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The King and I Battlefield Promotion[1]

"All The King's Men" is the eleventh and final mission of the Vice Kings story arc in Saints Row.

Ui act question

Not to be confused with All the King's Men (cutscene)

Johnny Gat: "I'm gonna skull fuck that bitch."
Playa: "Hope you don't mind hepatitis."
Johnny Gat: "Wha?"
Staying Healthy African American CUTSCENES 0350
Johnny Gat and Playa, in the elevator.


At the church, Johnny Gat explains to Playa that, according to Benjamin King, Tanya's takeover of the Vice Kings didn't go as smoothly as planned; the Vice Kings are fighting amongst themselves, and Gat believes now is the perfect time to finish them off. Gat expresses doubts over King being able to finish off his own crew, but King enters and assures them both that he will do what he must.[2]

Before heading for Tanya at King's Penthouse, they must first get the codes to the elevator. To do this, they pay a visit to Tanya's fashion consultant and close friend, Stefan, and dangle him out of the car's window from his legs, while at high speeds, until he breaks.

Now that they know the codes, Gat, King, and Playa storm King's Penthouse and, after fighting through the last remnants of present Vice Kings and Tanya's fellow prostitutes, confront Tanya in King's old office. She stands up and brandishes a K6 Krukov, but before she can even take aim the three shoot her out of the window. She manages to grip the bottom edge of the window and attempts to beg for her life, but King tells her to die with some dignity and steps on her hand, sending her plummeting into his Mag, killing her. Outside, Gat takes his leave, planning to meet Aisha, and King thanks Playa for all their help. He gives Playa the keys to the penthouse and takes leave himself.[3][4]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Tanya Winters was now in charge of the Vice Kings, and had taken over their headquarters. King suspected that the access codes to the penthouse offices had been changed, but he knew who he could get them from. You drove him to Impressions to have a "chat" with Stefan, the owner. After terrorizing him into giving up the codes, King, Johnny, and you went to confront Tanya. Working your way through the lobby, up the elevator, and through the penthouse the three of you confronted Tanya and her personal escort of gun toting hos. After a fierce fight, King put an end to Tanya, himself, leaving the Vice Kings nothing but a memory. As a thank you, King gave you the keys to the penthouse for your personal use.


All the King's Men - Stefan HUD

The Vice Kings finale can only be played upon completion of the previous mission, "The King and I", and all related Strongholds: "Sunnyvale Loft", "Filmore Parking Garage", "Abandoned Police Station", "King's Grocery", and "Waterfront Rooftop".

Take King's car.[5]

King's Mag is parked beside the church, with King already inside, in the rear left seat. Gat runs up to the car, gets in the front right seat, then immediately gets out if Playa is not yet in the vehicle. Get gets out any time Playa does, but King never leaves the vehicle, even if on fire.

Head to Impressions.[6]

Go to Impressions in the Nob Hill neighborhood.

Drive fast to scare Stefan.[7]

Drive around while Benjamin King holds Stefan out the window from his legs. There are two meters: one for Stefan's fear, and one for his health. By driving as fast as possible, Stefan's fear will increase, but collisions will decrease his health.

Drive around Downtown while the Notoriety increases, avoiding hostile Five-Os and Peacekeepers. Using Forgive and Forget temporarily removes Notoriety.

Eventually, Stefan will give up the codes and King lets go of him.

Head to the Vice Kings' penthouse.

Drive to King's Penthouse.

Upon entering the parking lot, dialogue about reaching the penthouse is played. If the Mag is exited in the Penthouse parking lot, both Gat and King exit the vehicle.

When driving into the marker, the marker disappears and the doors to the Penthouse open. Sometimes, driving out of the marker causes the marker to re-appear and the doors to close, and the only way to keep the doors open is to exit the Mag while parked in the marker.

Find the elevator and proceed to the penthouse.

This objective does not appear until after entering the building.

Work through the lobby slowly and stick with King and Gat; the elevator is to the right on the second floor.

Find Tanya and kill her.

After the elevator takes them upwards, fight through the last of the Vice Kings and some prostitutes. The fighting here is very close quarters, and the hos in particular like to hide in the office cubicles, so don't underestimate anyone.

Tanya is inside King's office, accessible through the cubicles behind the spiral staircase, there are more enemies upstairs, but it is a dead end.


After reaching Tanya, a cutscene plays and the mission ends, and the Vice Kings story arc is complete. The Saints take over the Adept Way neighborhood, Playa gets a new Crib, and an assortment of Vice Kings-themed unique vehicles.

If all three story arcs are complete, the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene plays, and the next mission is "Stuffing the Ballot".


