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The AR-55 is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row[2][3]

Higher grade rifle with upgradable scope.
— Weapon description[4]


I think the upgrade path for the AR-55 is one of the more satisfying and rewarding paths of all of the weapons. Starting as a standard 3 round burst assault rifle and ending up with basically a 5-round burst assault rifle with very little recoil and a highly increased zoom.
— Seth Hawk[1]

The AR-55 is the standard-issue assault rifle of Steelport's National Guard and SWAT teams. Unlike the K-8 Krukov, the AR-55 is a military-assault rifle, boasting a burst function as opposed to firing on full-auto. This saves ammunition and makes the AR-55 much more accurate than its predecessor, the AR-40 Xtnd. It is easily acquired by salvaging one from SWAT or National Guard units, or it can purchased from Friendly Fire for $10,000 after The Belgian Problem. By default, the assault rifle is fitted with two scopes, a vertical foregrip, weaponlight and fixed carbine stock.

The AR-55's burst-fire makes it more suited towards engaging medium and long-distance targets, in contrast to the full-auto K-8 Krukov, which is more suited towards close-quarters combat. It also boasts the highest per-shot damage of the assault rifles (not including the Viper Laser Rifle when upgraded), making it extremely useful as a marksman rifle when upgraded with a zoom scope.

Every time the AR-55 fires, it fires an entire burst, which is inefficient when dealing with multiple targets. It also has a short downtime between bursts, during which the AR-55 cannot fire at all.


  • Excellent accuracy and range, even with no upgrades
  • Firepower is quite high
  • Zoom Scope when upgraded
  • Fair-sized magazine
  • Conserves Ammo With Burst fire
  • Fires only in bursts, cannot single-fire or auto-fire
  • Lag between bursts
  • Multiple bursts required for a single kill
  • Poor against multiple targets
  • The burst fire mode requires tactical thinking when fighting multiple enemies.

Weapon Upgrades[]

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
AR-55 Level 1 model.png 1 $10,000
Higher grade rifle with upgradable scope.
— Level 1 description

AR-55 Level 1 model.png 2 $10,000
Increase burst size.
— Level 2 description

AR-55 Level 3 model.png 3 $20,000
Increase the size of your clips.
— Level 3 description

AR-55 Level 4 model.png 4 $40,000
Sniper scope increases zoom distance. Extended barrel increases damage and reduces recoil.
— Level 4 description


  • The AR-55 resembles a highly customized AR-15, with a duck bill flash suppressor, tan Magpul furniture including a CTR stock, PMag, and MIAD pistol grip.
    • The AR-55's dust cover opens and closes after each case has been extracted, while firing the AR-15 in real life does open the duct cover when fired, it does not close automatically after each round fired and needs to be closed manually.
  • The AR-55 has a similar name to the BR55 Service Rifle in Halo 2 and 3, they both fire in short bursts rather than being fully automatic, and have a scope, but are otherwise completely different, aesthetically.
  • The level 2 upgrade does not visually alter the rifle.
  • Although it has a scope attached by default, it cannot be used until it's upgraded to level 4.
  • Angel De LaMuerte uses this weapon during Return to Steelport and when called in as a homie.
  • When an NPC picks it up a dropped Level 4 AR-55, it has a laser effect similar to the McManus 2015 .
    • When an NPC picks it up a dropped Level 2 AR-55, it fires in bursts of 5 rounds instead of the default 3.
  • When stunned or knocked down before a burst is completely fired, the AR-55 fires the remaining shots within the burst automatically.
  • The AR-55 is in PAX Demo for Saints Row IV inside Friendly Fire.[5][6]
  • When wielding the fully upgraded version of the weapon, enemies refer to Playa, or any NPC that's also using Level 4 of this weapon, as a sniper when in combat.


The AR-55 Weapon Upgrades

Angel De LaMuerte with an AR-55

The SWAT in Saints Row: The Third use the AR-55

AR-55 with laser

The real life AR-15

The real life AR-6520

The real-life M4A1

AR-55 Level 1 description

AR-55 Level 3 description

AR-55 Level 4 description