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The Airplane Hangar is a Crib in Saints Row: The Third.

For the hangar in Saints Row 2, see Airport Hangar


The Airplane Hangar is located in the north east of the Wesley Cutter Intl neighborhood of the New Colvin district of Steelport. It costs $15,000 and is worth 9% City Takeover.

The Crib is a hangar, and thus only consists of a Garage for planes and does not have an interior. Similar to Rondini's Boat Dock, this Crib does not remove Notoriety.


The following vehicles are always present near the hangar:

Buying this Crib automatically unlocks three planes:


  • As in Saints Row 2, only CTOL aircraft are accessible via the Hangar. There are no aircraft which are available through both the Helipad and Hangar garages.
  • When nearing the crib in a vehicle which cannot be stored there, an on-screen message states that only aircraft can be stored there.
  • The building is present in Saints Row IV, but is not a functional Garage.


Purchasing the Airplane Hangar

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