamin King: "I mean, you're gonna sit your black ass down and wait cause I fuckin' said so. Don't worry 'bout the one that got away, the 5-0 will take care of him."
Warren Williams: "Oh, so while you loungin', Tre Street keeps jackin' us. That's great, that's... that's fuckin' brilliant."
Benjamin King: "Slow up, little n​igga."
Warren Williams and King, after Anthony Green captures Johnny Gat.[36]
Warren Williams: "You've been puttin' yourself before the crew..."
Benjamin King: "Keep talkin', little n​igga..."
— Warren Williams and King, just before Warren starts his coup.[14]
Julius: "You got a choice. You can keep your fuckin' pride and die right now, or you can be a man and walk away."
Benjamin King: "When did you get the balls, Jules?"
Julius: "What's it gonna be?"
Benjamin King: "I ain't walkin' away."
Julius: "Fair enough. Johnny."
Benjamin King: "I ain't walkin' away until I deal with Tanya."
Julius: "My n​igga."
Julius and King, discussing the latter's future.[23]
So does Julius ever talk about growing up in Sunnyvale? What, you thought he was from the Row? The problem with burying the past is that you forget about it, you know what I'm sayin?
— King, discussing Julius' past with Playa.[23]

I bet Julius gave ya the whole "I don't care what flags they're flyin" speech, didn't he? I wrote that shit years ago, and the mother fucker hasn't forgot it...
— King, discussing Julius' past with Playa.[23]

Your easy to talk to, you know that? I don't gotta worry about you interrupting me or any of that shit... That was Warrens problem...that mother fucker never knew when to shut up and listen...
— King, noting Playa's silence.[23]

Ya know that even if you wipe out the Vice Kings it ain't gonna be over, right? There's always someone lookin' to take what you have...some punk who want's to make a name for himself, some girl you fucked and never called back... The fact is, once your in the game there only way you're getting out is if your dead or in jail.
— King, ominously foreshadowing later events in the Saints Row series while talking to Playa.[23]

Way to go, son. It's a shame Julius found you first. We coulda owned this town.
— King, lamenting on what could have been if Playa had joined the Vice Kings over the 3rd Street Saints.[23]

Johnny Gat: "I've been chattin' with King, and it looks like Tanya's takeover didn't sit well with everybody. The Vice Kings are fighting amongst themselves; now's the time to take 'em out for good. King said he was gonna come along, I hope he hasn't gone soft."
Benjamin King: "Don't ever worry 'bout me, baby-boy, cause I'm gonna handle mine."
Johnny Gat: "All I'm sayin' is that since you got here you've been nothin' but talk."
Benjamin King: "I've smoked dozens of fools before. I ain't addin' to the count unless I have to."
Johnny Gat: "That's just fuckin' great."
Benjamin King: "I said don't worry about it."
Johnny Gat: "I don't want you bitchin' out when you see your crew."
Benjamin King: "Ain't my crew, son. That's why I'm here, remember? So how 'bout you put your dick away, pick up your gun, and try to keep your knee away from the bullets."
— Johnny Gat and King, before they head off to kill Tanya Winters and end the Vice Kings.[24]
Stefan: "You and your friend with the awful hair will release Stefan at once!"
Benjamin King: "Your bitch ass better stop talking in the third person or I'm gonna drop you on principle..."
Stefan and King, as the latter interrogates the former by dangling him out of a car window.[24]
Benjamin King: "Okay, there it is. The first thing we gotta do is clear a path to the elevator."
Johnny Gat: "What then?"
Benjamin King: "Then we kill Tanya."
Johnny Gat: "My kind of plan."
— King and Johnny Gat, as they and Playa near Tanya.[24]

Audio Logs[]

I built, I watched, and then I acted. That's how I brought the Vice Kings up to be one of the strongest crews in Stilwater. Only problem was my lieutenants didn't have the same patience. That bitch Tanya drove a wedge between Tony and Warren. Then she convinced Warren to try and take me out, only to stab him in the back and take it all for herself. I may have lost the Vice Kings, but killin' her almost made it worth the trouble. Good thing the playa was there to help.
— King Audio Log 1

After the fall of the Vice Kings, I figured it was time to get out of the game. Livin' the life I had, I didn't want all that experience to go to waste. Figured a book would allow me to work out my demons and show the world what the game took from me. Didn't know it'd take off so well. Shit, if I'd known back then what I do now, probably would of[sic] gone legit sooner.
— King Audio Log 2

I always knew the Saints were ambitious, but I never thought I'd see them end up in the White House. And when the playa called me saying how they couldn't do it without me, how could I say no. Thought maybe I was in line for Vice President, but I guess Keith beat me to it. Still, being the President's Chief of Staff certainly had its perks. Not bad for a kid from Sunnyvale Gardens.
— King Audio Log 3

Homie Conversations[]

Ben and CID

Ben King: "So, why do they call you CID?"
CID: "Because this robotic orb my consciousness is inside is called a C.I.D., a Control and Interface Device."
Ben King: "Not very creative then."
CID: "Actually, I have heard groups of warriors such as ourselves often have someone named Cid who travels with them."
Ben King: "Oh, where have you heard that?"
CID: "From the last fantasy game I saw online."

