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"Red Asphalt" is the fourth mission of the The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Prominent gang member found dead
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Outside Club Koi, Jessica phones The Protagonist and sarcastically informs them that since The Protagonist gave Maero a "makeover"[1], she would return the favor regarding Carlos. She taunts The Protagonist and ends the call saying, "Do me a favor. When you're scraping up your buddy's face, just remember Maero gave you a chance to be his partner".[2]

The Protagonist immediately rushes to Donnie's and interrogates Donnie. After a brief fight, Donnie admits that he heard some of The Brotherhood were taking Carlos on "a ride around the docks". The Protagonist finds Carlos chained to the back of a Compensator and being dragged through the Docks & Warehouses district at high speeds. The Protagonist kills the drivers and stops the truck, but is too late to save Carlos, who is in severe pain. Rather than allowing him to succumb to his wounds, The Protagonist draws a gun and - after Carlos silently nods his head in agreement - performs a coup de grâce.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A member of the Third Street Saints was found dead today, the victim of a grisly gangland assassination. In a bloody recreation of the fate of Hector, Carlos Mendoza's body was dragged face down across Stilwater, until mercifully being shot in the head. While no arrests have been made in the killing, the police suspect the Brotherhood as the ones responsible for the vicious attack.


Red Asphalt - Carlos's Health

Gameplay from the mission.

Head to Donnie's garage
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Beat up Donnie until he tells you where Carlos is

Gun down all The Brotherhood enemies and head inside through the left. Proceed to fight Donnie using melee - there are multiple Improvised Weapons around the office and he attempts to fight back. Do not shoot and kill him. After a few hits, Donnie reveals Carlos' fate.

Find the truck before Carlos dies

Grab a vehicle and head towards the Docks & Warehouses District.

Damage the truck and force it to stop

When the Compensator with Carlos chained to the back comes into view, proceed to pummel it with as much firepower as fast as possible - the longer this chase goes on, the more difficult it becomes. Avoid all other enemies and just concentrate on the Compensator; a Five-O usually joins in on the assault. After the Compensator is sufficiently damaged, its occupants bail out and the vehicle stops.


Exit the vehicle and head towards Carlos to end the mission.


  • Charlestown neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper bh04 Red Asphalt

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.


"Professional Courtesy" cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist: "Carlos, where the fuck are you?"
Jessica: "I think your people skills need some work sweetie."
The Protagonist: "'d ya like Maero's new tattoo?"
Jessica: "Actually, I think it's pretty sexy...rugged, tough..."
The Protagonist: "Radioactive..."
Jessica: "That's cute."
The Protagonist: "I try, now what the fuck do you want."
Jessica: "Well, I just wanted to let you know that since you were nice enough to give my man a makeover, I should return the favor...don't worry, by the time we're through with him Carlos'll look just as handsome as Maero."
The Protagonist: "Listen up you fuckin' bitch..."
Jessica: "'Course I don't have access to the same materials you did, but ya know, I figure we can make do."
The Protagonist: "When I find you-"
Jessica: "I'm sure you'll do something scary. Do me a favor. When you're scraping up your buddy's face, just remember Maero gave you a chance to be his partner."
— "Professional Courtesy" cutscene


Donnie: "Oh God, you again?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Where's Carlos..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Where'd Maero take Carlos..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Where did they take Carlos?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "What did you do to Carlos?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Where's Carlos?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Where did you take Carlos?"
Donnie: "I don't know where he his!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "You're Maero's bitch, of course you know..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Wrong answer."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "You're lying..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Don't lie to me Donnie..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "The hell you don't..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I don't believe you..."
Donnie: "I can't tell you. Maero'll kill me!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Don't worry about Maero, worry about me..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "You don't tell me, Maero won't get the chance..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "You don't tell me, I'll kill you..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "If you don't start talkin', I'll kill you..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Maero's the last person you should be worrying about..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Whaddya think I'm gonna do if you don't start talking..."
Donnie: "Stop!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "That's up to you, where's my boy?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I'll stop when you talk..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "I'll stop when you start talkin'..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "You want me stop? Start talking..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Honey, I'm just getting started..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "You want this to stop? Tell me where Carlos is..."
Donnie: "Fuck you, I'm not helping you again!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Really?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Then we're gonna have a problem..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "You bet your ass you will..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "If you don't help me you're getting wheeled out of her in a body bag..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Fuck me? Is that any way to talk to a lady?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Unless you wanna die, you bet your ass you're helping me..."
Donnie: "Even if I knew anything I wouldn't tell you!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Then you're gonna die in this shop..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Bitch, you're tryin' my patience..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Then you're gonna die here..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Now Donnie...that's not a nice thing to say..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Donnie, quit pretending you have a spine..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I'm getting tired of this Donnie..."
Donnie: "Go to hell!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I'm getting tired of playin' with you Donnie..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "This is your last chance..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "This is your last chance Donnie..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "This is the last time I'm gonna ask nicely..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "This is the last time I'm gonna ask you..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I'm not going to ask again: Where is Carlos?"
Donnie: "I heard him say they were going to take him on a ride around the docks..."


Carlos: "Painfully wheezing"
Carlos: "Screams in agony"
Carlos: "Breathes faster and shallower"
Carlos: "Screams in agony"
Carlos: "Softly whimpering and crying"
The Protagonist: "Breathes Heavily"
— Labelled "Cut2"

The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Carlos...what did they do to you..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Oh my God, Carlos..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Hang on Carlos, I'm comin' for ya..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Jesus Christ Carlos..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Carlos!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Carlos...the Brotherhood are fucking animals"
— Labelled "See Carlos"


  • Jessica taunts The Protagonist over the phone outside Club Koi
  • The Protagonist, about to kill Carlos
  • The Protagonist performs a mercy kill on Carlos
  • Loading screen after "Red Asphalt"
  • Loading screen after "Red Asphalt"
  • Loading screen after "Red Asphalt"
  • Gameplay from the mission


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    Red Asphalt - Carlos's Health

    "Carlos's Health"

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