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95.4 KRhyme FM AKA KRhyme 95.4[1] is a Radio Station in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[2][3] and Saints Row IV.[1]

95.4 KRhyme FM logo

Saints RowEdit


Eddie Francis[4] is the DJ for KRhyme in Saints Row.

SR1 announcer Rhyme 0213 Eddie



Saints Row 2Edit


The DJ in Saints Row 2 is Kish, voiced by Andrew Kishino, who is also the voice actor for Donnie.

SR2 announcer KRHYME 00041 Kish


  • During a caller request, Kish said it was time to go back to the homeland. The caller said "Africa", Kish corrected him saying "No, Japan". This is a shout out to the lyrics of Kish's one-hit wonder 'I Rhyme the World in 80 Days'
If you've ever listened in to Veteran Child on Gen X, I think it's safe to say people don't know shit about what a thug about. This is Kish, only on KRhyme FM
KRhyme 00025 What a thug about
— One of Kish's introductions for "What A Thug About"

You're listening to Kish on KRhyme. and Apache's about to tell you what every man wants.
— One of Kish's introductions for "Gangsta Bitch"



  • In real life, Andrew Kishino was known as Kish during his rap career in the early 1990s.
  • "Ridin' In That Black Joint" is used in Saints Row: The Third as the Cellphone ringtone.
  • All menu music is played on 95.4 KRhyme FM in Saints Row 2, but in Saints Row all main menu music is played on 101.69 Sizzurp FM.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit


Like in Saints Row 2 the KRhyme's DJ in Saints Row: The Third is Kish.



  • KRhyme now plays hip-hop/rap instead of a mixture of hip-hop/R&B.
    • Additionally, all hip-hop is strictly modern, instead of a mix of modern and old school. Old school hip-hop is now played on The Mix 107.77.
  • In the game, "Medine" is spelled "Madine".
  • During the "Party Time" mission in Saints Row: The Third, "Power" by Kanye West is automatically played.
  • This radio station plays inside the Saints HQ.
  • KRhyme is the only station that plays that plays music in French in Saints Row: The Third.


Shaundi calls KRhyme radio misc media 00306
Shaundi calls KRhyme to request Mos Def
Here's a Fresh Track off Freeway's Album, The Stimulus Package. You're listening to Big Kish on KRhyme. Yay!
— One of Big Kish's introductions for "Throw Your Hands Up"

That's right, that's right! B.K's in the house, Coming up Next on KRhyme 95.4.
— One of Big Kish's introductions for "Boom Bye Yeah"

Saints Row IVEdit

This station returns in Saints Row IV.


Like in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third KRhyme's Radio DJ Kish is the radio host in Saints Row IV.


  • Atmosphere - Until The Nipples Gone[9]
  • A$AP Rocky - Goldie[9]
  • El-P - Full Retard[9]
  • Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)[9]
  • Killer Mike - Go![9]
  • KOVAS - Grape Drink[9]
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Gold[9]
  • MGK ft. Cassie - Warning Shot[9]
  • Najee The 1 - Elevated[9]
  • Pause - Caroline[10]
  • Quake City Mobsters - Money On My Mind[10]
  • Sum - City Pop[10]
  • The Cool Kids ft. Travis Barker - Sour Apples[10]
  • Weekend Money - Yellow[10]
  • White Weird - Donald Trump Walk[10]


I know you're gonna dig this. We got Killer Mike's Go, Coming Up Next.
— One of Kish's introductions for "Go!"




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