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Annihilator RPG
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  • SpecialSR2
  • ExplosiveSRTT




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  • 1000 SR2
  • 2000 SRTT
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Speed: 8. Laser guided and lock on.

Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third

The Annihilator RPG is a weapon in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.[1]

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Not to be confused with Platinum RPG

For huge explosions and firepower, you can't go wrong with a rocket launcher.
Saints Row: The Third weapon description[1]

Saints Row 2[edit | edit source]

The Annihilator is a rocket-propelled grenade launcher that uses laser guided missiles which can be re-targeted mid-flight. It is controlled by a laser-guiding system, and locks on to vehicles.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Annihilator is unlocked in the Weapons Cache after completing the Mayhem activity at the Nuclear Power Plant. It is never available from Friendly Fire, although ammunition can be bought there.

Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a new version of the Annihilator with the same name which is a powerful single-shot rocket launcher.

It is the only non-DLC weapon in the Explosive slot for the majority of the game, and is the only non-DLC weapon in the Explosive slot if Satchel Charges are not chosen during My Name is Cyrus Temple.

Upgrades to the Annihilator mainly focus on increasing the rocket's power, with the final upgrade changing the scope and allowing rockets to lock on to targets or seek the middle of the crosshair if they are not locked on. At level 4, rockets are "dumb fired" when not using Fine Aim.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Main article: Weapon Upgrades
L Price Description
1 $14,250
For huge explosions and firepower, you can't go wrong with a rocket launcher.
— Level 1 description

2 $14,250
Increase damage.
— Level 2 description

3 $28,500
Increase damage.
— Level 3 description

4 $57,000
Laser-guided rockets follow your reticle. Targeting system allows you to lock onto enemies.
— Level 4 description

Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • Extremely powerful weapon against vehicles and tough enemies like Brutes.
  • Large splash damage area.
  • Only non-DLC explosive weapon for much of the game.
  • Once upgraded to level 4, the weapon can be used in both unguided and guided mode.
    • If a target is locked on before launch, a guided rocket is fired. Switching to another weapon after firing does not break the lock.
    • If a target is not locked on before launch, using Fine Aim allows laser-guidance using the crosshair.
  • The full upgrade allows hitting targets behind obstacles.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Large splash damage area.
  • Low ammunition.
  • Expensive upgrades.
  • Some vehicles still take multiple hits to destroy when fully upgraded.
  • Slow-moving projectile can easily miss moving targets before the final upgrade.
  • Can set co-op partners on fire or blast them into the air with friendly fire off.
  • Only one projectile is allowed in the air at the same time. Cannot refire until the existing projectile explodes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #947.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, The Annihilator resembles the Airtronic RPG-7. The final upgrade adds the scope of an XM25.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Professor Genki occasionally wields an Annihilator when he is encountered. Normal civilian Saints Flow Mascots also sometimes carry the weapon and use it if provoked or while under mind control via Mollusk Launcher or Mind-Control Helmet, making them a good way to obtain it as Saints Flow mascots carrying one are more common than Professor Genki, have fixed spawn points in various locations, and are easier to kill. The easiest way to obtain one is by taunting Saints Flow mascots until one pulls out an Annihilator, kill them, and pick up the dropped weapon.
    • As with all weapons in all games, Homies can also pick up Annihilators dropped by enemies.
  • The Annihilator is replaced by the RPG in Saints Row IV.
  • Killbane and the Luchadores use Annihilators to destroy the Hughes Memorial Bridge.[2]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

I'm dying to get some footage of you using the Annihilator!
FUZZ Camera Man

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Saints Row 2 icon

Saints Row: The Third icon

Saints Row 2 Annihilator promotional image

Saints Row 2 Alternate promo image from IGN

Saints Row 2 unlock image

Annihilator RPG - Saints Row 2 promo

The Annihilator in a model viewer

Concept art from Saints Row 2

Annihilator RPG introduction in Saints Row 2

Annihilator in Saints Row: Total Control

The Annihilator in Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row:The Third Promotional Image

The Annihilator RPG In The Shock And Awesome


The blast from an Annihilator rocket

Annihilator with basic scope (Level 1) in Saints Row:The Third

Annihilator with special scope (Level 4) in Saints Row:The Third

Annihilator Level 2 in Saints Row:The Third

Annihilator Level 4 in Saints Row:The Third

Homie with Annihilator in Saints Row: The Third

Shaundi with Annihilator in Saints Row: The Third

Annihilator RPG closeup

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References[edit source]

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