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"America's Next Top Scientist" is the third of three missions in the Ultor Exposed DLC.

Humble Reporter Exposes Mad Scientist
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Meeting Tera at the Saints Hideout, The Protagonist relays Jane Valderamma's ultimatum from the previous mission[1]: if Tera wants Channel 6 to run the story and help to bring down Ultor, she'll need to do an interview with Valderamma. Tera is reluctant, but The Protagonist convinces her.[2]

At Mount Claflin, The Protagonist, Tera, and the 3rd Street Saints fight off multiple Ultor convoys that want Tera dead and catch up with Valderamma. During the interview, Valderamma quickly turns against Tera and humiliates her, likening her to a mad scientist trying to blackmail her former employer. After the interview is over, Valderamma explains that "journalistic integrity doesn't pay the rent" and leaves Tera with some food for thought:[3]

I just made the Saints a lot of money. Listen honey, Ultor was going to bury this story anyway - at least this way we got a little something out of it. Ultor isn't going away; you'll have plenty of time to plot your little revenge scheme.
— Jane Valderamma


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Risking life and limb, mild mannered reporter Jane Valderama conducted a provocative interview with a rogue Ultor scientist who identified herself only as Tera. For those who missed it, Valderama's fearless live interview with the deranged microbiologist will be repeated tonight following "Blood In, Blood Out: The Johnny Gat Story".


America's Next Top Scientist - Ultor Helicopters Destroyed
Drive Tera to the truck at Camp Claflin

Drive up with Tera to the 3rd Street Saints' encampment on Mount Claflin.

The Saints have left weapons around the camp to use in defending the truck

Stock up on weapons here and, if one is partial, feel free to recruit the few 3rd Street Saints here as Homies.

An Ultor convoy is coming, go to the lookout to stop them

Ultor very quickly starts sending the Masako towards the area; go to the lookout and try to use the RPG Launchers nearby to destroy the approaching Bears and Tornado from the north.

Return to the camp
Defend the truck

After being informed to return back to camp, shoot all the Masako who arrive there;

Ultor helicopters are bringing in Masako from the North

The first wave arrive in helicopters from the north.

More Ultor are coming from the South

The second wave in Bears from the south, rather than trying to destroy the APCs, wait until the Masako disembark from the vehicles.

Ultor are jumping the gorge to attack from the North

The third wave in Bears from the north.

Kill the remaining Ultor forces
Get in the truck
Drive the truck over to the news van

Once all the Masako are dead, get in the Runner nearby and drive it down to the Anchor on the other side of the mountain. A few Bears may give chase, and a few trees fall over.

Destroy the Ultor helicopters

After reaching Valderamma's news van, shoot down the six Vultures that arrive in a V formation to complete the mission.


  • Tera's sports car unlocked
  • Tera Homie unlocked


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the reality television series America's Next Top Model.
  • This mission features the first appearance of the Vulture.
  • This is the only time in the series that Jane Valderamma is portrayed as an enemy rather than an ally.


"Performance Anxiety" cutsceneEdit

Tera Patrick: "I don't like this."
The Protagonist: "It's just an interview."
Tera Patrick: "It's live TV - anything can happen."
The Protagonist: "I got shot at getting this shit for you, and now you're telling me you're nervous about being interviewed?"
Tera Patrick: "It's stressful."
The Protagonist: "No, people trying to kill you is stressful."
Tera Patrick: "Listen smartass, you have no idea how hard it is to be in front of the camera."
The Protagonist: "Did you see me on FUZZ?"
Tera Patrick: "Yeah, but you didn't care if you did a bad job - all you had to do was kill a ninja with a chainsaw."
The Protagonist: "True."
Tera Patrick: "Look, let's just get this over with, okay?"


Tera Patrick: "In... Out..."
The Protagonist: "The hell are you doing?"
Tera Patrick: "I'm relaxing..."
The Protagonist: "You really that afraid of looking like a fool on national television?"
Tera Patrick: "You're not helping..."
The Protagonist: "You'll be fine. Can't you just imagine people in their underwear?"
Tera Patrick: "That won't work. I've got a thing with nudity."
The Protagonist: "Then I guess you're fucked."
Tera Patrick: "Again, not helping."
The Protagonist: "We can hold out here - I had the Saints stash some supplies in case shit went bad."
The Protagonist: "Wait here, Tera. I'm going to check to make sure no one's coming."
— At the camp

Stay close to me, Tera. Looks like Ultor wants to shut you up bad.
— The Protagonist, after returning from the lookout

Hold up, Jane's calling...
— The Protagonist, after fighting off the Masako

My crew is already waiting for you. Find their truck and I'll meet you there.
— Jane Valderamma, on the phone

Jane Valderamma: "Listen, I'm running behind. Just wait for me on the slopes below Mount Claflin; I'll be there soon."
The Protagonist: "Aight, we'll be here."
— After The Protagonist and Tera arrive at the news van

"Gotcha!" cutsceneEdit

Jane Valderamma: "This is Jane Valderamma, reporting live with Tera: a woman who claims our city is in danger."
Tera Patrick: "That's right, Jane. The Ultor Corporation has been using a secret R&D lab to conduct unethical experiments on the citizens of Stilwater."
Jane Valderamma: "Those are some strong allegations; I'm assuming you have proof."
Tera Patrick: "Oh, absolutely. I mean, I have the bodies of people who were experimented on, as well as some of the chemicals that were used to do it."
Jane Valderamma: "And why do you think Ultor is responsible?"
Tera Patrick: "I conducted the experiments myself."
Jane Valderamma: "So these were the acts of a crazed individual?"
Tera Patrick: "Excuse me?"
Jane Valderamma: "You said that you conducted the experiments..."
Tera Patrick: "Well, yeah, but—"
Jane Valderamma: "So you admit that you perverted science to serve your own twisted desires?"
Tera Patrick: "No! Ultor was the one that was—"
Jane Valderamma: "It's an all-too-familiar tale: a beautiful woman takes a job at a multi-billion dollar global corporation hoping to fulfill her dreams of microbiology, only to find herself disgusted at her failure to ascend the corporate ladder and turns to mad science in order to blackmail her employer. I'm Jane Valderamma, Channel 6 news."
Tera Patrick: "Why did you do that? I thought you were going to help us."
Jane Valderamma: "Journalistic integrity doesn't pay the rent, Tera."
Tera Patrick: "You just humiliated me in public!"
Jane Valderamma: "I just made the Saints a lot of money. Listen honey, Ultor was going to bury this story anyway - at least this way we got a little something out of it. Ultor isn't going away; you'll have plenty of time to plot your little revenge scheme."
Tera Patrick: "Don't worry, I will."


  • The Protagonist and Tera Patrick meet for the final time in the Saints Hideout
  • The Protagonist convinces Tera Patrick to be interviewed by Jane Valderamma
  • Jane Valderamma interviews Tera Patrick
  • America's Next Top Scientist - Ultor Helicopters Destroyed


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