Wardill Airport
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Los Carnales SR
The Brotherhood SR2

Unlocked after

What Goes Up... SR
Wardill Airport Hangars SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


Crash Landing SR
On Thin Ice SR
Branded SR2
Charred Hard Burgers SR2

Notable buildings

Hapton Hotel SR
Turbulence SR
Wardill Airport


Escort SR
Hijacking SR
Hitman SR
Drug Trafficking SR2
Racing SR2


2 Barnstormings
3 CDs SR / 2 CDs SR2
20 Stunt Jumps
2 Taggings SR2


Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Wardill Airport is a neighborhood in the Airport District of Stilwater.

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Wardill Airport is the only international airport in Stilwater, and is both the name of the neighborhood as well as the name of the airport itself.

Saints RowEdit

Playa and Dex destroy a Carnales private jet containing Angelo Lopez, who is on the run.[1]

The Turbulence strip club is located to the west of the Hapton Hotel.

Wardill Airport is the only location of the Bag Boy, Baggage Trailer, Nightingale and Graham Jet XL8000.

Saints Row 2Edit

Dex uses this airport for a quick dash out of Stilwater from Playa.[2]

The Brotherhood operate out of the airport and organize a deal with an international crime syndicate, although Playa raids the deal and kills everyone involved.[3]

Kazuo Akuji, leader of The Ronin, also arrives at this airport and Playa attempts to assassinate him.[4]

Playa can also buy Airport Hangar which is used as a garage for planes.






  • The airport's destinations according to the departure board are as followed:
Naples, Italy
Manchester, England
Leeds, England
Moscow, Russia
New York, United States
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
Munich, Germany
Tokyo, Japan
Barcelona, Spain
Glasgow, Scotland
Madrid, Spain
  • All planes taking off from Wardill Airport head north towards Mount Claflin.
    • All Snipes 57s crash into Mount Claflin.
    • The Wolverines touch down on the water near Sommerset, then continue in the same direction and crash into a building.
    • The Parrots, Corsettes, and High Rises land on the water near Sommerset, then do an impossible turn and head back in the opposite direction. When they reach the south end of the runway, they crash into the water.
    • The Woodpeckers start the same as the Parrot, but instead of crashing at the end, they repeatedly jump up and down in the air, if they leave the field of view, they disappear.
  • All airplanes landing travel to the end of the runway, then run to the left and taxi into the airport. Any Snipes 57's stop due to a sign blocking their way, but continue if the sign is knocked out of the way.
  • Planes sometimes fly over parts of the city on a straight line trajectory not connecting with the Airport, and never turn unless attacked.
  • All flights on the departures screen are delayed.
  • There are advertisements laid out around the airport's interior.
  • The departures screen displays famous cities from all over the world.
  • Only 1 of the 8 gates inside Wardill Airport are open and that is C1.
  • The Hitman target Chris is in this Neighborhood in Saints Row.
  • Wardill is an anagram of Willard Airport, which services developer Volition's home city of Champaign, IL. It is owned by the University of Illinois but is open to the public.]
  • The airport terminal interior from the 'Turbulence' co op mode in Saints Row is reused in Saints Row 2 as the normal interior.


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