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Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC

Appears in

Saints Row IV

'Merica is a weapon in the Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC for Saints Row IV.

A dozen guns, a rocket launcher, and a flamethrower, all wrapped together behind one convenient trigger.
— Weapon Description[1]


The 'Merica weapon is part of the Commander-in-Chief Pack, which, until 2013-10-01, was only available by pre-ordering the game. It uses an animation set similar to the Incinerator and Mini-Gun from Saints Row: The Third, but without the slow walking speed.

The main body of the weapon is a custom Mini-Gun, similar to the Brute Mini-Gun Temporary Weapon.

At the top and bottom of the weapon are a custom Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher, of which only one can be used at a time. Pressing the Reload button alternates between Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower being equipped - with the selected weapon rotating to the top of the weapon.

Surrounding the barrel of the gun are a Combat Knife[2] and 4 additional weapons:

All weapons constantly fire when the trigger is held, and the recoil produces an uncontrollable muzzle climb. The weapon produces truly spectacular displays whenever it is fired. In addition, every tenth round or so produces a distinctive fireworks noise.

The weapon is very powerful, able to take out the normal Zin with one trigger pull. A fully upgraded 'Merica is capable of taking out even unshielded Wardens in a matter of seconds. The 'Merica is not strong enough to take on heavy armor.

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  • Extremely high damage-per-second.
  • One of the most powerful weapons in the game.
  • Choice between either flamethrower or missile launcher.
  • Upgrades improve rocket and flamethrower performance.
  • Consumes ammo incredibly fast and can easily waste ammo.
  • Requires Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC.
  • Expensive to upgrade.
  • Heavy recoil makes it difficult to control as the muzzle constantly climbs when fired.
  • Uses the same ammo as the Automatic Rifle.
  • Cannot damage Tanks.
  • Muzzle flash obscures half of the screen.


'Merica Description
'Merica - 'Merica - Default.png
You have the right to bear arms and lots of them.
— 'Merica - Default skin description


  • There is an inaccessible 'Merica weapon in a display case in the White Crib.[5]
  • When the weapon is equipped, the Marines' Hymn is played.
  • It also stops the music playing in the radio station when equipped.
  • The internal name for this weapon is "Rifle-Commander", and it is also referred to internally as "Murka".[6]
  • The weapon description falsely claims that there are "A dozen guns", when there are only 8 weapons in total.[1]
  • A Deep Silver press release falsely claims that 'Merica contains "ultra-powered dub step guns".[7][8][9][10] There is no audio or visual matching the Dubstep Gun when firing, and there are no parts of the Dubstep Gun visible.[11][12]


Promo image of 'Merica

'Merica unlock image

'Merica - 'Merica - Default

Weapon - Special - 'Merica - Main

'Merica untextured 3d model

Concept art for unused Hillbilly skin for the 'Merica weapon

Merica' Weapon

The 'Merica gun firing with the flamethrower selected

The 'Merica gun firing with the rocket launcher selected

Grass Roots 'Merica unlocked

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