The mission can be failed by getting smoked[8] or busted, abandoning Gat[9], Gat dying[10], abandoning King[11], King dying[12], destroying King's car,[13] or killing Stefan before he gives the codes.[14]


  • Adept Way neighborhood unlocked
  • King's Penthouse Crib unlocked
  • Johnny's car (unique Venom) unlocked
  • Vice Kings unique cars unlocked


  • Playa says one of his four unique lines throughout Saints Row in this mission.[3]
  • The name of this mission shares its name with the final cutscene of the third Vice Kings mission.[15]
  • The code for the elevator to Benjamin King's penthouse, 3131, is the same code for the freight elevator in the mission "Party Time" in Saints Row: The Third, and is part of the "31 Theory" Easter Egg.
  • Stefan collapses to the ground when King releases him, regardless of his health, where he is dropped, and vehicle's speed. Whether or not he is dead is neither indicated nor stated. In Saints Row 2, he is mentioned several times.
  • When replaying the mission at a Theater, the Crib functions are present in the King Penthouse.[16]
  • The Mag in the cutscene is not parked in the marker from the "Head to the Vice Kings' penthouse." objective.
  • The string files contain two strings related to this mission that refer to it being a demo.[17][18]


"Return of the King" cutsceneEdit

Johnny Gat: "I've been chattin' with King, and it looks like Tanya's takeover didn't sit well with everybody. The Vice Kings are fighting amongst themselves; now's the time to take 'em out for good. King said he was gonna come along, I hope he hasn't gone soft."
Benjamin King: "Don't ever worry 'bout me, baby-boy, cause I'm gonna handle mine."
Johnny Gat: "All I'm sayin' is that since you got here you've been nothin' but talk."
Benjamin King: "I've smoked dozens of fools before. I ain't addin' to the count unless I have to."
Johnny Gat: "That's just fuckin' great."
Benjamin King: "I said don't worry about it."
Johnny Gat: "I don't want you bitchin' out when you see your crew."
Benjamin King: "Ain't my crew, son. That's why I'm here, remember? So how 'bout you put your dick away, pick up your gun, and try to keep your knee away from the bullets."
Gat turns to Playa
Johnny Gat: "You heard the cocky sonofabitch, let's roll."
Return of the King full CUTSCENES 0403
— "Return of the King" cutscene


Benjamin King (unused): "Come on, my ride's over here."
Benjamin King: "If we wanna get to Tanya we gotta get the code to the elevator..."
Johnny Gat: "How are we gonna get that?"
Benjamin King: "She tells everything to her fashion consultant, he shouldn't be too hard to break."
Johnny Gat: "Who is this guy?"
Benjamin King: "Some Eurotrash mother fucker named Stefan."
Johnny Gat: "I hate him already."
— Mission start

Johnny Gat: "We gonna kill Tanya or what?"
Johnny Gat: "I can't believe I ditched Eesh for this..."
Benjamin King: "I thought you were supposed to be hard, Gat. Why we sitting around?"
Benjamin King: "Come on, I wanna get this over with..."
— Nag when stopped
Johnny Gat: "Hey, watch the knee."
Johnny Gat: "Becareful, this thing's loaded."
Johnny Gat: "The fuck you goin'?"
Johnny Gat: "You see King running around like an asshole?"
Benjamin King: "Watch it boy..."
Benjamin King: "Keep your cool, man..."
Benjamin King: "The fuck's your problem?"
Benjamin King: "Careful, this suits imported..."
— After hitting something with the car

Stefan: "Who do you think you are, barging into Stefan's boutique..."
Johnny Gat: "You must be Stefan..."
Stefan: "Are you blind? Of course I am Stefan, now go."
Johnny Gat: "Oh, I'm hopin' you won't come quietly..."
— Upon arriving at Impressions

Benjamin King: "Now you're gonna tell me what I wanna hear, you understand?"
Stefan: "Stefan knows about fashion, not about gangs!"
Benjamin King: "Well Stefan also knows Tanya, so you better start talkin..."
Stefan: "I don't know anything."
Benjamin King: "How do I get in the elevator?"
Stefan: "What are you doing? I don't like this, this makes me vibrate."
Benjamin King: "Wrong answer..."
Stefan: "Tanya tells me nothing, I just love her shoes..."
Benjamin King: "I'd talk if I were arm's getting a little tired..."
Stefan: "You and your friend with the awful hair will release Stefan at once!"
King: "Your bitch ass better stop talking in the third person or I'm gonna drop you on principle..."
Stefan: "Please don't hurt my face, I can't look common..."
Benjamin King: "I'm running out of patience, Stefan..."
Stefan: "You're nothing but a brute!"
Benjamin King: "Tell me how to get to Tanya..."
Stefan: "Why do you hate the beautiful people?"
Benjamin King: "Just tell me the code and I'll let you go..."
Stefan: "Stefan has done nothing to you!"
Stefan: "If you let me go I'll give you five percent off!"
Stefan: "Somebody help Stefan!"
Stefan: "OKOKOKOK! The code is 3131, please don't hurt Stefan!"
Benjamin King: "Thanks for your help..."
— Interrogating Stefan

