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Barnstorming is a collection Diversion in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[2]

Barnstorming message in Saints Row 2

You found an aerial stunt! Fly through without crashing to get Respect
— Barnstorming message


Barnstorms are essentially Stunt Jumps performed in a plane or helicopter, which entails flying a plane under a certain object, usually a bridge or sign. As with Stunt Jumps, a certain speed is required in order to trigger the barnstorm, as well as a certain height. After completing each barnstorm, there is an onscreen notification of success.

Saints Row 2[]

Saints Row 2 Barnstorming locations

When beginning the barnstorm, Diversion stars are displayed on the screen. It is not necessary to earn 3 Gold Stars, but the Stars displayed on screen are a helpful indicator of the correct location. As with all Diversions which use Diversion stars, crashing into something before completing means it must be restarted.

There are 35 Barnstorming locations, but they are not marked on the Map, or visible in any way. They can be approached from any direction, but sometimes it is easier to trigger the barnstorm when approaching from one side than the other.

The most convenient vehicle to complete all Barnstorms is the Destroy UFO due to its small size.

Saints Row: The Third[]

Saints Row: The Third Barnstorming locations

There are 50 Barnstorming locations in Saints Row: The Third.

All Barnstorms can be completed with the small Thompson helicopter. However, one barnstorm over the highway between Arapice Island and Downtown is very oddly angled and best done with a hoverbike like the Salem or the Specter.

There are two Barnstorms on Magarac Island that require flying through openings in the statue. Although the statue itself is destroyed in a story mission, the Barnstorms remain available but are harder to recognize.

Barnstorms can be performed while upside down (giving extra 50% reward) and knife-edged (giving extra 100% reward).

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

While flying through the city look for difficult spots to fly under and give it a shot. You'll earn some cash and piss off Satan a bit.
— Barnstorming description[3]

Barnstorming returns in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. The Flight Super Power is used to fly through different spots around the city.

There are 123 Barnstorming locations, but only 75 are required to unlock the "Barn Burner" Achievement.


Barnstorming is not required for 100% Completion, and nothing is unlocked in the Garage in either game.

In Saints Row 2, only respect is earned, but in Saints Row: The Third, cash is awarded for each barnstorm.

In Saints Row 2 the Maverick Goose achievement is awarded for completing all Barnstorms. There is no achievement for this in Saints Row: The Third.


  • The name of the achievement "Maverick Goose" is a reference to the film Top Gun, as the main characters are nicknamed "Maverick" and "Goose".
  • Barnstorming is a real life activity which is named after flying a plane through a barn. Although there is a barn in the game, it is used for a Stunt Jump, not a Barnstorm.


Preparing for a Barnstorm with the Destroy UFO in Saints Row 2

The oddly angled Barnstorm in Saints Row: The Third done with the Salem broom (in hover mode)

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