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The 45 Shepherd[13] is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.[14]

Not to be confused with .44 Shepherd

The handgun of choice for any Saint.
— Weapon description[14]


The 45 Shepherd is a powerful handgun in Saints Row: The Third. The name suggests that it is the successor of the .44 Shepherd, though visually it is more similar to the GDHC .50. A "brute force" firearm first and foremost, the Shepherd is favored by the various gangs in Steelport due to its flexibility and raw punch.

The Shepherd is a powerful, accurate, slow-firing firearm that is much more potent per-shot and much more accurate (at first) than the KA-1 Kobra favored by law enforcement. By default it holds 8 rounds, and its heavy barrel ensures that it's extremely accurate. Unfortunately, it has a sluggish rate of fire (dual wielding and upgrades both alleviate this) and a harsh kick, which means that using it at long-range involves taking your time and aiming it to get the most out of it, as opposed to filling the air with lead.

Upgrades only make this fierce pistol more so. The level 2 upgrade improves its rate of fire, with the level 3 increasing clip size to 14. The level 4 upgrade gives the Shepherd explosive rounds, which not only have additional punch, but which can send enemies flying through the air or damage multiple foes at once. Unfortunately, the rounds do not discriminate - they are quite capable of causing damage to allied units if fired carelessly, and can even harm the user if they're fired up close.

The 45 Shepherd is one of the weapons used during the heist on Stilwater 1st National Bank.[8] Civilians sometimes use this gun when taunting them.


  • More accurate than the KA-1 when first obtained
  • Explosive shells can stun targets, send them flying, or damage a tightly packed group
  • Explosive shells penetrate anything
  • Slower rate of fire than the KA-1
  • Smaller magazine than the KA-1
  • Heavy recoil
  • Requires Fine Aim for accuracy, more so than the KA-1.
  • Explosive shells cause splash-back and collateral damage easily


Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image L Price Description
45 Shepherd Level 1 model.png 1 $100
The handgun of choice for any Saint.
— 45 Shepherd Level 1 description

45 Shepherd Level 2 model.png 2 $200
Increases the rate of fire.
— 45 Shepherd Level 2 description

45 Shepherd Level 3 model.png 3 $10,000
Increase the size of your clips.
— 45 Shepherd Level 3 description

45 Shepherd Level 4 model.png 4 $20,000
Exploding bullets shock your enemies.
— 45 Shepherd Level 4 description



Playa holds a 45 Shepherd while being attacked by a Brute

The 45 Shepherd in the weapon selection screen

45 Sheperd

45 Shepherd in the Saints Row - The Third Open World Gameplay trailer

45 Shepherd Level 1 description

45 Shepherd Level 2 description

45 Shepherd Level 3 description

45 Shepherd Level 4 description

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