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Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC

Appears in

Saints Row IV

'Merica is a weapon in the Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC for Saints Row IV.


The 'Merica weapon is part of the Commander-in-Chief pack, which, until 2013-10-01, was only available by pre-ordering the game. It uses an animation set similar to the Incinerator and Mini-Gun from Saints Row: The Third, but without the slow walking speed.

The weapon consists of the following weapons:

  • Light Machine gun
  • Sub Machine gun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Heavy Pistol
  • Minigun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • A huge Combat Knife

All small arms weapons and the minigun are constantly firing when the trigger is held, and the Reload button alternates between the secondary firing weapon, which is either the rocket launcher or flamethrower - with the selected weapon rotating to the top of the weapon. The weapon is very powerful, able to take out the normal Zin with one trigger pull containing unmeasurable amounts of freedom.

A fully upgraded 'Merica is capable of taking out even unshielded Wardens in a matter of seconds.

The weapon is loaded entirely with tracer ammunition with 'Hollywood' high-flash gunpowder, producing truly spectacular displays whenever it is fired. In addition, every tenth round or so produces a distinctive fireworks noise. At close range the enormous muzzle flash, wild, scattering, tracers and exploding rockets (if that mode is selected) reduces, targets will see nothing but blinding light. As for the wielder: a lot of corpses and destruction in the weapon's awe of fire.

Despite its insane amount of firepower, at your disposal. The 'Merica is not strong enough to take on heavy armor, even if it has a rocket launcher taped to it and with so many weapons firing at once, it will take more than a steady hand to control this much freedom in the form of muzzle climb.

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  • Extremely high damage-per-second.
  • Alternative firing option allows for a choice between either flamethrower or missile launcher.
  • One of the most powerful weapons in the game.
  • Upgrades improve rocket and flamethrower performance, further adding to the already destructive behaviour.
  • Consumes ammo incredibly fast and can easily waste ammo.
  • Requires Commander in Chief DLC pack to access this weapon.
  • Very expensive to upgrade.
  • Heavy recoil makes it difficult to control as the muzzle constantly climb when fired.
  • Uses the same ammo as the Automatic Rifle.
  • Cannot damage Tanks.
  • Muzzle flash can obscure half of the screen, making aim adjusting difficult.


'Merica Description
'Merica - 'Merica - Default.png
You have the right to bear arms and lots of them.
— 'Merica - Default weapon description[1]


  • There is an inaccessible 'Merica weapon in a display case in the White Crib.[2]
  • When the weapon is equipped, the Marines' Hymn is played.
  • It also stops the music playing in the radio station when equipped.


Promo image of 'Merica

'Merica - 'Merica - Default

Concept art for unused Hillbilly skin for the 'Merica weapon

Merica' Weapon

The 'Merica gun firing with the flamethrower selected

The 'Merica gun firing with the rocket launcher selected

Grass Roots 'Merica unlocked

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    'Merica - Default weapon description

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