hier staan de cheats van saints row the third wel engels


Display Code Name Description
Add Police Notoriety pissoffpigs Anger Cops Bumps Police Notoriety one star with each use.
Add Gang Notoriety lolz Anger Gangs Bumps Gang Notoriety one star with each use.
Give Cash cheese Cash Money
Instant Cash
Instantly gives you cash.
Heaven Bound fryhole Elevator to Heaven The dead all go to heaven.
Never Die dlc_never_die Never Die (DLC) You will never die.
No Cop Notoriety goodygoody No Cops Removes all existing Police Notoriety.
No Gang Notoriety oops No Gangs Removes all existing Gang Notoriety.
Player Pratfalls dlc_player_pratfalls Player Pratfall (DLC) Pratfall, like in Insurance Fraud.
Give Respect whatitmeanstome R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Instant Respect
Instantly gives you respect.
Infinite Sprint runfast Super Sprint You can sprint forever.
Infinite Ammo dlc_unlimited_ammo Unlimited Ammo (DLC) Gives you infinite ammo for all weapons.
Unlimited Clip dlc_unlimited_clip Unlimited Clip (DLC) You never have to reload because your clip runneth over forever.


Display Code Name Description
Car Mass Hole dlc_car_mass InfiniteMass (DLC) Your vehicle has infinite mass and
smashes other vehicles out of the way.
Repair Car repaircar Fixer Up Repairs all damage to your vehicle.
Vehicle No Damage vroom Player Vehicle No Damage Your vehicle is immune to damage.
Vehicle Smash isquishyou Player Vehicle Smash Your vehicle smashes other vehicles.


Display Code Name Description
Give Condor givecondor Condor Condor (average)
Give Eagle giveeagle Eagle Eagle (ultimate)
Give Specter givespecter Specter Specter (stag)
Give Tornado givetornado Tornado Tornado (assault)
Give Vtol givevtol VTOL F-69 VTOL (average)
Give Vulture givevulture Vulture Vulture (average)
Give Woodpecker givewoodpecker Woodpecker Woodpecker (ultimate)


Display Code Name Description
Give Estrada giveestrada Estrada Melbourne (ultimate)
Give Kaneda givekaneda Kaneda Kaneda (ultimate)
Give Kenshin givekenshin Kenshin Kenshin (average)
Give Sandstorm givesandstorm Sandstorm Sandstorm (ultimate)
Give Widowmaker givewidowmaker Widowmaker Widowmaker (ultimate)


Display Code Name Description
Give Commander givecommander Commander Commander (average)
Give Miami givemiami Miami Miami (ultimate)
Give Shark giveshark Shark Shark (ultimate)


Display Code Name Description
Give Ambulance giveambulance Ambulance Ambulance (average)
Give Anchor giveanchor Anchor Anchor (news9)
Give Attrazione giveattrazione Attrazione Attrazione (ultimate)
Give Bootlegger givebootlegger Bootlegger Bootlegger (ultimate)
Give Justice givejustice Justice Justice (ultimate)
Give Nforcer givenforcer NForcer N-Forcer (NG)
Give Peacemaker givepeacemaker Peacemaker Peacemaker (ultimate)
Give Phoenix givephoenix Phoenix Phoenix (ultimate)
Give Quasar givequasar Quasar Quasar (ultimate)
Give Municipal givemunicipal Stilwater Municipal Stilwater Municipal (average)
Give Taxi givetaxi Taxi Taxi (average)
Give Titan givetitan Titan Titan (average)
Give Vortex givevortex Vortex Vortex (ultimate)


Display Code Name Description
Give Challenger givechallenger Challenger Challenger (average)
Give Gat Mobile givegatmobile Gatmobile Gat Mobile (average)
Give Knoxville giveknoxville Knoxville Knoxville (ultimate)
Give Reaper givereaper Reaper Reaper (ultimate)
Give Sphere givesphere Sphere (disabled) Ball (standard)
Give Status Quo givestatusquo Status Quo Status Quo (ultimate)
Give Toad givetoad Toad Toad (ultimate)