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Aisha Brutella is a character in The Trouble With Clones DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


Aisha Brutella is the clone of Aisha who was created by Jimmy Torbitson, along with Johnny Tag. Aisha was created because Jimmy did not want Tag to be without his love. She fell in love with Tag and that calmed him down until SNG came and shot a missile that killed her in the first and only cutscene she is in[1], but is available as a Homie.


  • Her last name "Brutella", is a reference to her being a Brute.
  • It is not revealed how Jimmy got Aisha's DNA to clone Aisha Brutella.
  • Aisha Brutella is not as strong as Johnny Tag, because when the missile fired by the SNG attack helicopter landed in between her and Tag, he escapes with nary a scratch but Aisha is killed instantly.
  • When she picks up a minigun, her skirt stretches behind her.
  • The game files use the name "Brutella" for all 3 female brute character models, but the character definitions use the names Brutina and Space Brutina for others.


Aisha Brutella after being blown up by the SNG

Aisha Brutella in the Saints Row: The Third DLC, The Trouble With Clones

Aisha Brutella - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Ui reward dlc aisha


  1. Mission: Tour de Farce (Final cutscene)