Anthony Green
Saints Row character promo - Anthony Green
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Saints Row
Saints Row IV[1]

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Big Tony






Tanya Winters[4]


Vice Kings


Bulldog SRIV[2]




Bodyguard of Benjamin King

Voiced by

TC Carson[3]

Anthony Green is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row IV.[1]

You 3rd Street mothafuckas think you so smart. Well check this out, we ain't impressed. Hell, the only reason you got as far as you did was 'cause King let you. We led you right to where we wanted you, and now the police are gonna finish your ass for good, just the way we planned.
Big Tony in the Tanya and Tony cutscene
— Big Tony to Johnny Gat[5]


Saints RowEdit

Anthony Green is Benjamin King's bodyguard and close friend. Tony is Tanya Winters' primary lover, but she also carries on an affair with Warren Williams.[6] Tony is loyal to Benjamin King to a fault, and is the only Vice Kings member that King openly respects.

Green manages to capture Johnny Gat during a Saints raid on the abandoned police station that serves as Tanya's temporary brothel, and Gat is kept hidden in Anthony's condo, tied up to a chair.[7] Once Gat is located, Julius sends Playa to rescue him, and after he storms the condo, he kills Green in a stand off.[8]

Saints Row IVEdit

A simulation of Green tries to kill King outside the church during the latter's simulation,[2] despite Green being killed in Saints Row before Warren and Tanya started their coup.


  • Tony is a common short name for Anthony.
  • Anthony's condo is located at 707 Springfield Street, Atlantis Avenue.[9] This is the only street address ever stated in the game.
  • Anthony resembles actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who voices Benjamin King.
  • Anthony's voice actor, Terrence C. Carson, is best known for voicing Kratos in the God of War games on PlayStation.
  • Tony's Motion Capture Portrayal is done by "Darren Whitfield".[10]
  • Anthony does not have a unique personal vehicle.
  • Anthony is the only member of the Vice Kings to be killed by Playa.
  • Concept art depicts him having an emblem of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattooed on his upper left arm,[11] suggesting that he previously served as a US Marine.[reference?]


Grip is short, Mr. King

It's not her fault Mr. King, the Saints have been fuckin' with her.


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  • Anthony pointing a gun on Johnny
  • Anthony pointing a gun on Johnny
  • Anthony pointing a gun on Johnny
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  • Big Tony - character model in Saints Row IV
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