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Aisha is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row IV, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Aisha is Stilwater's "local girl done good".[imagerefs 1] She had experienced a meteoric rise that had taken her from the slums of Saint's Row to a promising career in the R&B/hip hop/hip hop soul music industry. Aisha released 2 CDs; Avarice, which was her debut album, and The Other Six which spawned three hit singles: "Bounce Like My Checks", "Leave The Ho" and "Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife".[Reference needed]

Saints Row[]

Aisha is signed with Kingdom Come Records; a company that served as the public front for the Vice Kings. To her horror, she learned that the glamorous life isn't all that cracked up as it was supposed to be, as she related tales of extortion and manipulation to her sometime boyfriend, Johnny Gat, in the hope that he can somehow help her get out of the music business.[Reference needed]

Johnny comes up with a plan to fake Aisha's death, including destroying the Kingdom Come Records building with a car bomb.[3] Aisha has a younger sister that Playa rescued from a Vice King human trafficking plot.[2]

After her "death", Benjamin King tells Warren Williams to throw together a memorial box set, claiming that fans will "eat that shit up".[6] This box set is named Lazarus Girl and contains both albums, a CD of unreleased studio tracks, a DVD and an Aisha T-shirt.[Reference needed]

Saints Row 2[]

Five years later,[7] Aisha is a more mature woman. She rarely ever leaves her house anymore, as she is still faking her death to the public. She lives with Gat, who prides himself on being her protector.[Reference needed]

As the 3rd Street Saints are taking care of The Ronin, Aisha's life is once again put in danger when Gat brings a spying Ronin member into her house for questioning, though he quickly kills him when he provides no information. Ronin lieutenant Jyunichi sees Gat and Aisha getting rid of the corpse.[8]

Jyunichi later holds Aisha hostage at her house and interrogates her about the Ronin's stolen casino money. Unbeknown to Jyunichi, Gat and Playa are headed to the house during this. When both are coming in, Jyunichi tells her to be silent and she wouldn't be harmed.[9]

When he draws his katana out, she sacrifices herself by yelling to Gat of the Ronin's presence, although Gat already suspected something is amiss. Jyunichi decapitates her with his sword. Gat loses the fight and is critically wounded. Playa and another gang member take Gat to the hospital while fighting off hordes of Ronin. During the car chase, Johnny mumbles about Aisha, claiming he has to save her and protect her.[10]

After this, Gat blames himself for her death, but eventually accepts her fate after getting some closure by burying Shogo alive for disrupting Aisha's funeral.[11]

Saints Row IV[]

There is a virtual figment of Aisha in a Zin created nightmare simulation for Johnny Gat where she is kidnapped by Vice Kings' lieutenant Warren Williams. Playa enters the simulation and after defeating Warren discovers that she has been taken to her house by The Ronin. When arriving at her house, Aisha's head is again cut off by Jyunichi. Playa gets Kinzie Kensington to reset everything and prevent Aisha from being decapitated and defeat Jyunichi. Johnny then comes to realize it's not real and remembers the fact that she was murdered many years before.[12]

Gat out of Hell[]

Shortly after Satan's defeat in Gat out of Hell, Johnny Gat has a private meeting with God while Playa, Kinzie, and Jezebel return to The Ship. Johnny is given several choices, including reuniting with Aisha in Heaven.[13] When they reunite, Aisha looks how she did in Saints Row, while Gat looks the same, meaning he is now at least 13 years older than her.[14][15]


  • Aisha's appearance and career bear a resemblance to multiple real life R&B/hip-hop singers.
  • Her posthumous album Lazarus Girl is a reference to the biblical Lazarus of Bethany who rose from the dead.

Saints Row 2[]

  • In the opening cutscene, Barney claim his daughter sits in her room listening to Aisha albums all day and Fred jokes about how a 'dead' woman is still selling albums.[16]
  • A white male student civilian randomly says that Aisha's head is being sold on vBay, referring to the fact that she was decapitated.[17]
  • A framed poster for Aisha's album The Other Six showing the album's back cover artwork is on the upstairs wall of University Loft if the Classy Overall Style. The same posters are on a bus stop in the southern part of Stilwater University District, near an ad for Eye for an Eye and an old Marshall Winslow campaign ad. A poster of the albums front cover artwork is on the wall of Aisha's house.[18]
  • In "Down Payment", there is a Zomkah parked outside of Aisha's house. She also drove a Zomkah in Saints Row.[3]
  • The interior of Aisha's house is not normally available outside of cutscenes, but the door can be forced open by parking a bike against it.

Saints Row: The Third[]

  • There is a radio commercial about an upcoming movie about Aisha and Johnny's relationship and faking her death.
  • In the second mission of The Trouble With Clones DLC for Saints Row: The Third, Jimmy Torbitson creates an Aisha clone, Aisha Brutella, who is unlocked afterward as a homie.[19]
  • After Pierce sings, Female Voice 3 says that he is no Aisha.[19] Pierce later sings Aisha's song "Bounce Like My Checks" while dressed like Aisha to lure out Gat's clone. Pierce is one of the few Saints members in Saints Row 2 to meet Aisha.[20]
  • Kia tells Female Voice 3 that Aisha was her idol and her murder is what led Kia to join Law Enforcement.[21]

Saints Row IV[]

  • Birth year is listed as 1982, year of death is listed as 2009.[22][imagerefs 2] This makes her 27 years old at the time of her death, which may be a reference to the 27 Club.
  • Benjamin King is annoyed when he learns that Aisha faked her death to get out of her record contract.[23]


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