89.0 Generation X, AKA GenX 89[1] is a radio station in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[2] and Saints Row IV.

89.0 Generation X logo

Saints RowEdit

The station primarily plays a mixture of pop punk, indie rock, and post-hardcore.


Paul Driscol[3] is the DJ for Generation X in Saints Row.

SR1 announcer GenX 0091 Paul



Saints Row 2Edit

The station plays a mixture of emo rock, pop rock and garage rock revival-oriented music.


Veteran Child is the DJ for Generation X in Saints Row 2, until Ultor takes over the station following the mission Veteran Child.

SR2 announcer GENX 00024 Veteran Child

Ultor FMEdit

Following the mission Veteran Child, Ultor purchases the station and renames it "89.0 Ultor FM". The DJ for Ultor FM is the Ultor computer. The tracklist stays the same, but callers often comment on the new DJ being strange.[reference?]



  • 89.0 Generation X and Ultor FM are defined as separate stations in the game files, so if a car is saved in the Garage with the radio set to 89.0 Generation X, it remains on that station after it is bought by Ultor. If the radio station is later changed, it is not possible to change it back.


Shaundi, this one's for you, Plain White T's with Hate
89.0 Generation X - Shaundi Hate
— DJ Veteran Child, before playing "Hate"

General, if you're listening, I don't hate you, we're cool, okay?
89.0 Generation X - The General
— Veteran Child, after playing "Hate"

Thanks for the advice, Alice
89.0 Generation X - Thanks for the advice alice
— Veteran Child, before playing "Lying Is The Most Fun", alluding to the film Closer

You know who's a cog in this murder machine? Mr. Sunshine.
89.0 Generation X - Mr. Sunshine
— DJ Veteran Child, before playing "Teenagers"

You listening Shaundi? Whore
89.0 Generation X - Shaundi whore
— Veteran Child, after playing "Lying Is The Most Fun"

DJ Veteran Child: "This is Veteran Child, what you want to hear next on Gen X?"
Shaundi: "Misery Business, by Paramore"
89.0 Generation X - Shaundi calls
— Request before "Misery Business"
Matt: "Hey Veteran Child, when are you going to start playing the Feed Dogs?"
DJ Veteran Child: "I don't know, when they stop sucking?"
89.0 Generation X - Matt calls
— Request before "Hate"
Jet's what the Feed Dogs would sound like if they didn't suck
89.0 Generation X - Feed Dogs suck
— DJ Veteran Child, before playing "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"

You're never gonna hear the Feed Dogs on Gen X!
89.0 Generation X - Feed Dogs
— DJ Veteran Child, before playing "What You Need"

Let Me In is the most frequent phrase screamed at Dane Vogel's office door
89.0 Ultor FM - Let me in
— Ultor Announcer before playing Let Me In

Now on Ultor FM, one of Dane Vogel's favourite bands, Minus The Bear, with Knights
89.0 Ultor FM - Minus the Bear
— Ultor Announcer before playing "Knights"

Ultor Announcer: "Greetings, you've reached Ultor FM"
Dane Vogel: "I'm putting together a marketing package for Ultor's women's line, you got any ideas for a good commercial song?"
Ultor Announcer: "Certainly Mr. Vogel, perhaps "Face Down" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?"
Dane Vogel: "Love it!"
89.0 Ultor FM - Dane calls
— Request before "Face Down"

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

This station returns in Saints Row: The Third, changing its style to a more indie sound this time.[7]


Tatiana is the DJ for Generation X in Saints Row: The Third.



  • Despite the station being renamed "Ultor FM" during Saints Row 2, the station is called Generation X again in Saints Row: The Third.
  • This station plays inside Shaundi's Loft.
  • Tatiana acts like a stereotypical "hipster", saying she writes on a typewriter, rides a vintage bicycle, drinks locally brewed beer, is a fan of classic poetry, and mentions living in Brooklyn.


That was Stupid Grin, you know, like the look people get on their faces when they listen to pop music
GenX 89 - Stupid Grin
— Tatiana, after playing "Stupid Grin" by Dragonette

Saints Row IVEdit

This station returns in Saints Row IV, once again changing its style to a more electronic and noise rock sound.


Tommy Macher[8] is the radio host for 89.0 Generation X in Saints Row IV.



  • The version of "Howl" that plays is a live session, instead of a studio recording.


This is why they call me the Taste Maker.
— One of Tommy's introductions for "Tightrope"

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

Although there are no Radio Stations in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, the Gen X sound bank exists, and contains 11 tracks, mostly heavy metal.


  • Christopher Michael Walters - Everything
  • IKILLYA - And Hell Followed with Him
  • IKILLYA - Escape Plan
  • Modern Echo - Flatlined
  • Noah Lifschey - Pushing Me Closer
  • Steve Ouimette - Best Laid Plans
  • VANDARTH - B is for Bombs


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