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The Airport Hangar is a Crib in Saints Row 2.

For the hangar in Saints Row: The Third, see Airplane Hangar


The Airport Hangar Crib is located towards the south of the vertical runway at Wardill Airport. It lacks all normal crib components, and only has a plane garage. There are spawn points inside the hangar for two Snipes 57s and a Thompson helicopter. A Woodpecker usually spawns south of hangar.

This is the only Garage that can store planes.

After all plane races have been completed, a unique Wolverine is unlocked in the Airport Hangar.


  • When using the Taxi Service and selecting the hangar, the Taxi stops on the road beneath the runway.
  • Only CTOL aircraft can be accessed via the Hangar. There are no aircraft which are available through both the Helipad and Hangar garages.


Airport Hangar - map marker

Airport Hangar - Garage

Airport Hangar purchased

Airport Hangar crib

Interior of the Airport Hangar

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