An Amazing Quarter
An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel during presentation with smiling characters on screen
Dane Vogel giving his speech.
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An Amazing Quarter is a cutscene in Saints Row 2.


Dane Vogel gives a slideshow presentation to a group of investors, showing his plans for Shivington.

This cutscene is unlocked outside of the Phillips Building after defeating all 3 gangs.[4]

After watching this cutscene, the mission "Picking a Fight" becomes available.


Dane Vogel (unused): "Let's give another round of applause to Mr. Gryphon and his mining project..."
Dane Vogel (unused): "Thanks to all of you for making it out's been a big year for all of us in the Ultor family, and I think we owe a lot of that to our legal team..."
Dane Vogel (unused): "300 indictments, no convictions!"
Dane Vogel (unused): "But we're not here to celebrate past victories, no matter how're here to discuss the future."
Dane Vogel: "As many of you know, the restoration of Saints Row was a tremendous success, but that was just the beginning of what Ultor has in mind for Stilwater."
Dane Vogel: "This is Shivington. Once a pristine set of tenement homes, this neighborhood has devolved into a dangerous ghetto, filled with undesirables such as these. Now, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering...ugly buildings, unwashed masses, what the hell is Ultor thinking? My friends, we're thinking about the future. Picture this... glass towers, clean streets, and no one below the poverty line trying to wash your car. Impossible? For a lesser company, maybe. Now I'm not here to make idle promises or vague predictions, no offense to you politicians out there..."
Dane Vogel: "No, I'm here to show you how we're going to do it. Now, obviously before we can remodel Shivington we need to own the land, so how do we do that? By directing the gangs towards Sunnyvale, not only are we lowering the number of our detractors, we're lowering the property value as well, which means when we buy the land, the savings get passed onto you, the stock holders. The gangs cripple each other, we direct funds to the Stilwater Police Department, they increase police presence...and pretty soon all those nasty little gang bangers are gone. Crime stops, property value goes up, and now your population looks like this."
Dane Vogel (unused): "Now here's the best part...this isn't some distant plan, some hypothetical solution...the future is happening now. Most of the undesirables have already been swept away. All that's standing between us and a better world is The Third Street I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' pretty good about our odds..."


  • "An Amazing Quarter" is similar to "Battlefield Promotion" in Saints Row and isn't a part of a mission; both cutscenes play after all gangs have been defeated.
  • This cutscene demonstrates that the real antagonistic force is Ultor, as they are willing to sacrifice perhaps up to thousands of civilian, gang, police, Ultor security and Masako lives to further their redevelopment goals.
  • Vogel mentions trying to get the gangs to fight over Sunnyvale, despite the fact that this cutscene only plays after the Saints have defeated all other gangs. It is likely that this cutscene is set either before Playa awakes or very early on in the Saints campaign.


  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel at podium
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel begins presentation
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel standing in front of presentation
  • An Amazing Quarter - audience watching presentation
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel during presentation
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel gesturing during presentation
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel during presentation again
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel during presentation with smiling character on screen
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel during presentation with smiling characters on screen
  • An Amazing Quarter - Audience applauding
  • An Amazing Quarter - Dane Vogel closeup

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