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At the Races[1] is a mission in Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix.


In order to obtain an audience with the Dominatrix, The Protagonist must complete several tasks assigned by Dom the Dom.


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Dom requests several tasks of The Protagonist. The first is that his "plushly adorned" slaves be put back in their cages. He is referring to the Furries roaming the club and the large, open cages hanging from the ceiling in the central area. The goal is to use Telekinesis to pick up the Furries and throw them into the cages. Once all six furries have been caged, approaching Dom begins a second task.

Dom next informs The Protagonist that a chariot race is upcoming and that winning that race is required in order to meet the Dominatrix. The next task requires that The Protagonist eliminate several club patrons who Dom has determined are the fiercest competitors. After all targets have been dispatched, it is revealed that Dom is also in the chariot race and has used The Protagonist to get rid of his competition.

The Protagonist's "willingness to please" is to be tested next. Dom instructs The Protagonist to find and service a client on the upper floor of the club. The client turns out to be Zimos, which creates an awkward moment, but also completes the task.

This finally leads to the actual chariot race in which The Protagonist is seated in a chariot being pulled by a ponied-up Zimos. The goal is to maintain the lead and win the race by shooting any other competitors who get close enough to threaten victory. As opponents are eliminated, new racers enter the track from the side, providing almost constant targets for the entire race. Winning the chariot race completes the mission.


  • Homie - Zimos unlocked
  • Homie - Dom the Dom unlocked
  • Suit - Spank Me unlocked
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  • The throne of dildos Dom the Dom is sitting on is a reference to the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.
    • A similar throne dubbed "The Rubber Throne" has been created in real life.[2]
  • Kinzie wears either her normal outfit from Saints Row: The Third, or her Super Saint Outfit if "Kinzie's Adventures" has been completed.
  • The only weapon available is the Dildo Bat, until Dom the Dom orders the competition to be eliminated, at which point all weapons are available.
  • Dom the Dom doesn't need to be killed in order to continue the mission, his health only needs to reach 25%.
  • Telekinesis is required in order to complete this mission.


  • The Protagonist and Kinzie meeting in the sex club
  • Kinzie sits down near the entrance of the club after she finishes talking to The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist meeting with Dom the Dom
  • The Protagonist putting the Furries back into their cages
  • The Protagonist meeting with Zimos
  • The Protagonist fighting off against Dom the Dom
  • The 31st Annual Pony Cart Invitational
  • The Protagonist and Zimos racing against other racers
  • The Protagonist eliminating the other competitors
  • The Protagonist and Zimos about to cross the finish line


  1. Image:
    EtD At the Races complete

    At the Races completion screen

  2. YouTube: Building the Bondara Rubber Throne
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