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3rd Street Saints
The fleur-de-lis icon of the 3rd Street Saints, featuring their "Saints purple" colour
The fleur-de-lis icon of the 3rd Street Saints, featuring their "Saints purple" colour



Planet Saints, Saints Flow

The 3rd Street Saints are a gang in the Saints Row series.


Before there were any gangs in Stilwater, Julius Little grew up in Sunnyvale Gardens with his best friend Benjamin King. When the Carnales took over Stilwater and brought gang warfare to Sunnyvale Gardens, King called all the people of Sunnyvale together to form a rival street gang called the Vice Kings to fight back. Julius didn't like the way the Vice Kings worked and dropped his flags.[17] He thought King could at least keep order in the city[18] but his grip slipped: Los Carnales regrouped and the Westside Rollerz were formed.[17]

Prior to the events of the first game, the 3rd Street Saints are a minor gang who control no territory.[19][20]

Saints Row[]

Founded by Julius Little, the Third Street Saints operated out of a tiny district in Stilwater called Saints Row.[sic] Their operation is small, but their dreams were big…
— History of the Saints: The Early Saints[21]

After Saint's Row becomes a battlefield for the three gangs, the Julius gathers all the people he can find to the Church.[22]

Playa joins the Saints after Julius and Troy save him during a turf war.[22]

While the Vice Kings had become just another crime gang, Julius naively believed he could learn from that failure and keep control.[18] Julius quickly realizes that Playa is uncontrollable and doesn't care about the damage they cause.[18]

Vice Kings[]

Main article: Vice Kings

The Vice Kings control Mission Beach[19][23] until a three-way gang shootout results in 3rd Street Saints being the last gang left alive.[24]

The Saints demoralize the Vice Kings by taking control of Prawn Court.[25] a neighborhood under the control of Tanya Winters.

When Tanya seizes control of the Vice Kings, Julius gets a call from King and sends Playa to save him.[26]

Playa, Johnny, and King go to King's Penthouse and give Tanya a barrage of bullets until she is sent out the window where King steps on her fingers and sends her to her death by a 30 story fall.[27]

Los Carnales[]

Main article: Los Carnales

Dex asks Playa to steal a truck for him so he can use that truck as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate Los Carnales.[28] The truck is loaded with Saints, and driven to a factory used by the Carnales. After the Saints take it over, they find a note, saying that Hector Lopez is meeting with their Colombian suppliers in Poseidon Alley.[29]

The Carnales attack the Saints Row Church and Victor Rodriguez is killed.[30]

The Saints meet with Colombian Manuel Orejuela. The Colombians are allied with the Carnales, but they know the Carnales are going to be destroyed.[31]

Westside Rollerz[]

Main article: Westside Rollerz

While Lin is undercover as a Westside Rollerz gang member, the Saints stage an attack on the garage of a Donnie, a Westside Rollerz mechanic, making it look like Lin saves his life from the 3rd Street Saints, and Donnie introduces Lin to Joseph Price.[32][33]

After Playa defends a convoy of three Delivery Trucks from a raid by the Westside Rollerz, Joseph Price and William Sharp discuss the 3rd Street Saints, with Donnie referring to them as the "Fifth Street Alter Boys".[34]

When Playa again thwarts the Rollerz' plans, Sharp remarks that it's quite a coincidence, and deduces that Lin is a mole.[35]

After Sharp is killed, Price decides to burn Saint's Row to the ground, but are stopped by Julius and Playa.[36]


After the Saints conquer Stilwater, Playa is made Julius' right hand man. Julius is swiftly incarcerated by Police Chief Monroe.[37] Monroe is a corrupt cop though, and he promises the Saints that he will free Julius if they kill Marshall Winslow.[38] Monroe is not a man of his word, so the Saints assassinate him on his way to Winslow's funeral.[39]

Alderman Richard Hughes takes the message: he calls Playa for a meeting, claiming Monroe was acting on his own initiative and that he'd free Julius.[40]


Unknown to most of the gang, Troy is an undercover cop. Dex worked it out but didn't inform the gang: he left after being offered a job at the Ultor Corporation. Unwilling to bust all of his friends in the Saints, Troy asked Julius to convince Gat and Playa to drop their flags. In exchange, Hughes promised he'd give them all pardons.[41]

Playa meets Hughes on his yacht. Hughes says that the Saints enabled him to become Mayor, that they'd meant he could destroy and rebuild Saints Row in the name of stopping gang violence, and that in order for this to work, he is going to kill Playa. Before he got the chance, the boat exploded:[40] Julius had planted a bomb to get rid of both of them. Troy is horrified but Julius dismissed it as the only way.[40] Playa survives but is left in a coma.

Saints Row 2[]

After waking up from a coma and escaping from prison, the Boss found a very different Stilwater than the one they left. The city now belongs to the Ultor Corporation
— History of the Saints: The Saints Reborn[42]

Playa giving a speech.

