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Activities and Diversions are gameplay elements of Saints Row IV.


All Activities and Target Diversions are tied to optional Side Quests groups.


All Activities award Cache, XP, and a territory for City Takeover on completion. Activities can be replayed to earn more money and better medals, but XP is only awarded once.

Many activities are optional, but an easy instance of Blazin, Platforming Rift, Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder, and Fight Club are played as a part of the storyline and cannot be skipped.


Medals from Racing in Saints Row 2 return, and are now used by all activities. Each Activity has Bronze, Silver, and Gold threshold of score or time. Better medals award more Cache. All gold medals in all Activities are required for 100% Completion. Scoring less than Bronze counts as failing the activity, even in activities such as Platforming Rift and Speed Rift, which have a specific endpoint.

Upgrades are unlocked by completing all instances of an Activity with Silver or gold medals. Mayhem activities are split into either "On-Foot Mayhem" or "Vehicular Mayhem"[imagerefs 1][imagerefs 2], and each type must be completed in order to unlock Upgrades.

All Activities are also associated with specific Challenges, which unlock an upgrade or Super Power upgrade.

Medal Level Cache
Ui hud tier bronze.png Bronze Easy Cache.png2,000
Medium Cache.png3,500
Hard Cache.png5,000
Ui hud tier silver.png Silver Easy Cache.png3,500
Medium Cache.png5,000
Hard Cache.png7,500
Ui hud tier gold.png Gold Easy Cache.png5,000
Medium Cache.png7,500
Hard Cache.png10,000


The game lists 2 types of Diversions on the Map: Targets and Collectibles.

All Target diversions are started from a marker on the map, and award Cache, XP, and a territory on completion. Target diversions disappear from the map on completion and cannot be replayed. Collectibles are hidden around Virtual Steelport and unlocks various rewards when collected. Diversions not displayed on the map are more varied in rewards and the ways of starting them.

Most Diversions are available after The Fundamentals.


Icon Name Instances Notes
Mayhem[imagerefs 3][imagerefs 4] 4 On-Foot Mayhem. Destroy objects with various weapons.
SRIV map start tk mayhem.png TK Mayhem[1][imagerefs 5] 3 On-Foot Mayhem. Destroy objects with Telekinesis.
SRIV map start mayhem atank.png Tank Mayhem[imagerefs 6][2] 2 Vehicular Mayhem. Destroy objects with Destructor.
SRIV map start mayhem ufo.png UFO Mayhem 2 Vehicular Mayhem. Destroy objects with Void.
SRIV map start mayhem mech.png Mech Suit Mayhem[3] 2 Vehicular Mayhem. Destroy objects with Mech Suit.
SRIV map start rift.png Platforming Rift[imagerefs 7][imagerefs 8] 3 Jump from platform to platform. Land on the center of the platform and get through each section quickly to earn bonus points.
SRIV map start rift.png Speed Rift[imagerefs 9][imagerefs 10] 3 Collect orbs and avoid obstacles. Playa automatically runs forward and can only move left, right, jump, or use "Burst Charge" to break blockades.
SRIV map start rift.png Telekinesis Rift[imagerefs 11][imagerefs 12] 2 Throw bombs to towers. Damage the towers quickly and constantly to increase the score multiplier. Failing to catch a bomb stuns Playa.
Fraud[imagerefs 13][imagerefs 14] 4 Available after Bending the Rules. Take damage. Earn money relative to the amount of damage taken by traffic collisions.
Blazin 9 On-foot racing. Collect green orbs to increase speed.
Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder[4] 3 Throw NPCs, Vehicles, and Genki heads to the colored rings.
SRIV map start sp fightclub.png Fight Club[imagerefs 15][imagerefs 16] 3 Melee and Super Powers combat. Kill opponents in a dedicated arena.




Icon Name Summary
SRIV map start flashpoint.png Flashpoint Renamed from Gang Operation. Destroy all Zin soldiers and Wardens in the small area.
Virus Injection Renamed from Survival. Available after The Real World. Survive an onslaught of enemies.
SRIV map start chopshop.png Virus Collection Renamed from Vehicle Theft. Steal the specified vehicle and deliver it to the drop-off point to earn rewards as well as the delivered vehicle.
SRIV map start hitman.png Security Deletion Renamed from Assassination. Available after Hot and Cold. Go to the specified location and kill the target.
SRIV map start hotspot.png Hotspot Available after Hot and Cold. Disable all shield generators and the main controller to takeover the area.
SRIV map start tower.png Tower Climb a tower and reach the top.
Store Hacking Available after The Real World. Connect the data access circuit correctly before time runs out to make stores usable. Listed as Stores in the map, but otherwise has the same properties as in Target Diversions.


Co-op Diversions are listed as Targets in the map, but they are not required for 100% Completion or City Takeover.

Icon Name Summary
SRIV map start catandmouse.png Cat & Mouse The objective of "cat" is to kill the "mouse" as fast as possible, and the objective of "mouse" is to survive and hit as many checkpoints as possible.
Death Tag Kill the partner to score points. Score more points than the partner in the time limit to win.


Main Article: Collectibles

Name Total Summary
Clusters 1255 Clusters are used for upgrading Super Powers.
Zinyak Statues 36 Earned by destroying Zinyak Statues hidden around Virtual Steelport.
Audio Logs 39 Audio Logs contain stories told from various characters.
Text Adventures 8 Unlocks Text Adventures minigame which details Zinyak's rise to power.



Name Summary
Combat Tricks A series of special kill maneuvers. XPs are increased by frequently repeating the same type of kill.
Driving Stunts A series of maneuvers and stunts which involve a car. XPs are increased either by maintaining the stunt for an extended period of time, or by frequently repeating the stunt.
Vehicle Surfing Started by standing on a moving vehicle and pushing the Action button when prompted. Balance on the vehicle as long as possible by using the left and right movement controls.
Streaking Shock the required number of civilians with nudity before time runs out.
Store Hold-Ups Started by aiming a gun at a Store owner. The goal is to follow the owner to the safe.
Hostage Prompted upon stealing a car with one or more passengers, there is a prompt to start the Hostage diversion. The aim of this diversion, is to drive around for a certain amount of time, without slowing down enough that the hostage can escape.
Mugging Started by aiming a gun at a Civilian. After a certain amount of time, the Civilian drop some Cash and run away.
Romance Available after The Real World. Romance is available with all rescued crewmates on The Ship.
City Takeover Territory ownership is rewarded upon completion of Activities and Target Diversions. Saints-controlled territories spawn random Homies and increases City Income.




Amount of Activities seen in Saints Row IV E3 demo


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