Benjamin King: "This is it, playa. You sure you're ready?"
Johnny Gat: "King, the only person in this car I'm worried about is you."
Benjamin King: "Then you don't know me, son."
Johnny Gat: "That's why I'm worried."
Benjamin King: "Your faith in me is very encouraging."
Johnny Gat: "I like to be positive."
— On the way to the Penthouse

Benjamin King: "Okay, there it is. The first thing we gotta do is clear a path to the elevator."
Johnny Gat: "What then?"
Benjamin King: "Then we kill Tanya."
Johnny Gat: "My kind of plan."
— After arriving at King's Penthouse

Benjamin King: "They cut the power..."
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, well, it ain't gonna do 'em much good... people bleed just as well in the dark..."
— Power cut

Johnny Gat: "You're the best Tanya's got? Well, I'm dissapointed."
Johnny Gat: "I'm getting tired of droppin' all your hos, Tanya!"
Johnny Gat: "Don't worry, all you muthafucka's get a turn!"
Johnny Gat: "The coroner's gonna be workin' overtime on your ass!"
Johnny Gat: "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!"
Johnny Gat: "I'm ending this here!"
Johnny Gat: "King, this the best your crew's got?"
Johnny Gat: "Oh I'm gonna enjoy this..."
Johnny Gat: "You think you can keep up King?"
— Attack taunt
Benjamin King: "Aw man, you bitches thought you could kill me!?"
Benjamin King: "You dumb muthafuckas never shoulda stepped!"
Benjamin King: "Come on, show daddy what ya got..."
Benjamin King: "The Vice Kings are finished!"
Benjamin King: "You think Tanya can protect you from me!?"
Benjamin King: "You muthafuckas would've been nothing without me!"
Benjamin King: "It ends here!"
— Attack taunt
Tanya: "You're finished, King. The Vice Kings are mine!"
Tanya: "After you're dead, I'm gonna burn Saint's Row to the ground!"
Tanya: "I should have done this years ago!"
— Attack taunt
Tanya: "Help!"
Tanya: "I can't die here!"
— When Tanya is damaged
Johnny Gat: "Where's my cover?"
Johnny Gat: "King, you gonna do somethin', or just let me get shot?!"
— When Gat is damaged
Benjamin King: "Yo Gat, where the fuck are you?"
Benjamin King: "I need some help here!"
— When King is damaged
Johnny Gat: "I'll try to make it quick..."
Johnny Gat: "Bitch, you never had a chance."
Benjamin King: "I'll make it quick..."
Benjamin King: "Stay the fuck down..."
— After knocking down an enemy
Johnny Gat: "You see that King, my boy knows how to get it done!"
Johnny Gat: "Keep it up man!"
Johnny Gat: "Tanya doesn't have a chance."
Johnny Gat: "You've come a long way, haven't you?"
Benjamin King: "Good work son, I can see why Julius picked you..."
Benjamin King: "Don't get too cocky, there's more where that came from..."
Benjamin King: "Not bad..."
Benjamin King: "You're a little to good at this son..."
— After Playa kills an enemy
Johnny Gat: "I'm just getting started."
Johnny Gat: "Who else wants to play?"
Johnny Gat: "None of you mothafuckas can stop us!"
Johnny Gat: "I'm comin' Tanya!"
Johnny Gat: "Now that's how ya get it done."
— After Gat kills an enemy
Benjamin King: "Tanya doesn't have a chance..."
Benjamin King: "You never shoulda turned on me!"
Benjamin King: "Get's easier every time..."
Benjamin King: "Just like old times, huh..."
Benjamin King: "Still worried about me, Gat?"
— After King kills an enemy
Johnny Gat: "Look out!"
Johnny Gat: "Take cover!"
Johnny Gat: "Get behind something!"
Johnny Gat: "You didn't say they had grenades, King!"
Benjamin King: "Take cover!"
Benjamin King: "Look out!"
— When an enemy throws a grenade
Johnny Gat: "You really didn't want to do that."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, don't fuck up my shirt, I got a date tonight."
Johnny Gat: "Alright asshole, you wanna play rough?"
Johnny Gat: "A shot like that, no wonder we're kickin' your ass."
— When Gat is damaged by gunfire
Benjamin King: "None of you bitches got what it takes to stop me!"
Benjamin King: "You got the balls to shoot me?"
Benjamin King: "I'm from Sunnyvale, fool, you don't think I know how to take a bullet?"
Benjamin King: "Listen up, muthafucka, you're gonna wish you stayed home..."
— When King is damaged by gunfire
Johnny Gat: "You got the balls to hit me you sonofabitch?"
Johnny Gat: "You're gonna have to do better than that."
Johnny Gat: "That was cute."
Johnny Gat: "Don't really think that'll stop me, do you?"
— When Gat is damaged by a Melee attack
Benjamin King: "Oh, that was cute..."
Benjamin King: "How'd a weak-ass banger like you ever get in the gang?"
Benjamin King: "You don't know who you're fucking with right now..."
Benjamin King: "That the best you got baby gangsta?"
— When King is damaged by a Melee attack
Johnny Gat: "The hell are you doin'?"
Johnny Gat: "What, you on Tanya's payroll?"
Benjamin King: "I'm on your side, remember?"
Benjamin King: "You better knock that shit off, right now..."
— Friendly fire warning
Johnny Gat: "Fuck this..."
Johnny Gat: "You think you can turn your back on us now!"
Benjamin King: "I ain't takin' that from a bitch like you..."
Benjamin King: "If Julius wanted me dead, he should've done it himself!"
— After turning hostile due to friendly fire
Johnny Gat: "You're not gonna make it out of here!"
Johnny Gat: "A bullet in the back is just as good as a bullet in the front."
Benjamin King: "You aren't gonna be able to run far enough..."
Benjamin King: "It's too late for that!"
— When an enemy flees
Johnny Gat: "King, cover me!"
Johnny Gat: "I ain't gonna miss again..."
Johnny Gat: "This isn't over."
Johnny Gat: "I got more where that came from."
Benjamin King: "Gat, how you holdin' up?"
Benjamin King: "Don't you worry, there's more where that came from..."
Benjamin King: "You bitches never shoulda stuck with Tanya..."
Benjamin King: "If I were you, I'd run..."
— Re-loading

