Alien RPG
SRIV Explosives - Alien RPG - Tyrant - Default
"Tyrant" Alien RPG



Charge Capacity

Clip size


Pickup Ammo


Total Ammo


Ammo Cost




Used By

Super Powered Zin
The Protagonist[1]

Featured in

Grand Finale

Appears in

Saints Row IV

Alien RPG is a weapon in Saints Row IV.[2]

This alien weapon lays down the law ... and a blast of superheated plasma.
— Weapon Description[3]


The Alien RPG is a powerful rocket launcher than is an excellent anti-armour and anti-air weapon, as well as an excellent crowd control weapon.

The RPG is very similar to the Alien RPG, both firing extremely powerful projectiles that can eliminate hardened targets. The Alien RPG has the advantage of requiring no ammunition as it uses charge capacity, the Backblast upgrade provides an extra attack at the rear which helps prevents enemies from attacking from behind.

The problems with the Alien RPG is that unlike the RPG, there is no control over the projectiles, which makes hitting moving targets much more difficult, and the Alien RPG needs a small amount of charge up time before firing.


Charge Capacity, Charge Time and Projectile Speed can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Backblast "ultimate upgrade".[4]


  • They are sometimes carried by Super Powered Zin soldiers who spawn via Portals.


  • Extremely powerful weapon against vehicles and tough enemies
  • Large splash damage area
  • No ammo required (uses charge capacity)
  • "Backblast" ultimate upgrade causes extra damage to nearby targets
  • Slow charge time until upgraded
  • Slow capacity recharge
  • Slow-moving projectiles can easily miss moving targets


The Tyrant is the only costume for the Alien RPG.

Tyrant Skin
SRIV Explosives - Alien RPG - Tyrant - Default Default
The Zin's heaviest hitter
— Default Tyrant skin[5]

SRIV Explosives - Alien RPG - Tyrant - Gold-Plated Gold-Plated
A shoulder-mounted, 24-carat apocalypse
— Gold-Plated Tyrant skin[6]

SRIV Explosives - Alien RPG - Tyrant - Saints Purple Saints Purple
The future is here. And it's purple.
— Saints Purple Tyrant skin[7]


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  • The Main description
  • The Upgrade list
  • Alien RPG - Tyrant - Default
  • Alien RPG - Tyrant - Gold-Plated
  • Alien RPG - Tyrant - Saints Purple
  • Alien RPG plasma blast with screen distortion from the Backblast upgrade


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