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Saints Row: The Third

The AS3 Ultimax is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.[1]

The standard law enforcement shotgun. Duck if you see one coming...
— Weapon Description


The AS3 Ultimax is a mass-production model combat shotgun that is the successor to the XS-2 Ultimax from Saints Row 2. It is the standard-issue shotgun of law enforcement and national guard units in Steelport. It boasts a mounted combat flashlight, which can be helpful in dark environments. It is very likely to be the first shotgun acquired, becoming available soon after arriving in Steelport. Specifically, some SNG troops in We're Going to Need Guns carry AS3 Ultimaxes. It's also available at Friendly Fire.

By default, the AS3 is an uncompromising pump-action shotgun, offering good punch at a reasonable fire rate and making it extremely potent in-close. Upgrades dramatically kick up its firepower, accuracy, magazine size, and most importantly, its rate of fire, becoming a fully-automatic shotgun when fully upgraded.

As a contrast to the Grave Digger and S3X Hammer, the AS3 Ultimax boasts the highest fire rate, longest range, and tightest cone of fire of the three shotguns, giving it the best overall range. It does the least damage of the three, trading brute force for fire rate and magazine size. While a powerful force, the Ultimax tends to go through ammo quicker than the other two shotguns, so bear this in mind.


  • Highest rate of fire of any shotgun
  • Highest magazine size of any shotgun
  • Best DPS of the shotgun family if fired quickly
  • Combat Flashlight
  • Longest range of any shotgun
  • Lowest damage of any shotgun
  • Tends to be, like all shotguns, very weak at ranges over 30 feet
  • Tends to consume ammo much faster than other shotguns

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
AS3 Ultimax Level 1 model 1 $10,000
The standard law enforcement shotgun. Duck if you see one coming...
— Level 1 description

AS3 Ultimax Level 2 model 2 $10,000
Increase rate of fire, clip size and damage. Red dot sight improves fine-aim accuracy.
— Level 2 description

AS3 Ultimax Level 3 model 3 $20,000
Increase rate of fire, clip size and damage. Front iron sight improves fine-aim accuracy.
— Level 3 description

AS3 Ultimax Level 4 model 4 $40,000
Increase rate of fire and clip size. Laser sight improves hip-firing accuracy.
— Level 4 description


  • It resembles a heavily modified Mossberg 500 series shotgun with an AR-15 collapsible buttstock, pistol grip, and a vertical foregrip. It also bears similarities to the Remington 870 MCS.
  • This weapon is always carried by Kinzie Kensington when she is called as a homie.
  • Viola also uses this weapon during Zombie Attack rather than her normal weapon.
  • Level 4 of this weapon is the best non explosive to use against melee Brutes and Luchador Specialists.
  • Like the D4TH Blossom, the magazine becomes smaller when fully upgraded, but the ammo capacity increases.
  • The AS3 Ultimax is in PAX Demo for Saints Row IV inside Friendly Fire.[2][3]
  • When a passenger uses the AS3 Ultimax inside a vehicle, it pumps itself, non-sensically. The fully upgraded AS3 Ultimax doesn't pump itself.
  • The flashlight does not work during the daytime outside of interiors.



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