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Angel De LaMuerte is a character in Saints Row: The Third.


Angel was a member of the Luchadores until Killbane, jealous of his rising respect, unmasked him, forcing Angel into hiding. After being saved from The Luchadores by the 3rd Street Saints, he is recruited by them. Determined to exact revenge against Killbane, Angel works with Playa to eliminate the Luchadores, training them for a wrestling match against Killbane.


Angel is a Mexican-American former Luchador and member of the 3rd Street Saints. In his glory days, he was once a tag-team partner to the famous Luchador and his partner-in-crime, Killbane, which Kinzie mentions after Zimos has been rescued.[3] Soon after, they formed a gang in Steelport called the Luchadores, made up of masked wrestlers who use heavy weapons and loved fistfights. As the gang grew larger, Killbane became angry and jealous of Angel's respect in the gang, therefore causing him to unmask Angel, causing him great shame.[7]

Saints Row: The Third[]

After Kinzie mentions Angel as a useful anti-Syndicate talent to Playa, he rescues Angel from an attack by The Luchadores at his gym.[8] Angel is assigned to help The Saints eliminate The Luchadores, with Angel's background as a former Luchador making Playa persuade him into acting as a personal trainer to them for a potential match against Luchador leader and Angel's former tag team partner Killbane.

After assigning several exercises to Playa, they devise a plan to kill the other wrestlers in Killbane's Murderbrawl XXXI pay-per-view so Killbane will be forced to fight Playa. They kill them with Kinzie's RC Possessor, which makes the killings look like accidents.[9] However, Angel convinces Playa to let him fight Killbane instead, insisting he trained for a fight with Killbane while in hiding. To get ready, he retrieves his mask from the 3 Count Casino.[7]

Angel fights Killbane at the pay-per-view with Playa in his corner, but is injured after being powerbombed out of the ring. Angel encourages Playa to fight Killbane, where Playa wins by either unmasking Killbane or forcing him to submit, and they celebrate.[10]

In the game's finale, Angel calls Playa, informing them that Killbane is fleeing the city and that he is pursuing him. Playa is given the choice to help Angel or save Shaundi, Viola DeWynter and Burt Reynolds, who are being held hostage by STAG at a hostage rigged to explode and frame The Saints as terrorists.[11]


Kill Killbane

If Killbane is killed, Angel attends the eulogy for Shaundi, who died when the monument exploded, but STAG attacks Steelport with the Daedalus after receiving authorisation from Monica Hughes. After Playa destroys the Daedalus, killing STAG leader Cyrus Temple, Angel is present as Playa declares Steelport an independent city-state.[12]

The events of Enter the Dominatrix follow from this ending, but Angel does not appear in it.

Save Shaundi

If Shaundi is saved, Angel's fate is unknown, as he does not appear for the remainder of the mission or the ending mission Gangstas in Space.

The events of Saints Row IV follow from this ending.[13][14]


Angel has short brown hair and his casual clothing consists of a purple hoodie, torn up black wrestling tights, a white kneepad and yellow boots. He also wears his purple mask after retrieving it back from Killbane.


  • His name is Spanish and translates to "The Angel of Death".[15]
    • Jane Valderamma is the only person who pronounces his name the way it is pronounced in Spanish. Everyone else, including Angel himself, pronounces it the Anglophone way.
  • He is in a trailer driving a member of the Morningstar into a glass table with a Tornado DDT.[16]
  • When Bo-Duke-en into a car, Angel asks "Is that how you prepare for Killbane?"
  • Just like in Mexican wrestling, it is understandable that he took such shame with his mask being removed, as it is often thought as a loss of dignity and identity. In regular matches it's considered an illegal move and results in an immediate disqualification.[Reference needed]
  • Angel wears a knee brace on his right leg, although the exact cause of the injury is never explained, and it never physically impairs Angel in-game.
  • Angel De LaMuerte has his own gym in Steelport, which may indicate that he was as popular as Killbane at one stage in his life at Steelport.
  • Angel's voice actor, Hulk Hogan, was a professional wrestler.
    • The "Angelmania" Taunt is a reference to one of Hulk Hogan's "Hulkamania" taunt. Angel performs this move during the mission 3 Count Beat Down, after regaining his mask.
  • Even after getting his mask back, Angel does not wear his mask when called as a homie.
    • Upon completing the City Takeover gameplay in Carver Island (the Luchadores' territory), he informs Playa that he proved that heroes don't need masks.[17]
  • Angel has his hood pulled up in the trailers and promotional art, but not in game.
  • In Angel's Gym, he has a poster of Killbane next to the garage with "Revenge" scribbled across it.
  • A trait of Angel as a homie is that he can perform running takedown attacks on enemies if they get too close, rather than hitting them with his AR-55, but stops this if he picks up the Annihilator.
  • Angel's mask has a shade of purple whereas other Luchadores, such as Killbane, has shades of green.
  • Angel and Zimos are the only Lieutenants from Saints Row: The Third not to reappear in Saints Row IV.
  • During Player Customization in Saints Row IV, the crawl at the bottom mentions Angel making an appearance in "Piledriver; The Musical".[18]
  • Angel's pet[Reference needed] Tiger, which he used to test Playa,[19] makes a cameo in Saints Row IV where the President feeds it an apple.[20]
  • During Return to Steelport, there is a Bootlegger parked outside the Angel's Gym that cannot be entered nor damaged, indicating that this is Angel's car, although he drives a Saints Atlantica when called as a Homie.
  • Angel is featured under A in The ABCs of Saints Row.[21]