Cyrus and Ben

Cyrus: "I have to say, Mr. King, I'm a big fan."
Ben King: "Thank you."
Cyrus: "Your book, the story behind your rise and fall in the Vice Kings, the message it gives to those caught in the criminal lifestyle, it really moved me."
Ben King: "I'm glad it did."
Cyrus: "It was instrumental in pitching the STAG initiative to the brass, in fact you might say without you the Special Tactical Anti Gang unit wouldn't exist."
Ben King: "That's... great, yeah."

Fun Shaundi and Ben

Fun Shaundi: "So, you were some big hotshot gangster back in Stilwater?"
Ben King: "Please, I was more of a businessman with a... checkered past."
Fun Shaundi: "But you ran Kingdom Come Records, right? That's the label that put out all of Aisha's albums."
Ben King: "That's right."
Fun Shaundi: "Did it piss you off to find out she faked her death just to get out of her contract?"
Ben King: "Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Oh, um, forget I said anything. OK?"

Johnny and Ben

Johnny Gat: "King."
Ben King: "How's the leg been?"
Johnny Gat: "Hurts like a bitch when it's gonna rain."
Ben King: "You know I'm sorry about that."
Johnny Gat: "Fuck it, wasn't you who did it."
Ben King: "Still."
Johnny Gat: "Well, thanks."

Ben and Maero

Ben King: "You wasted an opportunity."
Maero: "Excuse me?"
Ben King: "If you went 50-50 with the Saints, maybe your girl would still be alive."
Maero: "Watch yourself old man."
Ben King: "Don't get mad at me for telling the truth. The Saints didn't kill you, your greed did."

Pierce and Ben

Pierce: "Hey, how that whole celebrity book signing go with you King? I mean you gotta love the fans, right?"
Ben King: "It went real good. It's amazing the lives I've changed just telling my story."
Pierce: "Ahaa, that's not quite..."
Ben King: "People don't realize what being in a gang takes from you. If I got even one kid off the street it was all worth it."
Pierce: "Right, but ahh..."
Ben King: "Though with the Earth gone now... I guess it was all for nothing."
Pierce: "Yeah, well, g-great talk Ben. Ahh, I'm gonna go. This was not the downer I was looking for."

Ben and Shaundi

Ben King: "Seeing you and your younger self together reminds me just how much you've grown up from your early days in the Saints."
Shaundi: "You mean from the days of beer bongs and Loa Dust. Yeah, I had to give that up at some point."
Ben King: "There's always room to keep growing. No need to keep putting yourself in front of bullets day in and day out."
Shaundi: "Given our current situation, not seeing much of a choice right now."
Ben King: "Well not now of course. But in the future, take some time for yourself, for a family, for a safer life."
Shaundi: "'Cause I am totally family material. Out here in space, fighting for my life against an empire of aliens who want to kill us, yeah."
Ben King: "I'm not getting anywhere with this argument, am I?"
Shaundi: "Nope."

Asha and Ben

Asha: "You know Mr. King, I read your book when it came out."
Ben King: "Really? Given your line of work, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts."
Asha: "Well it was really incisive, I could see how others might benefit from your teaching."
Ben King: "But, not you?"
Asha: "You teach diplomacy Ben, I get called in when diplomacy fails."
Ben King: "Heh, I guess that's true."

Julius and Ben

Julius: "So, Benjamin, fighting side by side again, takes me back to Sunnyvale."
Ben King: "Yeah, we were a pair, you and me."
Julius: "Then you founded the Vice Kings."
Ben King: "Oh, woah, woah. Are we really gonna get into this? Julius, the past is past. Neither of us are gang leaders anymore. I moved out of that shit. I went into music and books, all the way to the White House. And you're..."
Julius: "Dead, Benjamin. I'm dead."
Ben King: "Yeah. Man, it is fucked up that we can talk right now."
Julius: "Tell me about it."

Keith and Ben

Keith David: "Who would have thought it, huh Ben? The President, the VP and the Chief of Staff fighting aliens in a simulated city."
Ben King: "He, he. It's pretty damn crazy, Keith."
Keith David: "Hell, if someone wrote that in a book there isn't anyone in the world who'd read that shit."
Ben King: "Oh, shit."

Ben and Kinzie/p>

Ben King: "Kinzie, I have to say I don't know what the Saints would do without you."
Kinzie: "Why thank you, Mr. King."
Ben King: "I mean without we'd all still be trapped in those pod things."
Kinzie: "That's probably true."
Ben King: "I'm just glad you're better at this than as the Press Secretary."
Kinzie: "I know I am... wait, what?"

Matt and Ben

Matt Miller: "I can't imagine what it must be like for a distinguished gentleman such as yourself to be brought back into the street gang."
Ben King: "Actually, I don't mind stretching my legs a bit. Things are different now, of course, because we're avenging the Earth."
Matt Miller: "True, I imagine it was much worse when you were just a thug trying to make a name for yourself in a world of crime and vice."
Ben King: "A thug? Are you saying that I was just a thug back in Stilwater?"
Matt Miller: "Oh, no. Of course not, I-I just mean, you know that poverty and drugs and the ever widening gulf between the upper and lower economic classes and hip-hop culture."
Ben King: "You really wanna shut your mouth now, son."
Matt Miller: "Yes, Mr. King."

