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Asha Odekar is a character in Saints Row IV, How the Saints Save Christmas and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[4]

Playa: "You're like Johnny Gat with better hair."
Asha: "I'm nothing like Johnny Gat."
— The intro cutscene for The Case of Mr. X


Asha debuted in a teaser image for Saints Row IV,[5] although her identity was not revealed at the time.[6] She later appeared as a named character in the "War for Humanity" trailer, where she could be seen fighting an Ultor Masako soldier inside a bar.[7]


Saints Row IV[]

When Playa, Pierce and Shaundi undertake a mission to assassinate ex-STAG commander-turned-terrorist, Cyrus Temple, they team up with Asha, an British Indian MI6 agent sent to help them. After the team links up with her near Cyrus' hideout, Pierce notes her straight-to-business attitude, to which she answers that they're supposed to be on a counter-terrorist operation, not a Saints Flow shoot. Asha then discovers that the Saints, Playa in particular, won't waste time on recon when Playa charges and dispatches a group of terrorists while she's observing them.

Upon entering the compound, Matt Miller is revealed to be Asha's handler. Asha reminds the Saints that despite their animosity towards Miller, they should forget the past and focus on the mission.[8]

Five years later, as the Saints take over the White House, Asha and Matt arrive to warn them of an impending alien invasion, due to their superiors ignoring them back home. But their warning came too late, as the alien Zin invade. Asha and Miller were among those who were abducted as she tries to help pull Matt out of the abduction beam, before getting caught in herself.[9]

Asha was placed in a virtual simulation of her deepest fears: failing her every assignment. When Playa came to rescue her, Asha was in the middle of a mission to kill Mr. X, an evil version of Playa who had a beard and right eye-patch.

After killing Mr. X, Asha escapes the simulation and joins the Saints in their efforts to kill Zinyak.[10]

After being rescued, Asha brings Playa along on a training mission to protect a VIP, Genkibowl VII reporter Tammy Tolliver; however, she has Matt Miller remove Playa's superpowers for the duration of the mission.

Although everything seems to be going as planned for a while, Zinyak interferes as they escort the VIP to the final dropoff, unleashing a superpowered Professor Genki, who kills the VIP. Fortunately, Matt is able to both restore Playa's powers and grant Asha her own. With their powers, they are able to defeat Super-Genki.[11]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

Asha attends Kinzie's birthday party. She and Zinjai spin a blindfolded CID for Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and giggle when the robotic oculus bumps into board. Subsequently, Asha is perplexed as the rest of the Saints when they witness Playa sucked through a portal into Hell.


  • "Odekar" is the username of Anoop Shekar[12], who is listed as a Designer in the credits for Saints Row[13], Saints Row 2[14] and Saints Row: The Third[15]. His daughter's name is Asha.[16]
  • Asha's rescue mission[10] parodies game mechanics from Metal Gear Solid, such as hiding from guards in boxes and the sound effect played when a guard is alerted. Her mission also parodies Splinter Cell when she orders Playa to shoot out the lights before killing guards.
  • In the mission, "The Case of Mr. X", Playa tells Asha, "You're like Johnny Gat with better hair."
  • Asha uses a SWAT SMG when recruited as a Homie. She also wields a 9MM Tactical during The Saints Wing, and can wield different types of Quickshot Pistol Costumes and Skins in The Case of Mr. X (chosen by what the player has selected in Friendly Fire.
  • Asha admits that she underestimates the Saints when she initially meets them, as revealed when she and Shaundi are recruited together, that nearly all the Saints have shown that they are a formidable force, although Shaundi pries out that Asha may continue to think less of Pierce than the other Saints.[17] Asha's Audio Logs also reflects on Asha's impressed attitude towards the Saints.
    • Asha does not seem to like Pierce, as he constantly mocks and insults him during Zero Saints Thirty, she attacks him after he merely stands up for Playa[18], and remarks that she would relive some of her worst times being captured than drinking another one of his Saints Flow drinks.[19]
  • It is unusual as to why Asha underestimates the Saints so much before completion of Zero Saints Thirty, considering MI6 should have had research on the Saints potential and their past exploits, notably the numerous gangs defeated, although whether it was due to lack of intelligence of Asha's, MI6's part or simply due to arrogance is unknown. In Asha's second Audio Log however, Matt Miller appears to have set some "low expectations" regarding the Saints, which may be why Asha thought less of the Saints initially.
    • Before Playa controlled the Saints, the Saints defeated the Westside Rollerz, Los Carnales and the Vice Kings.
    • After Playa reestablished the Saints, The Brotherhood, Ronin, and Sons of Samedi, all fell to the Saints, then Ultor was defeated and the Saints established the Saints/Ultor media division.
    • STAG failed to eliminate the Saints and the Syndicate fell to the Saints, including Asha's assistant and former Decker leader Matt Miller. Matt was also responsible for Asha failing to assassinate Phillipe Loren, much to her unpleasant surprise.[20]
  • Asha speaks with a British accent.


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    — Asha Audio Log 1

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