Aisha's sister
Aisha's Favor - Aisha's sister being taken inside
Aisha's sister being kidnapped by a Vice Kings member.[1]
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Aisha's sister is a character in Saints Row.


Aisha's sister is kidnapped by a Vice Kings gang member whilst walking down the street.[3] Aisha panics and calls her boyfriend, 3rd Street Saints member Johnny Gat, for help. He sends along new recruit The Protagonist to follow the car the kidnapper is driving. The Protagonist witnesses Aisha's sister being taken into a building[4], kills the Vice Kings inside, rescues Aisha's sister along with other abducted young women, and returns them to the Saints Row Church.[1]

The kidnapping and rescue are mentioned in the opening cutscene of the next mission. After that, Aisha's sister is never mentioned again, and is not present at Aisha's funeral.


  • Aisha's sister wears an "I Aisha" T-Shirt.
  • She has a similar model to some Saints female models.[screenshot?]
  • Johnny attempts to take credit for rescuing her.[5]


  • Aisha's sister with gray pants
  • Aisha's sister with dark pants
  • Aisha's sister with random kidnapped girls
  • Aisha's sister with random kidnapped girls


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