"Staying Healthy" cutsceneEdit

Johnny Gat: "Where now?"
Benjamin King: "The penthouse."
Johnny Gat: "I'm gonna skull fuck that bitch."
Playa: "Hope you don't mind hepatitis."
Johnny Gat: "Wha?"
Staying Healthy full CUTSCENES 0284
— "Staying Healthy" cutscene

"Tanya's Fall From Grace" cutsceneEdit

Tanya Winters: "Some guys just never get enough of me."
Johnny Gat: "I've had more than my fill, bitch."
Benjamin King: "It's over, girl. You're not gonna be able to fuck your way out of this one."
Tanya Winters: "That's cute, sweetie. That's just precious."
Tanya pulls out a K6 Krukov, but is shot out of the window, only just managing to grab a hold of the ledge
Tanya Winters: "P-p-please don't--"
Benjamin King: "Oh, Tanya, do yourself a favor and die with some dignity."
King steps on her fingers and she lets go, falling
Tanya Winters: "(screams)"
Tanya lands on King's Mag
Johnny Gat: "That sucks for your car. We better get outta here. The cops will be here soon."
Johnny Gat: "You comin' King?"
Benjamin King: "Alright, let's go."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, I know what you told Julius an all, but why don't you stick around and roll with us, I'm sure he wouldn't mind havin' you around."
Benjamin King: "Don't bet on that."
Gat turns to Playa
Johnny Gat: "You think you can find a way back to the Row on your own? Aisha... you know, the pussy calls."
Gat walks off
Benjamin King: "You did good in there, son. Here, I don't think I'll be needing these any more."
King gives Playa the keys to his penthouse
Tanya's Fall From Grace full CUTSCENES 0407
— "Tanya's Fall From Grace" cutscene


  • Benjamin King talks with Johnny Gat
  • Ain't my crew son
  • Johnny Gat picks up his K6 Krukov and prepares to leave
  • All the King's Men objective - Take King's car
  • All the King's Men - Get gets back out of car
  • All the King's Men objective - Head to Impressions
  • All the King's Men - Stefan inside Impressions
  • All the King's Men - Gat wearing knee brace
  • All the King's Men - Stefan running
  • All the King's Men objective - Drive fast to scare Stefan
  • All the King's Men - Stefan HUD
  • Stefan after interrogation
  • All the King's Men - King Record Studio sign
  • All the King's Men - elevator ride
  • All the King's Men - crib functions available during replay
  • Tanya Winters meets Johnny Gat, Playa, and Benjamin King
  • All the King's Men - Tanya in King's office
  • She pulls out a K6 Krukov
  • But is shot out of the window
  • Where she manages to grab hold
  • Tanya hanging from the window
  • Benjamin King steps on Tanya Winters' hand
  • ...sending her plummeting to her death, right into his Mag
  • Tanya lands on King's Mag
  • All the King's Men - King watches Tanya fall
  • Benjamin King thanks Playa for all their help
  • All the King's Men fail - car destroyed
  • All the King's Men fail - Gat abandoned
  • All the King's Men fail - Gat dead
  • All the King's Men fail - King abandoned
  • All the King's Men fail - King dead
  • All the King's Men fail - Stefan dead
  • All the King's Men fail - Smoked

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