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Saints Row: The Third

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Activities and Diversions are included in Saints Row: The Third.[1][2]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Completing Activities is a way to earn Cash and Respect, as well as City Takeover territory. Diversions only give Respect, but most are tied to Challenges which award cash when performed under certain conditions.

Unlike previous games, Activities no longer have increasingly harder levels, but are instead separated into six instances over two Districts and ranked by difficulty. Completing "easy" instances of each Activity unlocks the "medium" and "hard" instances in each District.

There are 56 instances of Activities in Saints Row: The Third.[3] 54 of these are nine separate Activities split into six instances, with the only exception being "Guardian Angel", of which there are only two instances.

Individual Activities do not have cutscenes or introductions.

Compulsory Activities[edit | edit source]

At least 1 of each type of Activity is compulsory. 14 Activity instances required as part of the storyline and are counted as both activities and missions in regard to game completion. This includes 12 "easy" Activity levels, as well as both instances of "Guardian Angel". There are only 6 "easy" activity levels which are not compulsory.

Compulsory Activity groups have standalone start and end cutscenes which are started like missions.

Individual Compulsory Activities have introductory phone call when started via the Cellphone, but which are not played if the activity is started via the activity marker.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Level Cash Respect
Easy $2,000 200
Medium $4,000 400
Hard $6,000 600

Activities[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Guardian Angel[1][4] New Activity. Protect a homie by shooting enemies with Annihilator RPG and McManus 2015.
Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax[1][4] New Activity. Kill Mascots and avoid traps to earn money. Shoot bonus targets to earn additional rewards.
Tank Mayhem[1][4] New Activity. Blow up people and objects with a Challenger.
Escort[4] Vehicle driving. Drive to select locations while avoiding paparazzi.
Tiger Escort Escort variant. The client is a tiger which sometimes attacks Playa causes the car to swerve.
Heli Assault Protect homies. Protect Homies on the ground while piloting an Attack Helicopter.
Insurance Fraud[1][4] Take damage. Earn money based on the amount of damage taken by traffic collisions.
Mayhem[4] Destroy property. Use vehicles or weapons to destroy objects.
Snatch[4] Recruit allies. Drive to locations and recruit Hos from rival pimps and return them.
Trafficking[4] Protect homie as a passenger. Protect a dealer using supplied weapons.
Trail Blazing[1][4] Vehicle Racing. Racing a Toad which is on fire, earning bonus time by damaging vehicles, objects and people.
Cyber Blazing Trail Blazing variant. Racing a X-2 Phantom in a halfpipe, earning bonus time by driving in to tanks and avoiding firewalls.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Activity Locations
Easy Medium Hard
Henry Steel Mills[5] Loren Square Sunset Park
(New Colvin)
Rosen Oaks[6] West Espina South Espina
(New Colvin)
North Camano Place[6] South Camano Place Wesley Cutter Intl
(Carver Island)
North New Baranec[7] South New Baranec Yearwood
Guardian Angel
Ashwood[8][9] N/A N/A
Guardian Angel
N/A N/A Henry Steel Mills[5][10]
Heli Assault
Henry Steel Mills Sunset Park Loren Square
Heli Assault
Brickston[8] Ashwood Salander
Insurance Fraud
Sunset Park Henry Steel Mills Loren Square
Insurance Fraud
(Carver Island)
Bridgeport[7] Yearwood The Grove
Salander[8] Brickston Ashwood
(Carver Island)
Bridgeport Yearwood Arapice Island
Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax
(Carver Island)
Yearwood Bridgeport The Grove
Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax
Southwest Loren Square[5] North Loren Square Henry Steel Mills
(New Colvin)
Espina[6] Camano Place Rosen Oaks
Salander Burns Hill Ashwood
Tank Mayhem
(New Colvin)
East Camano Place North Camano Place Rosen Oaks
Tank Mayhem
Central Loren Square[5] South Loren Square Northeast Loren Square
Trail Blazing
(Carver Island)
Bridgeport[7] The Grove Yearwood
Trail Blazing
Salander[8] Burns Hill Ashwood

Genkibowl VII[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Apocalypse Genki A variant of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax with a jungle themed arena.
Sad Panda Skyblazing Glide through the sky of Steelport and earn money by killing Mascots on rooftops, breaking tiger balloons, and getting through hoops.
Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Mayhem variant. Blow up objects with Yarnie.
Super Ethical PR Opportunity Escort variant. Escort Professor Genki and kill Civilians using Genkimobile.

Diversions[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Assassinations[4] Go to the specified location, lure the target by performing specific actions, and kill the target.
Vehicle Theft[4] Steal the specified type of vehicle and deliver it to the drop-off point to earn rewards.
Challenges Challenges have a set of goals like destroying certain number of enemies or vehicles.
Gang Operation Kill all enemies in the small area to earn rewards and a territory for City Takeover.
Collectibles There are 80 collectibles hidden around Steelport. Locations are revealed on the Map after Collectible Finder upgrade is purchased.
Survival Started by answering a random phone call during freeroam. Survive an onslaught of enemies.
Combat Tricks A series of special kill maneuvers. Respects are increased by frequently repeating the same type of kill.
Driving Stunts A series of maneuvers and stunts which involve a car. Respects are increased either by maintaining the stunt for an extended period of time, or by frequently repeating the stunt.
Vehicle Surfing Started by standing on a moving vehicle and pushing the Action button when prompted. Balance on the vehicle as long as possible by using the left and right movement controls.
Base Jumping[2] The aim of Base Jumping is to land within a bulls-eye while Parachuting. This Diversion can be started by pressing the Action button when prompted after deploying a Parachute.
Stunt Jumps Earned by driving a car over a raised jump and flying through the air. Stunt Jump locations are not marked in any way, and may be hills, cliffs, or wooden boards.
Barnstorming[11] Earned by flying a plane under a certain object. Barnstorming locations are not marked in any way.
Streaking[11][12] Shock the required number of civilians with nudity before time runs out.
Store Hold-Ups Started by aiming a gun at a Store owner. The goal is to follow the owner to the safe.
Hostage Prompted upon stealing a car with one or more passengers, there is a prompt to start the Hostage diversion. The aim of this diversion, is to drive around for a certain amount of time, without slowing down enough that the hostage can escape.
Mugging Started by aiming a gun at a Civilian. After a certain amount of time, the Civilian drops some Cash and run away.
Store Ownership Stores and Properties can be bought for taking over a territory and for additional hourly City Income. Owned stores provide discounts and remove Notoriety when entered.
City Takeover Territory ownership is rewarded upon completion of Activities, taking over Gang Operations, and by buying stores and properties. Saints-controlled territories spawn random Homies and increases City Income.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Saints Row: The Third requires 14 specific activities to be played, at least one of each type. This is the first game in the series to do this. In previous games, there was a choice of which activities could be completed to earn respect, and it was possible to complete the storyline and completely avoid playing a specific of activity.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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