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3 Count Casino
3 Count Casino exterior sign
The entrance to the 3 Count Casino







Port Pryor


Until 3 Count Beat DownSRTT


Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

The 3 Count Casino is an enterable building in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

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For the Stronghold Crib, see 3 Count


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Located in the center of the neighborhood Port Pryor, in the district of Carver Island in Steelport, the 3 Count Casino is one of the largest casinos in the city, and is featured in the mission "3 Count Beat Down". It also served as the setting of the first face-to-face confrontation between Killbane and Playa, right in the midst of Killbane's press conference at the end of the mission "A Remote Chance".

3 Count Casino is controlled by Killbane and the Luchadores, who use it as a front for their gambling operations. It later becomes a 3rd Street Saints Stronghold Crib.

Saints Row IVEdit

The casino is in the same location and, unlike Saints Row: The Third, it can be visited anytime. The building looks exactly the same as it looks in Saints Row: The Third with the exception of Killbane posters which are changed with Nyte Blayde ones.

The casino is featured in Matt Miller's Loyalty mission "Nytefall".


Before the Saints takeover, the casino served as a major source of income for the Luchadores. After Killbane de-masked Angel De LaMuerte in public, the Luchadores claimed the defeated wrestler's mask as their trophy and placed it in the casino's vault behind the teller cages. After spending time with the Saints, Angel regained his fighting spirit and enlisted Playa's help in reclaiming his mask so that he could join in the fight against Killbane.

When the Saints assault the 3 Count Casino, Angel and Playa interrogate the manager at gunpoint and then go to the vaults where Angel's mask is still being kept. Then they decide to tear the casino apart by destroying the statues of Killbane along with several slot machines in order to send the Luchadores a message. Once satisfied with their work, the Saints claim the place for their own.



  • An aerial view of the 3 Count Casino
  • The casino lobby, note the portraits of Killbane
  • The 1st floor
  • The 2nd floor, "nice touch"
  • 3 Count Casino - Face of Angel statue
  • 3 Count Casino - upstairs tables
  • Killbane's motivational poster
  • 3 Count Casino - safe door
  • 3 Count Casino - TV with Saints Flow commercial
  • 3 Count Casino - Office with Johnny Cat monitors
  • 3 Count Casino - Cashier exterior
  • 3 Count Casino - Killbane and Angel statue
  • 3 Count Casino - main gambling floor
  • 3 Count Casino - lobby posters
  • 3 Count Casino - exterior ground level
  • 3 Count Casino poster
  • 3 Count Casino billboard
  • 3 Count Casino billboard
  • Killbane banner inside 3 Count Casino
  • Killbane banner inside 3 Count Casino

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