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99.0 The Underground is a radio station in Saints Row 2.

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Genre: College Radio[1]

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Ken is the DJ for The Underground. He is depicted as a music snob, and often looks down on others for listening to commercially popular music and harbours extremely elitist views especially with regards to independent bands.

SR2 announcer UNDERGROUND 00027 Ken



Pirateradio navpoint

Pirate Radio Tower

Because this station is a pirate radio station, the signal strength varies across Stilwater, often dropping in volume when driving around and making the station impossible to access in some areas, especially towards the northeast end of the city, such as the Hotels & Marina or the Museum district.

Due to the dropouts, it is possible to narrow down the area from which The Underground is transmitted, or the exact co-ordinates are specified in the game files. It is transmitted through the lower radio tower on Mount Claflin.



I'm Ken, and you suck. 99.0, pirate radio.
— Ken

99.0, pirate radio. Fuck the mainstream.
— Ken

99.0, Pirate Radio. Dont fucking tell anybody about this.
— Ken

It's great from Champaign, Illinois to your ears. That was Shipwreck in the House of Cards on pirate radio.
— Ken

Jane Valderama has another update for us at the Channel 6 news desk.
— Ken



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