Base Jumping is a Diversion in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.[1]

Attempt to land as close to the marker as possible to get respect.
— Base Jumping introduction in Saints Row 2[2]


Saints Row 2Edit

Base Jumping in Saints Row 2

The player slowly descends downwards. Note the target on the lower left mini-map on the HUD.

In Saints Row 2, the goal of Base Jumping is to land within a bullseye while parachuting. Landing in centre of the bullseye earns 3 Gold Stars and unlock the "no falling damage" reward.

This Diversion can only be started while a Parachute is deployed. After deploying the Parachute, a prompt appears to start the Diversion by pressing the Action button. Pressing the Action button when the prompt is not displayed jettisons the parachute.

Once the Diversion is activated, a bullseye appears on the mini-map and on the ground. Diversion stars are given depending on how close The Protagonist is to the enter of the bullseye. The star level increases closer to the bullseye, and decreases further from the bullseye, and the stars are not awarded if the Diversion is canceled.

A 3rd Street Saints vehicle is usually found at the center of the bullseye, signified as a purple dot on the mini-map, although landing on the vehicle is not required in order to earn 3 Gold Stars.[3] The vehicle is not always present, and is not required to unlock the reward,[4] although if the vehicle is present within the bullseye, landing on it almost always unlocks the reward, but the reward does not always unlock even when landing in the exact center of the bullseye.[5]

Room Service Base Jumping

Parachuting towards the atrium in the "Room Service" mission.

It is possible to slow The Protagonist's descent, which is incredibly helpful. Over-shooting the bullseye and turning around does not prevent earning the maximum of 3 Gold Stars - the only thing that counts is where they land; so the earned stars can go up and down depending on the current distance from the center of the bullseye (which is unusual when earning Stars).

Base Jumping is featured in the "Room Service" mission, in which the final objective is "climb the rail and base jump into the atrium" at the top floor of the Tohoku Towers to escape an explosion. However, it is not a mission requirement to deploy the parachute, and there is no target on the ground.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Base Jumping returns as a Diversion in Saints Row: The Third; in an interview, Greg Donovan, producer of Saints Row: The Third at Volition, Inc., stated, "if you jump off a building and you have a parachute, you'll get a prompt to use the parachute, or to base-jump".[1]

However, as in Saints Row 2, the option to begin the Base Jumping Diversion appears only after deploying the parachute.

While the parachute can be deleted from the Wardrobe, the option always appears when falling from a great height. The last backpack used is shown when the parachute is deployed, regardless or whether it is currently in the Wardrobe.


Saints Row 2Edit

30 10
29 25
27.5 50
25 75
20 100
15 125
10 150
5 175
3 200

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

6 30
5.5 75
5 150
4.5 225
4 300
3.5 375
3 525
2.5 675
2 1000


Saints Row 2Edit

  • Reduced Falling Damage unlocked

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit


  • BASE jumping is a real life extreme sport, which is widely regarded as being dangerous and is illegal in many places.
    • In real life, BASE is an acronym which stands for "Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (cliffs)", although it is not displayed as an acronym in the game.
  • This is the only Diversion where the Diversion stars can go down.


  • Base Jumping instructions
  • Reduced Falling Damage unlocked
  • The player is prompted to open their parachute while falling from a sizable height
  • The player slowly descends downwards. Note the target on the lower left mini-map on the HUD
  • After landing directly in the center, the player is awarded the "Reduced Falling Damage" reward
  • The player is prompted to "climb the rail and base jump into the atrium" in the "Room Service" mission
  • The player base jumps towards the atrium in the "Room Service" mission


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