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"Appointed Defender" is the second mission in Saints Row 2.

Ultor Times newspaper headline


Following Carlos' advice from the end of the previous mission[2], Playa heads to Tee'N'Ay in an effort to find out what's been happening these past five years.[3] They quickly learn of Johnny Gat's fate, who is to be sentenced later the same day.[4]

Playa quickly heads to the courthouse downtown where, after rescuing Gat, together they escape the police and head to Aisha's house. On the ride there, Gat fills Playa in on what has happened to other former allies: Troy's the Chief of Police, Julius Little is missing, Benjamin King wrote an autobiography, Regicide, and Dex is alluded to have done something so bad Gat asks Playa to not "get me started with Dex".[5]


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available at Newspaper Clipboards.

In a stunning turn of events, Johnny Gat has escaped custody moments after being convicted of multiple counts of 1st degree murder. After the guilty verdict was read; an armed assailant, who is presumed to have recently escaped prison, burst into the courtroom and freed Gat. The pair then managed to fight their way out of the courthouse and lost their police pursuit somewhere Downtown. The attack has left numerous dead, including one judge.


Appointed Defender - Judge with shotgun.png
Buy some new clothes at Sloppy Seconds[1]

This mission begins without an opening cutscene. Go to Sloppy Seconds and buy some Clothing.

It is not possible to fail the mission by shooting the shopkeeper. Changing clothes is not required. There is no penalty for wearing the same clothes; wearing a prison jumpsuit never attracts police attention.

Head to TeeNay[1]

Proceed to Tee'N'Ay, where a cutscene plays.

Get to the courthouse

After the cutscene, a Gang Notoriety tutorial is displayed, and two members of The Brotherhood attack, picking up bar stools and Improvised Weapons; killing them is not a mission objective.

On the way out, two Brotherhood members enter and attack, this time armed with a Crowbar and Baseball Bat, killing them is not a mission objective.

If not killed, it is possible for The Brotherhood to follow Playa to the courthouse, and remain outside.

The trial is over in 4 minutes, get to the courthouse

Once outside, there is a four minutes timer to reach the courthouse in the Downtown District. A nearby Compton is marked, but it is not a requirement to use it.

Find the courtroom where Gat is located

Once one reaches the courthouse, the timer stops. Head inside, go up the stairs to the left and follow the corridor to the right to reach Gat inside Courtroom A.

Police inside the courthouse are not immediately hostile.

Escape with Gat (and Legal Lee in Co-op)

The door Playa uses in the cutscene leads to an office with no other exit - the only way out is through a series of corridors, blocked by a hostile Tombstone-totting Judge Melmack and multiple guards. Once at the cafeteria, clear the floor of all opposition, and leave through the entrance.

Go to Forgive and Forget

Get in a nearby vehicle, there is an Anchor, Five-O and Peacekeeper parked nearby. Follow the route laid out on the Map to reach Forgive and Forget - this is not the closely Forgive and Forget, and while other locations clear Notoriety, it immediately begins rising.

A news Oppressor follows the car until this objective is complete, regardless of Notoriety, but can be destroyed.

During the drive banter, Playa explicitly mentions making a visit to see Troy, whose office is at the Police Headquarters, which is a clue regarding the bonus mission "Revelation".

In Co-op, Legal Lee is also a Homie, which means a four-seater vehicle is needed, or two separate vehicles. Only one player needs to go through the Forgive and Forget to clear the Notoriety.

Take Gat to Aisha's house

Drive to Aisha's house to finish the mission. There is no penalty for regaining Notoriety before arriving.

In Co-op, both players must reach Aisha's house to finish the mission.

Following the mission is an activity tutorial, as the next mission, "Down Payment", cannot be started before gaining Respect through Activities and Diversions.



