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Refire Delay







Murderbrawl XXXI (optional)


Flags: no human shield, no hide on sprint, allow grenades, bullets damage tanks, explosions damage tanks

Appears in

Saints Row: The Third

The Apoca-Fist[1] is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.

The devastating special attack coined by Killbane now in portable gloves.
— Weapon description


The Apoca-Fist is a pair of oversized costume fists that cause the enemy to explode into a gory mess when the enemy is punched.[2]

This weapon is an optional reward at the end of the mission "Murderbrawl XXXI", the other option is Killbane's mask.[1][3]

The Apoca-Fist is also unlocked through the Unlockable Pack DLC, allowing it to be used at the beginning of the game.


  • The Apoca-Fist was named "Apoco-Fist" during development.[4]
  • The Apoca-Fist is in the game Team Fortress 2 as the "Apoco-Fists", available as a Saints Row: The Third preorder bonus on Steam.[5][6]
  • It was falsely reported that the Apoca-Fist could be bought for $100,000.[7]
  • The Apoca-Fist is Saints Row: The Third's version of the Pimp Slap. It is an instant kill on normal enemies, it allows cars to be moved with a single hit but any more hits and the car explodes, and kills Brutes in 3-4 hits.
  • As Killbane's mask cannot be obtained through Cheats, the only way to obtain both without the Unlockable Pack DLC is to unmask Killbane during Murderbrawl XXXI, and use cheats to get the Apoca-Fist.
  • The Apoca-Fist can be used to kill Kia without releasing Shaundi.[8]


  • The Apoca-Fist
  • The Apoca-Fist in the weapons cache
  • Apoca-Fist in mid-swing in the Saints Row - The Third Open World Gameplay trailer
  • Apoca-Fist in the Saints Row - The Third Open World Gameplay trailer
  • The weapon in the first revealed gameplay after E3 2011, albeit with a slightly different name
  • Sparing Killbane in the end of "Murderbrawl" unlocks the Apoca-Fist weapon

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