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Arapice Island is a Neighborhood in the Carver Island District of Steelport.


Arapice Island is a Neighborhood controlled by the Luchadores in the Carver Island District.

The northern part of the island is a poor neighborhood with small homes, a church, and a Thunder Pump gasoline station.

The southern part of the island is taken up by the Steelport Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant, run by Ultor Chemical Disposal Services.[2] It features many chemical cisterns, active chimney stacks, and trains.


Arapice Island becomes infested by zombies after a STAG Gawalek A36 transport plane crashes on the island, rupturing containers stored in the Steelport Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant. Deadly airborne biochemicals are released, which reanimate dead citizens and STAG soldiers on the island as zombies.[3]

A large green cloud, which is only visible from a distance, envelopes the whole of Arapice Island.

Afterwards, Mayor Burt Reynolds requests that Playa and Viola DeWynter rid the island of the biochemical containers. After the containers are disposed of, the Zombies remain present indefinitely.[4]

The part of the freeway that is directly above the island is not affected by the infestation, as the zombies are unable to climb onto it.


  • The zombies act like an enemy gang.
  • A small number of Luchadores occasionally still spawn on the island. Sometimes, killing zombies increases Notoriety with the Luchadores, due to Carver Island being Luchadores territory, yet the Luchadores are attacked by the zombies when they arrive on the island.
  • While entering the island with any notoriety, zombies and the enemy gang/law enforcers both attack. If Notoriety is wiped while on the island, the gangs/law enforcement fight the zombies instead of Playa.
  • The zombies attack indiscriminately and thus, escaping to Arapice Island while having a high notoriety often devolves into a free-for-all. Due to sheer numbers, the zombies usually have the upper hand against other gangs.
  • Zombies do not spawn inside the Steelport Chemical and Waste Disposal Plant that occupies much of the island, but if the zombies are alerted, they enter through the gates.
  • Activating cheats which change the type of pedestrians, such as the Mascot cheat, removes the zombies from the island.
  • Zombies spawn all over Steelport when the 'brains' Cheat is entered although the occasional police car spawns allowing a chance to get Notoriety.
  • During the Survival instance on the island, the zombies drive Reapers, Ambulances and Criminals which are carrying zombie brutes.
    • While the Reapers and the Ambulances blow up easily, the Criminals have noticeably higher health.
    • Zombie Brutes behave exactly like any default Brute, except with greatly reduced health and durability.


Saints Row: The Third[]

  • Rim Jobs - southwest corner of the island, which is constantly accessible for car customisation or garage access. After the infestation, there are always zombies outside, but the clerk of the store is always there.
  • Mayhem Hard instance - this activity is easier to complete prior to the zombie infestation because zombies do not drive cars, respawn constantly, and are only worth $100 each in property damage.
  • Photo Op - just outside the gas station. Zombies, except for Zombie Brutes, do not attack the photographer unless they are disturbed and run away.
  • Harano's Hookup House - A purchasable property that continues to generate hourly income after the zombie infestation, but it is not a crib and thus cannot be used for safety.
  • Survival - this is the last Survival to become available. 600 zombies must be killed to clear it.

Saints Row IV[]



  • Arapice Island is featured in Whored Mode as "Zombie Island".
  • Despite the zombie infestation, Homies may spawn near Rim Jobs after it is purchased.
  • Zombie population level is inversely proportional to Notoriety.
  • The containers of zombie gas are present at all times prior to the mission "Air Steelport", but not afterwards, as the area where they were stored is destroyed by the STAG plane.
  • When it rains zombies tend not to spawn.
  • When entering Arapice Island with the "Drunk pedestrians" cheat active, the zombies become drunk.


  • When returning to the island, cars and normal people may be present.
    • There may be absolutely no zombies at all.
    • There may be normal Civilians and cars like any other island.
    • With zombies present, distant cars and pedestrians are still visible.
    • This commonly occurs when warping to shore.
    • Police can occasionally spawn, including police roadblocks.
    • SNG and STAG can occasionally spawn.
  • Completing "Tour de Farce" and "Faster, More Intense!" may cause the island to reset to normal: without the crashed STAG plane or any damage, and the bridges are lowered but the zombies remain present.
  • There is a save file glitch which causes the bridge next to the Rim Jobs in Ashwood to sometimes be lowered.
  • Occasionally killing zombies causes a five star wanted level.
  • Using the cheat brains and light/heavy rain turns Steelport into a ghost town with no pedestrians or AI cars. Saints no longer spawn in owned hoods or outside owned stores but still spawn in cribs.
  • Across the street from the purchasable property building is a strip of unsolid land. As with all falls through the world, falling causes Playa to respawn in New Baranec.


Arapice Island - Carver Island

Arapice Island map in Saints Row IV

Arapice Island - Zombie gas containers before crash - looking south

Arapice Island - Zombie gas containers before crash - looking west

Arapice Island - Zombie gas container yard after crash

Arapice Island - Zombie gas container area after crash

After "Air Steelport", Arapice Island is covered with a thick green smog in Saints Row: The Third

After "Air Steelport", Arapice Island is covered with a thick green smog in Saints Row: The Third

A horde of zombies chase after Playa on Arapice Island in Saints Row: The Third

Arapice Island in Zombie Attack cutscene

Loading screen featuring Arapice Island

Loading screen looking south from Arapice Island

Ultor chemical plant sign

Ultor chemical plant sign

Carver Island map with store and activity locations


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