During the mission
I'm standing here now outside the courthouse, and it is a media circus. Every major news outlet is here hoping to be the first to cover the result of this historic trial. While there has been speculation that Troy's failure to appear as a witness is testiment[sic] to his loyalty to his gangland roots, others claim that it is nothing short of naked fear for his life that keeps him from entering the same room as Johnny Gat. One thing is for sure, the saga that has been the Johnny Gat coming to a close. I'm Jane Valdaramma[sic] , channel 6 news.
— Jane Valderamma

After the mission
It was an ending more dramatic than a movie of the week, and more violent than a Charles Mueller film but the Johnny Gat trial has finally come to a close. Earlier today the formerly comatose leader of the Saints burst into the Stilwater Courthouse guns blazing, leaving Justice not only blind but gut shot as well. As the odds of our city plunging into gang violence rise the one safe bet is this: the only people happy about what happened in the courthouse, is Friendly Fire. I'm Jane Valderamma, channel 6 news.
— Jane Valderamma


The Ultor Times newspaper clipping from completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • News ticker during news report:
  • During the cutscene "Courtroom Drama", Playa emerges from a doorway behind Judge Melmack, but once gameplay resumes one can see that the door leads to an office with no other exit - Playa should have entered the courtroom from the door on the other side of the room.
  • Judge Melmack's name is listed on a sign inside the courthouse; she is in Courtroom A while a Judge Bosko resides in Courtroom B.[7]
  • Unlike most missions in Saints Row 2, starting the mission does not immediately cause a cutscene to play, the cutscene is played after arriving at Tee'N'Ay.
  • Getting a tattoo at Rusty's Needle fulfills the objective of getting new clothes.
  • In the "Check, Please" opening cutscene, Jane Valderamma states that "Johnny Gat was arrested last year". During the car ride, Gat states that he was in jail for "Two years and 31 days".


"Check, Please" cutscene[]

Playa sits at the bar and orders a 40Oz. On the TV, Jane Valderamma is reporting from outside the courthouse.
Jane Valderamma: "It's said by some, to be the trial of the century. A notorious member of a gang once known as "The 3rd Street Saints", Johnny Gat was arrested last year in an assassination attempt against then decorated police officer Troy Bradshaw. In the resulting trial, Gat was convicted of one count of attempted murder, and a staggering three hundred eighty seven counts of 1st degree murder...promptly sending him to death row. Over the past year Gat's legal team has filed appeal after appeal-"
The Brotherhood gang member: "Hey Barry, turn this shit off!"
The Bartender turns the TV off.
Playa: "I was watching that."
The Brotherhood gang member: "I guess you're not anymore, are ya bitch?"
Playa lowers their head, but then grabs the Brotherhood gang member's beer bottle and smashes him across the face with it.
Playa: "Could ya turn the TV back on?"
Jane Valderamma: "In a few short moments, we'll be allowed back in the courtroom and we'll find out once and for all if Mr. Gat will go home a happy man, or a dead one. Back to you Jack."
Playa: "Oh shit..."
The Brotherhood gang member (unused): "That's the cunt that hit me!"
— "Check, Please" cutscene

"Courtroom Drama" cutscene[]

Judge Melmack: "Mr. Gat, you've been convicted of over three hundred murders, do you really expect this appeal to work?"
Johnny Gat: "I figure with the statute of limitations it really should be closer to two fifty."
Judge Melmack: "There's no statute of limitations for murder!"
Johnny Gat: "Why the fuck not?"
Judge Melmack: "Watch yourself Mr. Gat."
Johnny Gat: "Or what, you'll hold me in contempt of court? You're already planning on giving me the chair, you think I give a shit about you not liking me? Fuck off..."
Judge Melmack: "I'm curious if you can keep your cavalier attitude when 2000 volts are running through your body."
Johnny Gat: "Oh yeah? And I'm curious if you can keep acting like a douche bag when I shove that gavel up your ass."
Legal Lee: "My client would like that stricken from the record..."
Gunshots are heard outside the courtroom.
Judge Melmack: "What's that?"
One of the guards draws a VICE 9 and moves to check out the disturbance, only to be knocked over by Playa kicking the door down on top of him. The other guard moves to check on him, but is held up by Playa.
Playa: "Drop it."
He does so. His gun goes off upon hitting the ground, making everyone except Gat panic and hide. Legal Lee then pokes his head back out for a moment:
Legal Lee: "Anyone hit and need a lawyer?"
Playa grabs the keys to Gat's handcuffs off the first guard's belt and tosses them to Gat.
Johnny Gat: "Shit, 'bout time your burnt ass woke up..."
Playa: "You ok Johnny?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, aside from almost getting sent to the chair I'm fuckin' great...hey you look different, you do somethin' with your hair?"
Playa: "You ready to get outta here?"
Playa hands the gun stolen from the first guard over to Johnny, then turns to lead the way back out.
— "Courtroom Drama" cutscene


