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"Abandoned Storefront" is a Stronghold in Saints Row.

Rumor is an old liquor store is being used as a Carnales hide out...why don't you go over there and check it out?
Abandoned Storefront Troy
Troy to The Protagonist, in a phone call before starting the Stronghold.


Troy phones The Protagonist and briefs them on a Carnales hideout in an abandoned Brown Baggers[2] in Athos Bay. He asks The Protagonist to clear them out.

This building is accessible at all times outside of the Stronghold, the door icon is always a foot and must be kicked to open it. This building is a little larger than most Brown Baggers locations, and has an interior mini-map and an inaccessible second storey.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Troy informed you of a liquor store that was being used as a Carnales hide out. After breaking in and assassinating the lieutenant, you managed to secure Athos Bay for the Saints.


After earning one level of Respect, through any means, Troy calls The Protagonist to tell him of the Stronghold.

Once every two minutes after that, the message "You've earned enough Respect to unlock a Mission. Go take over Los Carnales Stronghold." is displayed on the screen.

Break into the building and kill the Carnales.[3]

Directly in front of the Stronghold marker is a closed door which leads into the building. Upon opening the front door, all interior doors automatically open. Inside are a series of rooms containing a total of four Los Carnales, three armed with VICE 9s, and one armed with a SKR-7 Spree.

After killing the Los Carnales inside, there is one more Carnales member outside marked with a square target, when he sees The Protagonist, the next objective is triggered.

This objective is completely optional. None of the first four Los Carnales are required kills, and killing them does not trigger the next objective.

Chase down and kill the Carnales lieutenant![4]

This objective is only triggered when the lieutenant sees The Protagonist, or when The Protagonist attempts to walk around the side of the building.

The Carnales lieutenant is armed with a VICE 9, and immediately runs to a La Fuerza parked around the side of the building. He is bulletproof until he enters the vehicle, but can be run over by driving around the side of the building before he is alerted.

It is impossible to enter the La Fuerza during the Stronghold Mission, but it becomes enterable if the Stronghold is exited or completed. If the mission is exited while the lieutenant is still driving it, he disappears and the vehicle slows to a stop.

If he successfully enters the La Fuerza, he quickly speeds away. There is a Vegas parked nearby that can be used to pursue him. It is possible to shoot the lieutenant through the window, or to destroy the La Fuerza completely.

He first heads east follows the road north to Mission Beach, then turns left at the Freckle Bitch's, then immediately right onto the dirt road after the freeway entrance. He follows the dirt road onto the beach, and heads west until he crashes into the bridge and gets out of the vehicle and attacks The Protagonist. At this point it is easy to run him over, or attack him on foot.

The lieutenant's La Fuerza is not invincible, and can be easily destroyed with any weapon before the lieutenant is activated. If it is destroyed before he enters it, he does not attempt to enter any other vehicles, and instead attacks The Protagonist. If The Protagonist re-enters the building, the lieutenant attempts to run around the front of the building, but is stopped by the fence. If the fence is broken, he enters the building through the front door to chase The Protagonist.


Athos Bay is unlocked for completing the first Stronghold in the game.


The Stronghold can be failed by getting Smoked, Busted, or losing the lieutenant.[5]


  • Athos Bay unlocked


  • This is the first Stronghold in the game, and unlocks the first Neighborhood.
  • The Abandoned Storefront is a somewhat unique Stronghold for a number of reasons:
    • Its loading screen is a blank loading screen with the Saints Row logo at the bottom left, rather than the title of the Stronghold in the center.[6]
    • The name of the Stronghold does not include the name of the Neighborhood it takes place in (Athos Bay).
    • Troy calls to announce the Stronghold, rather than Julius Little, who introduces every other Stronghold in the game.
    • Troy's introduction is not played when the Stronghold is replayed at a theater because he announces it outside the mission, as soon as enough Respect has been earned.
    • Although it is part of the 3rd Street Saints prologue, it is considered a Carnales Stronghold, including in the Statistics.
  • Most Stronghold interiors can be accessed after completing the Stronghold, but this is the only Stronghold building which can be entered before undertaking the Stronghold.
  • Other Liquor Stores do not have a minimap, or the same floor plan.
  • The door on the east side of the building cannot be opened, either inside or outside of the mission, but can be removed by exploding a vehicle next to it. After the door is removed, going outside the door allows access to the alley without triggering the lieutenant.
  • The storefront and the buildings surrounding it do not exist in Saints Row 2. In its place exists a small park.


Rumor is an old liquor store is being used as a Carnales hide out...why don't you go over there and check it out?
Abandoned Storefront Troy
Troy to The Protagonist, in a phone call before starting the Stronghold.

The Carnales have been hiding out inside an old store. Until we clean that building out, there's no way we can hold down the Row.
Julius unused Abandoned Storefront introduction VOC-SP 1126
— Julius unused Abandoned Storefront introduction



  1. Note: Although part of the 3rd Street Saints prologue, it is counted as a Los Carnales stronghold in the Statistics.
  2. Image:
    Abandoned Storefront - storefront

    There is a Brown Baggers sign on the roof

  3. Image:
    Abandoned Storefront objective - break into the building

    Abandoned Storefront objective - Break into the building and kill the Carnales

  4. Image:
    Abandoned Storefront objective - chase down

    Abandoned Storefront objective - Chase down and kill the Carnales lieutenant

  5. Image:
    Abandoned Storefront failed - he got away

    Abandoned Storefront failed - He got away

  6. Image:
    Abandoned Storefront loading screen

    Abandoned Storefront loading screen

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