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The Atlasbreaker in Saints Row 2
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The Atlasbreaker in Saints Row IV
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The Predaceptor in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
Also known as
  • Monster Truck[1]
  • Predaceptor[2]

Monster truck


Semi Cab SR2
Pickup SRIV

Hostage class






Large Vehicle




Nitrous Speed



6000 SR2
2500 SRIV


1300 SR2
900 SRIV

Hit Points

30000 SR2
10000 SRIV

Road Grip


Steering Speed


Steering Angle





Saints Row 2
Saints Row IV
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


The Brotherhood


Showdown SR2
Vehicular Mayhem Silver Medals SRIV


Docks & Warehouses
Trailer Park

Randomly Parked


The Atlasbreaker is a vehicle in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV. In Saints Row: Gat out of Hell it is renamed Predaceptor.


Saints Row 2Edit

This large, powerful truck seats 2 people and drives around Elysian Fields trailer park, as well as the Docks & Warehouses District.

The Atlasbreaker is one of the most agile larger vehicles in the game, but is sometimes difficult to steer and is better off road rather than on it. It cannot "crush" cars, but like many large vehicles, it causes a great deal of damage and easily destroys smaller cars upon high speed impact. It easily flips over when hit but usually gets back on all four tires by itself easily. The shape of the monster truck means that if the driver hits a person at low to medium speeds, it is likely that they will be run over and take severe damage and/or get trapped. These aspects mean that it is one of the best choices in combat in most circumstances. However, if more than one tire is punctured the Atlasbreaker becomes incredibly difficult to steer, even at low speed.

The Atlasbreaker is featured in the Monster Truck Derby and the Showdown mission.

Saints Row IVEdit

The Atlasbreaker is one of four monster trucks, along with Betsy XL, Bootlegger XL and Infuego XL. Like tanks, it can easily crush smaller cars and blow up bikes.

Monster trucks are unlocked after receiving Silver Medals in Vehicular Mayhem (Mech Suit Mayhem, Tank Mayhem, UFO Mayhem).

Maero's Atlasbreaker is used by Maero in Pierce's Loyalty mission.[3] This Atlasbreaker is not unlocked upon completing it, but it is possible to edit the game files to get it. The Vehicle Customization glitch can be used to replicate it. Alternatively, it is possible to save one of the Atlasbreakers you are tasked to destroy in the same mission. If you drop one in the water with telekinesis and take it back out you will be able to enter it and save it to the garage.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

The Predaceptor is used by the Demons in New Hades and serves as the main patrol vehicle. Upon entering one, there is a prompt to start the Rampage diversion. Additional parts are sharp horns mounted on the front bumper and in the roof, above the sirens. Is painted black and red with satanic-themed marks, including the number 666.


Saints Row 2
  • Beater (50%)
  • Standard (40%)
  • Bling (10%)
  • Maero (does not spawn randomly)

Maero has a variant of the Atlasbreaker which has a gold trim, Brotherhood logos, and a supercharger engine. This unique variant vehicle is unlocked in the Garage after finishing the final Brotherhood mission,[4] but is not customizable. The license plate of Maero's Atlasbreaker is "MAERO".

  • Generic (does not spawn randomly)

There is an Atlasbreaker with Racing decals parked outside the Stilwater University Stadium during the mission Bank Error in Your Favor. It is possible to quit the mission and keep this vehicle, or to use a Mission Replay Exit Glitch. This variant is not customizable. This variant has a standard license plate.

Saints Row IV
  • Average (100%)
  • Maero (0%)


Saints Row 2

The Atlasbreaker can be modified at Semi Broken, but has few Vehicle Customization options. It can have Kneecappers, but does not have Hydraulics, Wheel Options available or any options in Body Mods or Details.

  • Body Color (4 sections)
  • Rim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color (2 sections)
  • Grill Color
Saints Row IV

The Atlasbreaker has a total of 48 Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Kneecappers or Wheel Options available.

  • 4 Grills
  • 3 Bumpers
  • 6 Hoods
  • 3 Exhaust Tips
  • 2 Grime 1s
  • 2 Grime 2s
  • Underglow
  • 5 Front Mods
  • 4 Rear Mods
  • 4 Mirrors
  • 2 Decal 1s
  • 2 Decal 2s
  • 4 Rims
  • Body Color (2 sections)
  • Rim Color
  • Trim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color (2 sections)


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #1042.
  • The Atlasbreaker is the fourth least customizable vehicle in the game, but allows kneecappers to be equipped, unlike the Bulldozer, Backhoe and Quota.
  • The name Atlasbreaker refers to the Greek myth of Atlas, a titan forced to hold celestial spheres. "breaker" may come either from the exaggeration that it is heavy enough so that Atlas could not lift it, or that it is more powerful than Atlas would be.
  • The front resembles a mid-90s Dodge Ram.
  • The Atlasbreaker is the only unique monster truck in the series, all other monster trucks are based on normal in-game vehicle.
  • The Atlasbreaker is the only vehicle which has a variant named "Generic", which is the variant parked outside the stadium during "Bank Error in Your Favor".


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    Maero's "Monster Truck" unlock message.

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