Ben and Phillipe

Ben King: "You know, I was like you once, I thought I could take down the Saints and carry on with business as usual."
Phillipe: "Is that so?"
Ben King: "But if there's one thing I learned, it's that the Saints can't be stopped. I watched them take down gang after gang in Stilwater, and nothing, not even the Ultor Corporation could put them in the ground."
Phillipe: "Perhaps it would have been more useful if your book warned against going toe-to-toe with the Saints instead of spouting all that propaganda about the dangers of organised crime."
Ben King: "You know, that wouldn't have been a bad idea."
Phillipe: "Unbelievable."

Roddy and Ben

Roddy Piper: "You're the same Ben King who wrote Regicide, right?"
Ben King: "That's right, based on my life. Did you read it?"
Roddy Piper: "Nah, saw the movie, though, it was good."
Ben King: "Well, thank you."
Roddy Piper: "Guy who played you sounds nothing like you, though."

Tanya and Ben

Tanya: "So, umm, Ben."
Ben King: "Look, Tanya, what's done is done. We've had our beef and shit got settled, multiple times in fact. What you did back in Stilwater, I'm over it."
Tanya: "Wow, that's really big of you, Ben."
Ben King: "But you step out of line just once and I'll find an even bigger building to drop your ass from."

Veteran Child and Ben

Veteran Child: "Hey, been meaning to tell you that I read your book, it's really good."
Ben King: "Thank you very much."
Veteran Child: "No, thank you. You're like an empire god, you know all the tricks. I learned a lot. That's how I built a legion of loyal followers."
Ben King: "I think the addictive properties of Loa Dust started things for that."
Veteran Child: "That hurts man. I was talking about the dedicated listeners to my show on GenX FM."
Ben King: "Oh. Heh. Sorry about that. I keep forgetting you're an actual DJ."


Saints Row promo website - Ben

King's homie head in Saints Row

Benjamin King and Warren Williams in "Always Use Protection"

Benjamin King in "Always Use Protection"

After a frustrated Warren brandishes a GDHC .50, Benjamin King tells Warren to "get the fuck outta [his] office" in "3rd Street Vice Kings"

Benjamin King barely escapes his office alive in "For King and Country"

Benjamin King meets with Julius, Playa, and Johnny Gat at their church to form an alliance in "The King and I"

Benjamin King talks with Johnny Gat before they leave to finish off Tanya Winters and the Vice Kings in "All the King's Men"

Benjamin King steps on Tanya Winters' hand, sending her plummeting to her death right into his Mag in "All the King's Men"

Benjamin King thanks Playa for all their help and gives them the keys to his penthouse in "All the King's Men"

King looks at a photo of himself and Julius during the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene

King's model for Saints Row, with a close-up on his face

King's model for Saints Row

Benjamin King - character model in Saints Row

Saints male Thug1-01 with King's facial texture

Ben King - Saints Row - character model in Saints Row IV

Ben King - white house - character model in Saints Row IV

Ben King - jumpsuit - character model in Saints Row IV

Ben King - super powered - character model in Saints Row IV

Benjamin King in the "Meet the President" trailer for Saints Row IV

Benjamin King in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV

Ben King and Playa in the Saints Row IV: War for Humanity Trailer

Chief of Staff Ben King and Saints Row IV website promo

Chief of Staff Ben King and Saints Row IV website promo with description

Benjamin Close up on The Ship

Benjamin King (Super Homie)

Benjamin King (Super Homie) Close up

Ben working on his book in the food storage room

Ben in the Zin bathroom

Ben in the food storage room

Saints Row version of Benjamin King in Saints Row IV

Ben King, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Ben King, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

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    If only Angela could see me now. My sister never would believe any of this.
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    I don't regret much. You make your choices, you live with 'em. But if I could take anything back, it would be the way things ended up with Angela. It was all fun and games for her. She wanted to be just like Benjamin. I shouldn'ta let her get in so deep.
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    Don't worry about it. Look, if it was one of mine I'll take care of it, but I'm tellin' ya, I don't care what colors they were wearing, it was that crew from Saint's Row I was tellin' you about. No, I'm not makin' any excu-- I will. Tell your wife I said hello. Goodbye, Alderman.
    — Benjamin King in the Boiling Point cutscene

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    I'll have Monroe put some pressure on the Saints. While they're distracted, it should be easy to take back what's ours. Everything else is business as usual, understood? Now, this meeting is over.
    — Benjamin King in the "All the King's Men" cutscene

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    Okay, it looks like the cops have been getting in on some of King's protection rackets; that's why they've been goin' so easy on the VKs. We gotta go public with this shit. Now if we--
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    The Vice Kings are named after one guy: Benjamin King. That shit don't happen unless you're a professional or a bad ass, and in King's case, he's both.
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