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"Aisha's Favor" is the first mission of the Vice Kings story arc in Saints Row.

Some mother fucker's grabbed Aisha's sister right off the street. [...] Aisha said they were drivin' a yellow sedan. Tail those bitches back to wherever they go and get those girls back.
Johnny Gat to Playa, after receiving a phone call from Aisha.


In the first mission of the Vice Kings story arc, Johnny Gat and Dex meet Playa at the church. Gat briefly scrutinizes Playa before introducing them to the Vice Kings and their leader Benjamin King. Before Gat can say anything more, Aisha phones him, revealing her sister has apparently been kidnapped by the Vice Kings straight off the street. Dex considers that this is not Benjamin King's modus operandi, to which Gat states that it could be Tanya Winters. Gat then instructs Playa to go and save Aisha's sister.[1]

Playa obliges and saves Aisha's sister as well as two other women.


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

While you were talking with Johnny Gat about the Vice Kings, Johnny got a call from Aisha, a personal friend of his. Aisha told Johnny that her sister had just been kidnapped by the Vice Kings. Ordered to go get her and any other girls with her, you followed the kidnapper to a warehouse and killed all the thugs there. Finding the girls locked up, you tracked down the Vice King with the key at the local strip club, Tee'N'Ay. After a brief fight, you were able to rescue the girls and bring them safely back to the Saint's church.


Aisha's Favor objective - Follow the kidnapper.png

This mission is available any time after completing the 3rd Street Saints prologue mission "Reclamation". As the first mission in the Vice Kings story arc, it is an easy mission despite the wealth of objectives.

Get a car and follow the kidnapper.[2]

Get in any car and head towards the marked position. Anywhere within a block triggers the next objective.

Follow the kidnapper, but don't get too close.[3]

Follow the yellow Capshaw, not straying too far behind or getting too close. Doing either triggers a 30-second timer to get to a safe distance.

The short drive leads through parts of both the Saint's Row District and the Red Light District, before ending outside a building, where a short cutscene plays.[4]

Take out any resistance, but do not harm the girls.

After fighting through a small group of Vice Kings, the girls reveal the key is held by a pimp at the nearby Tee'N'Ay.

If Tee'N'Ay is visited before talking to the girls, there is no-one there.[5]

Go to Tee'N'Ay and kill the pimp with the key.[6]

This leads to a small gunfight against some more Vice Kings, and a pimp armed with an SKR-7 Spree.

Grab the key.[7]

The pimp drops the key after being killed.

Go back to the warehouse and release the girls.[8]

After returning to the building with the key, fight through a few more Vice Kings.

The two other girls are randomly generated.[9][10]

Take the girls back to the church.[11]

Drive back to the church. The girls can be dismissed and recruited, but abandoning them does not fail the mission.[12] If they are left too far behind, they may fall through the map and die.


Upon completion of the mission, the Saints take over the Bavogian Plaza neighborhood at the Red Light District.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, falling too far behind the car for too long[13], staying too close to the car for too long[14], destroying the car,[15] killing the driver,[15] or allowing any of the girls to die.[16]



  • Aisha's sister is a unique Homie that can only be used in this mission.
    • Aisha's sister wears a unique "I love Aisha" top.
  • It is possible to reach the warehouse before the kidnapper, resulting in Playa standing near the kidnapper's car during in the cutscene where the kidnapper takes Aisha's sister inside.[17]
  • This mission was originally to feature a second portion of rescuing additional girls.[18]



Hey man, it's Gat...if you think clearin' out the Row was fun ,find me at the church... you're gonna love what I got planned for the Vice Kings...
— Johnny Gat, pre-mission phone call after earning enough respect to play a mission

"Woman Troubles" cutscene[]

Johnny Gat: "Take a seat, man."
Johnny Gat: "So you're Julius' new boy huh? You don't look like much. Then again, I don't look like I have an eight inch cock, so I guess we're both full of surprises."
Johnny Gat: "The Vice Kings are named after one guy: Benjamin King. That shit don't happen unless you're a professional or a bad ass, and in King's case, he's both."
Johnny Gat: "Hold up, I gotta take this. Aisha, what a pleasant fucking surprise. Whoa, slow down. Okay that's not slower, that's louder. Shit, where's she headed? Don't worry, I got this."
Dex: "What's up?"
Johnny Gat: "Some mother fucker's grabbed Aisha's sister right off the street."
Dex: "Shit man, that's the sixth girl this month. We know who's doing this?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, the Vice Kings."
Dex: "No way man, kidnapping ain't King's style."
Johnny Gat: "Maybe that slut Tanya is goin' behind King's back, don't know, don't fuckin' care."
Gat turn to Playa
Johnny Gat: "Aisha said they were drivin' a yellow sedan. Tail those bitches back to wherever they go and get those girls back."
— "Woman Troubles" cutscene
Wait, hold up. If you're bringin' that much ass home, you better have a big ride.
— Gat, unused final cutscene line

"Kidnapped" cutscene[]

"Kidnapped" cutscene, Aisha's sister's kidnapper takes Aisha's sister inside the warehouse.


The guy with the key went to Tee'N'Ay.
— Black Female Ho


Aisha's Favor pre-mission phone call

Aisha's Favor objectives

Aisha's Favor Dex and Gat

Aisha's Favor Gat on the phone with Aisha

Aisha's Favor objective - Get a car

Aisha's Favor objective - Follow the kidnapper

Aisha's Favor warning - Back off

Aisha's Favor warning - hold this distance

Aisha's Favor - kidnapper getting out of vehicle

Aisha's Favor - Aisha's sister being taken inside

Aisha's Favor objective - Go to Tee'N'Ay

Aisha's Favor - The guy with the key went to Tee'N'Ay

Aisha's Favor - Tee'N'Ay before 'Go to Tee'N'Ay' objective

Aisha's Favor - pimp location

Aisha's Favor - pimp close

Aisha's Favor - pimp armed with SKR-7 Spree

Aisha's Favor - key

Aisha's Favor objective - Grab the key

Aisha's Favor - Press Y to open door

Aisha's Favor - door open

Aisha's Favor - Press up to rescue the girls

Aisha's Favor objective - Take the girls back to the church

Aisha's Favor - girls with different outfits

Aisha's Favor - girls with identical outfits

Aisha's Favor - girls spread over the map without failing

Aisha's Favor fail - A girl was killed

Aisha's Favor fail - kidnapper death

Aisha's Favor fail - too close

Aisha's Favor fail - too far

Vice Kings male thug1-01 - vk kidnapper - character model in Saints Row