Johnny Gat: "Thanks for bustin' me out, Eesh woulda killed me if I got executed."
Playa: "You still with Aisha?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah. I mean, it got a little tricky what with me on death row and her being on the DL after faking her own death but, ya know, we found a way to make it work."
Playa: "How long were you in jail anyway?"
Johnny Gat: "Two years and 31 days."
Playa: "Not like you were counting..."
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, right? It's weird...people inside were betting how long I'd last...when I was first busted guards were always tryin' to put me in the ground. After Troy became chief of police it all stopped...Troy must be more forgiving than I am."
Playa: "Troy's the Chief of Police?"
Johnny Gat: "You better start getting with the times. Julius is missing, Ben King wrote an autobiography, Dex is a...don't even get me started with Dex...but the real kicker is Troy. In a couple months he went from undercover cop to chief of police...and word is he's become obsessed with finding out what happened on your little boat trip with the Alderman."
Playa: "If I get some free time I might swing by the station and say hello..."
Johnny Gat: "With these cops on our ass, you might not have to wait long..."
Playa: "Is forgive and forget still open?"
Johnny Gat: "Time's changed, but not that much..."
Playa: "Good to know the world's not totally crazy..."
— Driving with Gat
Legal Lee: "Watch the lines of my suit..."
Legal Lee: "Hey hey, no touching..."
Legal Lee: "You can't take me as a meat shield unless I'm on retainer..."
— After attempting to take Legal Lee as a Human Shield
Johnny Gat: "I gotta tell ya Lee, you're a helluva lawyer..."
Johnny Gat: "It's been a pleasure workin' with you Lee..."
Johnny Gat: "Whaddya say I keep you from getting shot and we wave the lawyer fee?"
Johnny Gat: "I guess I was let off for good behavior..."
Johnny Gat: "This is one for your case portfolio, eh lee?"
— Johnny Gat chatting with Legal Lee
Legal Lee: "Johnny, I like your style..."
Legal Lee: "You ever get arrested again Mr. Gat, you let me know..."
Legal Lee: "Please don't kill me when I send you the bill for this..."
Legal Lee: "Great, now I'm an acessory..."
Legal Lee: "Try not to kill them, they're potential customers..."
— Legal Lee chatting with Johnny Gat
Legal Lee: "I'm pressing charges!"
Legal Lee: "I'm just a civil servant!"
Legal Lee: "I'll see you in court when I'm out of the hospital!"
Legal Lee: "I didn't pass the bar just so I could get shot!"
Legal Lee: "You'll be hearing from me about that..."
— When Legal Lee takes damage
Legal Lee: "Be careful, that's dangerously close to slander..."
Legal Lee: "Is that anyway to talk to your friends lawyer?"
Legal Lee: "Now that's just uncalled for..."
Legal Lee: "Come on, who loves ya more than me baby?"
Legal Lee: "Becareful, you might need me after you run over a lady with a walker..."
— After Taunting Legal Lee
Legal Lee: "It's true...I am the greatest legal mind of our generation."
Legal Lee: "Ya know what's great about me? Everything."
Legal Lee: "See that's what I like about you, you appreciate talent."
Legal Lee: "You ever get busted for serial arson I'll be sure to get you out..."
Legal Lee: "Do you have legal representaion?"
— After Complimenting Legal Lee


— Gat, between the "Gavel" line and "burnt ass" line


Mission start location

Mission first objective

Jane Valderamma presents a newscast, where Playa learns of Johnny Gat's trial

Playa gets in a short fight with a Brotherhood gang member

Judge Melmack during Johnny Gat's trial

Judge Melmack tells Gat to watch himself

Legal Lee and Johnny Gat await the latter's sentence

Appointed Defender - Judge Melmack with shotgun

Judge Melmack in Saints Row 2

Loading screen used after completing this mission

Loading screen used after completing this mission

Loading screen used after completing this mission


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