Playa was in a coma in the Stilwater Penitentiary for five years.[43] Troy became the new Chief of Police, using his influence to keep Playa alive; Gat was arrested after trying to kill Troy and charged with over 300 murders, though Troy made sure he'd be safe in jail. Having lost their leadership, the Saints began to collapse, either getting killed or arrested. As the Saints fell apart, three new gangs had moved into Stilwater: the Sons of Samedi, the Brotherhood and the Ronin. What few Saints remained at this point dropped their flags to protect themselves.

Playa wakes up from his coma, and escapes from prison with the help of fellow inmate Carlos.[44] Playa frees Johnny during his trial[45], establishes a new Saints Hideout in Bavogian Plaza, and recruits three new lieutenants.[46]

The Brotherhood[]

Main article: The Brotherhood

Maero offers the Saints a deal to split Stilwater 20-80 in Maero's favor, which Playa strongly refuses.[47]

A game of tit-for-tat ensues as the Saints work to take over Brotherhood territory, including The Brotherhood launching an attack on Saints' turf.[48] Maero then turns to Dane Vogel, coercing him into forcing the Stilwater Police Department to release a bunch of jailed Brotherhood Members. When the Saints hear about this, they target the police buses the Brotherhood inmates are riding on, destroying them and killing the members.[49].

The Ronin[]

Main article: The Ronin

The Saints go on the offensive to get rid of this gang, robbing the Poseidon Casino in the Stilwater Boardwalk.[50]

The Saints planned to kill Kazuo at the airport, but Kazuo is saved by Jyunichi.[51]

The Saints protect their hideout from some attacking Ronin members.[52]

Sons of Samedi[]

Main article: Sons of Samedi

The Samedi have their own designer drug, Loa Dust. The Saints are trying to remake this product and take their market by taking their turf.[53] The Saints also burn down a drug farm owned by the Samedi in Pleasant View.[54]

After Playa is abducted and drugged by the Samedi, he learns from Shaundi that the Samedi are attacking the Saints Hideout.[55]

Shaundi and Playa hack into the police cameras from the Police Headquarters,[56] leading to a Saint finding the location of The General.[57] The Saints ambush, and ultimately kill, The General.[58]

Ultor Corporation[]

Dane Vogel threatened by Playa.

Main article: Ultor

After the Saints retake Stilwater, Ultor attacks the Saints.[59] After finding out about the Pyramid, Ultor's secret research facility under Mount Claflin, the Saints break in blow the place up.[60] Dane Vogel, who is in control of Ultor, is confronted by his the Board of Directors that he should get rid of the Saints or risk losing his job.[61] Instead, he sends the Saints information about a yacht party where all the Ultor Executives are gathered.[62] During a speech given by Vogel, the Saints stage an assassination attempt.[63]

Saints Row 2 Downloadable Content[]

Ultor Exposed[]

Main article: Ultor Exposed

Playa meets with ex-Ultor microbiologist Tera, who says that she knows about some things Ultor wants to keep 'buried', referring to bodies, and Playa would love to dig them up to hurt Ultor. After Playa did so, he brought them to Channel 6, who wanted more evidence. Tera finds out about a truck loaded with chemicals, and together they steal the truck, defend it from Ultor, and store it at the airport. Jane Valderama wants something else, an interview with Tera. When the Saints brought the evidence to Mount Claflin, where the interview will take place, they are attacked by Ultor again. After they defend the evidence again, Tera had the interview with Jane. Jane turns Tera's words against her, saying that they got the Saints a lot of money and that Ultor won't go away because of an interview. Tera swears revenge on Ultor.

Corporate Warfare[]

Main article: Corporate Warfare

Pierce meets up with Eric Gryphon, new CEO of Ultor. Gryphon asks for protection in exchange for information on Dexter Jackson. After protecting Eric from the Masako, he tells Playa that Dex is smuggling toxic waste and selling it in the black market. After Playa takes care of Dex's plan, the former Saint leaves Stilwater. When Playa hears about this, he kills all of Dex's contacts, and swears to find Dex and kill him.

Saints Row Undercover[]

Main Article: Saints Row Undercover

After the Saints took over Stilwater, the streets remain in peace. But things change when Lady Ranja starts a civil war within the Saints and creates her own gang of Saints. With no other choice Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw sends a undercover cop to infiltrate the Saints to put the conflict to a end. The undercover cop helps the Saints defeat Lady Ranja's gang and Mr. Sunshine's twin brother. Johnny Gat soon finds out the truth of the undercover cop and overs him a choice to either become a member of the 3rd Street Saints or go back to his career of being a police officer. The cop joins the Saints.

Saints Row: The Third[]

I'm Free - Free Falling - Playa, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi tied to chairs.png

After merging with Ultor to form the "Saints-Ultor Media Group", the gang has produced Saints-branded merchandise for a rabid public. They are worldwide celebrities.
— History of the Saints: Modern Day Saints[64]

Main article: Saints Row: The Third

The Saints, having defeated all the rival gangs of Stilwater and overthrown the influence of the Ultor Corporation, have with free reign of the city, turning their gang into a brand name and selling merchandise like clothing and soft drinks, even in talks of making movies, though still try to do some legitimate gang activity on the side. They target a bank, attempting to airlift the vault out of it, but the plan goes wrong, and the Saints are arrested and incarcerated.[65] Phillipe Loren smuggles Playa, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi out of jail and onto his private jet. While in-flight, he tells them they will be allowed to live if they turn over two-thirds of the Saints revenue.[66]

With the Syndicate in full control of Stilwater, the Saints relocate themselves to the city of Steelport. The Saints see the opportunity to take control of Steelport.

