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BadDog is a vehicle in Saints Row.


BadDog is the only completely unavailable vehicle in Saints Row. Other than the vehicle definition files, there are no references in any other game file to this vehicle. The only way to obtain the BadDog is by editing the game data files.

The BadDog has similar appearance and handling to The Job, albeit slightly more top-heavy due to the presence of a stripper pole in the mid-section of the vehicle.

In addition to the stripper pole frame in the center of the vehicle, the BadDog has several other differences:

  • The bull bar is more angled
  • The front grill is flatter, and the hood slightly shorter
  • The dashboard is shorter
  • Where the sides meet the roof is straight and not angled
  • The rear passenger doors have a step
  • There are two rear antennas instead of one
  • There are no mirrors


  • The Forklift is also unavailable in normal gameplay, but is available via cheats.
  • The vehicle was intended to hold 3 passengers but the rear door entry scripting is broken, so that when 3 Homies are recruited, 2 of them stand by the rear doors and spin in circles.
  • It is possible to store the BadDog in the Garage,[imagerefs 1] and repair it at Rim Jobs, but there is no prompt to start Vehicle Customization.
  • It has no logo.
  • As with The Job, the BadDog resembles a Hummer H3 Stretch.
  • Strippers cannot use the stripper pole.


BadDog in the Garage menu

BadDog added to your garage

BadDog - front left

BadDog - front right

BadDog - rear left

BadDog - rear right

BadDog front right with lights on

BadDog rear right with lights on

BadDog front right above with lights on

BadDog rear left above with lights on


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  1. Image: BadDog added to garage