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105.0 The World is a radio station in Saints Row 2.


This station is originally 105.0 Ezzzy FM, at 50% Completion of the game, Ultor buys the station and renames it to 105.0 The World, with a completely different line-up of songs.

It plays world and Irish Celtic music.


Stevie J continues to be the DJ after the station is purchased by Ultor, though his previously happy commentary is replaced by a depressed and often sarcastic commentary. Stevie J regularly encourages listeners to boycott the station.

SR2 announcer WORLD 00006 Stevie J


  • "Over The Moor To Maggie" - Greg Knowles and Mike Taylor
  • "El Viento En La Isla" - Liza Carbe and Jean Pierre Durand
  • "Bangara Dance" - Ravi Shani
  • "Zahrat El Sahra" - Roger Abaji
  • "The Drunkard's Song" - Viktor Mastoridis
  • "Schenkt's Ma Mal Was Boarisch" - Karl Barthel
  • "Mountain Hut Landler" - Martin Beeler
  • "Mandilatos" - Robin Jeffrey
  • "Mambo De Fito" - Liza Carbe and Jean Pierre Durand
  • "Hungarian Sundance" - Friedrich Sehl
  • "Humours of Glen Dart" - Greg Knowles and Mike Taylor
  • "Hot Nights" - John Leach
  • "Gypsy Dance" - Laszlo Borteri
  • "Good Morning Polka" - Jan Schneeberg
  • "Friss A Rozsa" - Niko Radic
  • "Emerald Jig" - Ian Clarke and Simon Painter
  • "Drumjig" - Greg Knowles and Mike Taylor
  • "Connaught Chase" - Greg Knowles and Mike Taylor
  • "Cigany" - Niko Radic
  • "Barasilian Fiesta" - Claudia Figueroa, Forbes Henderson, Tony Hinnigan, and Martin Taylor
  • "Baidoushka" - Robin Jeffrey


  • The audio files for the station include 5 unused weather report introductions which mention Max Storm, who is also mentioned in the Channel 6 advertisement.


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