The Saints recruit four new lieutenants: Zimos, the oldest pimp in Steelport, Angel De LaMuerte, an ex tag-team wrestler, Kinzie Kensington, an ex-FBI intelligence agent, and Oleg Kirrlov, an 8-foot giant who is the template of the Brute clones[67] and enjoys playing chess.[68]


Main article: Morningstar

When the Saints launch an attack on the Syndicate tower, the Saints fight their way up to where they find the brute cloning station. After a fight between Saints and the Morningstar, the Saints meet Oleg Kirrlov whom the clones are based on. He is freed and welcomed into the 3rd Street Saints.[67]


Main article: Deckers

When the Saints acquire the NEMO chair,[69] they infiltrate the Decker user net and fight their way through the digital world, where Playa has a face-off with Matt Miller's digital monster form.[70]


Main article: Luchadores

Killbane escapes on his jet when Playa decides to save Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Reynolds instead of going after Killbane and is never seen again, ending the Luchadores and the Syndicate.[71]


Main article: STAG

If Killbane is killed, STAG nearly destroys the city in a last ditch effort to wipe out the Saints.[72]


Depending on what choice is made in the endgame. One of two outcomes occur for the Saints.

If Killbane is killed, Playa declares Steelport a city state under the Saints' control and dares anyone to come and take it from them.

If Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Reynolds are saved, the Saints continue to do things corporately, Steelport is still in their control but in a less tyrannical light as the Saints are viewed as heroes. Playa goes through with making the movie that was discussed earlier which ends with them fighting an actor in a Killbane outfit.

Saints Row IV[]

After the events of the Save Shaundi ending in Saints Row: The Third, the Saints embarked on an international assassin job on ex-STAG leader Cyrus Temple, who teamed up with terrorists in the Middle East after being booted off the military by the United States Government. Their mission is to kill Cyrus and prevent him launching a nuke towards Washington D.C. Playa killed Temple, and disarmed the nuclear warhead in the sky, destroying it and saving Washington.[73]

The Saints earned the adoration of America after Playa's daring move to save Washington from Cyrus' nuke. Playa is elected President of the United States, thus the Saints entered into government, with actor Keith David acting as Vice President. The Cabinet consisted of Saints gang members.

Five years after the assassination of Cyrus Temple, an alien empire known as the Zin launched an invasion of earth, and their leader Zinyak arrived at the White Crib and began abducting Playa and their cabinet.[74]

After the destruction of the earth[75] - leaving Playa the sole world leader[76] - the Saints began to take down the Zin Empire through with the simulation and rescuing their cabinet.[77] After rescuing the cabinet, the Saints began putting together a plan to take down Zinyak. They are briefly betrayed by Keith David who made a deal with Zinyak to try and kill Playa with the promise of Zinyak restoring earth. Playa gets sense into Keith through Roddy Piper and rescues Kinzie Kensington.


The Saints crash Simulation 31 and Playa enters Zinyak's headquarters and confronts him in his throne room. The two face off with each other, and the Saints arrive to help Playa take down Zinyak. Playa rips off Zinyak's head, broadcasts to the whole Zin Empire, and takes over the Zin as their new leader.[78]

If all homie loyalty missions have been completed, Playa discovers that the Zin have the ability to use time travel, so they can visit earth before its destruction and change the shape of history. If the loyalty missions aren't complete, the Saints Empire is created, and the Saints head off to find themselves a new homeworld.


  • In order to become a member of the 3rd Street Saints, prospects must be Canonized, which is the same as the real life street gang practice of being jumped-in in which prospects are beaten by several gang members. Playa is Canonized at the beginning of Saints Row and Johnny Gat canonizes new members at the ending of "Three Kings". Random female Saints randomly state their canonizing was worse.
    • Canonization is a real-life religious act in which someone becomes a saint.
  • Mission Beach in the Saint's Row District is the only neighborhood under the control of the 3rd Street Saints at the time Playa joins the gang.[79]
  • The Saints are featured under S in The ABCs of Saints Row.[80]

Saints Row[]

Saints Row 2[]

  • The "3rd Street Saints" from the Saints Row 2 onward is almost an entirely new gang, Johnny Gat is the only remaining member who was in the gang at the beginning of Saints Row
  • The 3rd Street Saints cannot take control of the Saint's Row, Stilwater Prison, Nuclear Power Plant Districts, or Mount Claflin.
  • The Saints are continuously underestimated by rival gangs, to the point of that they are thought to be harmless and easy to destroy.[82][83][84] The only gang who try to recruit them as allies rather than immediately engaging them is The Brotherhood.
  • There is a glitch where the Saints become enemies. When taking out t