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Bank Error in Your Favor
"Bank Error in Your Favor" mission completion screen
"Bank Error in Your Favor" mission completion screen
Story arc

The Brotherhood


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"Wardill Airport Hangars"

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"Bank Error in Your Favor" is the fifth mission of the The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Kidnapping turns gruesome
Ultor Times newspaper headline

Overview[edit | edit source]

Playa is tipped off by Shaundi that Maero's girlfriend, Jessica, is going to the Stilwater Savings & Loan bank to make a deposit for the upcoming shipment. Playa quickly sees an opportunity to avenge Carlos' death[1] and heads off to the bank to find Jessica.[2]

Playa takes her hostage and, after dealing with the SWAT, shoves her in the trunk of her own car. Playa drives her to the University Arena where Maero is participating in a monster truck rally. Maero performs a trick in which he drives up a ramp in his Atlasbreaker and jumps over a row of cars; Maero lands on and crushes the final one, inadvertently killing Jessica, who is still locked inside the trunk. Playa appears and throws Maero the keys to her car. As Maero suddenly realizes what he has done, Playa echoes Jessica's taunt to them before Carlos died: "Do me a favor. When you check the trunk, just remember you should have offered me something better than twenty percent".[3]

Story[edit | edit source]

The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A monster truck rally turned into a nightmare for spectators at the Ultor Dome as a woman was found crushed to death in the trunk of a car used in the show. The woman found dead matches the description of a woman kidnapped from the Barrio earlier in the day. The kidnapper was allowed to escape with the woman by holding her as a human shield, but officials are adamant there was no way they could have known what was going to happen. Reports that the woman was the girlfriend of Brotherhood gang leader Maero have yet to be confirmed.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Bank Error in Your Favor - holding Jessica as a Hostage.png

Head to the bank

Follow the GPS to the bank.

Go inside and take Jessica hostage

Go inside

Hold 360 lb.png/PS3 l1.png/PC lctrl.png to grab Jessica

After arriving at the Stilwater Savings & Loan bank, Jessica must be taken as a Human Shield.

Keep Jessica between you and the cops

The few Security Guards inside do not provide much trouble - they do not shoot if Jessica is between them and Playa, and they die very easily.

The alarm has sealed the bank, use Jessica to shut off the lockdown

Escort Jessica to the alarm shutoff mechanism up the hallway to the left.

The doors are open. Take Jessica to her car

After the alarm has been switched off, head outside and to the left, towards Jessica's Phoenix.

A fair number of SWAT and three Stilwater Police Department officers storm the bank, but they can be easily gunned down.

Take Jessica to her car

Place Jessica in the trunk.

Bring the car to the University Arena

Drive to the University Arena, avoiding police Five-Os and SWAT Peacekeepers and visiting Forgive and Forget to remove Notoriety if necessary.

Don't destroy the car
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Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Ultor Times newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • The name of this mission is a reference to the popular board game Monopoly, in which a card reads "Bank Error in Your Favor: Collect $X."
  • Shaundi is playing Hacky Sack in the opening of the mission, similar to the opening of the mission "Bonding Experience".
  • Jessica's Phoenix can be kept during the mission using a glitch.
  • The trunk can be removed by damaging it, and Jessica is not inside.
  • If the Phoenix is damaged before putting Jessica in its truck, the car will be repaired.
  • Jessica acts as a normal civilian during the mission and reacts to gunshots and explosions.
  • The Ultor Dome interior is used for this mission, rather than the Culex Stadium interior used in Demolition Derby. The mission "Showdown" uses the same Ultor Dome interior and is stated to take place inside the Ultor Dome.
  • The newspaper text for the mission on the Newspaper Clipboard erroneously says that Jessica was found crushed to death inside the Ultor Dome, when in fact she died inside Culex Stadium at Stilwater University.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Cyrus Temple refers to the end of this mission in the ending cutscene of "Gang Bang", where he reveals that Jessica's surname is Parish.
  • The mission objective says to take Jessica "hostage", despite the fact that "Human Shield" and "Hostage" refer to different in-game concepts.
  • In the censored German version of Saints Row 2, Human Shield is cut from the game, so Jessica becomes a Homie during the mission.[4]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

"Deposit" cutscene[edit | edit source]

Hacky Sack player: "Sorry!"
Shaundi: "No prob, I got it."
Hacky Sack player: "Watch out!"
Jessica almost runs over Shaundi
Jessica: "Jesus Christ, are you trying to get killed?"
Shaundi: "Look I'm sorry..."
Jessica: "I don't have time for this. Sorry about that baby, I almost dented my car on a hippie chick."
Shaundi: "Hey, I'm not a hippie..."
Jessica: "Maero, I'm fine... Look, I gotta go, I'm about to make the deposit. Sweetie, let me worry about the money...we'll have enough to cover the shipment, and once that comes in the Saints won't have a chance in hell."
Hacky Sack player: "Yo, Shaundi, we gonna hack or what?"
Shaundi makes a phone call
Shaundi: "Hey boss?"
Playa: "Shaundi, I'm watchin' Bobbie and Amber, can it wait?"
Shaundi: "Not really."
Playa: "What's up?"
Shaundi: "Maero's girlfriend just walked into the bank with a suitcase full of money."
Playa: "I'll be right over."
— "Deposit" cutscene

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Stay away from me!
— Jessica spots Playa

Jessica: "There's no way outta here, just give up..."
Playa: "Alright Jessica, you're gonna turn off that alarm."
Jessica: "Yeah? How am I gonna do that?"
Playa: "Hit. The off button."
— Playa takes Jessica to turn off the alarm.

"Proportional Response" cutscene[edit | edit source]

Jessica: "Please, let me out of here!"
Jessica: "Please, someone help me!"
Maero spots Playa
Maero: "I'm gonna kill you right here, right now..."
Playa: "No, you're not."
Playa throws the keys to Jessica's car to Maero
Maero: "What's this?"
Playa: "Do me a favor: when you check the trunk, just remember you should have offered me something better than 20 percent."
Maero: "No...please no..."
— "Proportional Response" cutscene

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Jessica almost runs over Shaundi

Shaundi realizes who she just met

Shaundi phones Playa to let them know where Jessica is

Jessica, locked in the trunk of her Phoenix moments before her death

Maero unknowingly smashes into her car with his Atlasbreaker monster truck, crushing her

Maero realizes what he has done

Loading screen used after completing "Bank Error in Your Favor"

Loading screen used after completing "Bank Error in Your Favor"

Loading screen used after completing "Bank Error in Your Favor"

Bank Error in Your Favor - holding Jessica as a Hostage

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References[edit source]

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