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Oleg Kirrlov
Oleg close up
Oleg in Saints Row: The Third
Oleg with Josh Birk in the Broken Shillelagh in Saints Row IV
Oleg in Saints Row IV
Appears in

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV










3rd Street Saints




KGB Agent pre-SRTT

Voiced by

Mark Allen Stewart[1][2]

Oleg Kirrlov[4] is a character in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Oleg - Saints Row The Third promo

Promotional artwork of Oleg in Saints Row: The Third

Oleg is a former KGB agent.[5] Standing around 8 feet tall and extremely muscular, he is not only physically strong but also very intelligent.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

He was held captive for several years by The Syndicate, who sought to make use of his immense strength and knowledge.[6] From a top-secret cloning facility at the Syndicate Tower, they used him as a master pattern to create the brutes. The clones produced are super-strong, but they lack the intelligence of Oleg. After being rescued, Oleg helps Playa, Pierce, and Shaundi locate and kill Phillipe Loren.[6] After this, he joins the Saints, helping them in various missions and as a homie. Over the course of the Saints occupation of Steelport, Oleg and Pierce play chess several times. The games are never culminate in a winner because something always disturbs the board. The first time[7] Playa kicks the table, then Oleg drops a bag on the game[8] and finally a VTOL crashes into the penthouse.[9]

Saints Row IVEdit

When Playa becomes President, Oleg becomes his head of security. As Playa walks towards the press conference, Oleg kicks an obsessed fan to the ground.[10] When the Zin invade Earth, he and Josh Birk escape invasion. Later, as they share a drink at the Broken Shillelagh,[11] Kinzie attempts to call Oleg to mount a counterattack against the Zin, but he dismisses her call as a telemarketer because he does not recognize the number. He and Josh are both killed when Zinyak blows up the Earth.[12]

Saints Row Gat out of HellEdit

Oleg appears in the final storybook of the game, he is in the picture playing volleyball along with Gat, Kinzie, Lin, Josh, and Dane.[13]


  • During "Gang Bang" Oleg is on the VTOL he jumps on during the mission west of the Saints HQ. Playa mentions something about him "having fun".[quote?]
  • Oleg Kirrlov's surname was reported to be "Kirrlor" by GameInformer, which "became legacy" according to Steve Jaros, lead writer for Saints Row: The Third.[4]
  • When he is rescued in the Syndicate Tower, his groin is blurred, but his buttocks are not.[6]
  • When released from his shackles,[6] he drops into a kneeling position that resembles The Terminator's first appearance.
  • In general, Oleg is very tight-lipped about his life before being captured by The Syndicate and being cloned, stating "it would be better for the Saints' friendship if [they] didn't know about it".[quote?] Despite this, he admits to being a KGB agent to Kinzie.
    • Oleg says that the KGB destroyed the only NEMO chair in existence.[14]
  • Oleg's attacks are similar to Brutes.
  • When left idle while using Female Voice 1, Playa states they are tired of Oleg's lectures on the failings of capitalism.[quote?]
  • Oleg plays chess with Pierce several times during the game, though something always ruins the game.[7][8][9] He purposely ruins the chess game he and Pierce are playing, suggesting he was losing and did not wish Pierce to win.[8]
  • Oleg usually advocates the logical course of action during missions with multiple choices, despite personal unpleasantness. He suggests keeping the Syndicate Tower, despite the time he spent suffering there, and the zombie virus, despite him being a former "patient zero". At the end of the game,[9] he states the player should go after Killbane instead of rescuing the captured Saints, claiming that Shaundi and Viola should be left to die so their work would not be in vain.
  • Oleg can pick up the Mini-Gun and Incinerator, and never run out of ammo.
  • Oleg speaks Latin, and occasionally offer to teach Playa after being called as a homie. He also says that it is nice to converse in a proper language.
  • Sometimes, if left idle when using Female Voice 2, she mentions that Oleg reminds her of her father, even if Playa has not yet rescued Oleg.
    • When stealing a motorbike, Female Voice 2 may say "I would love to see Oleg on this", again before meeting Oleg.
    • The Female Voice 2 Protagonist frequently refers to Oleg as "comrade",[when?] in reference to their Eastern European nationalities and the communist stereotypes associated with them.
  • Whenever Oleg is called up as a Homie he is always driven by the same female Saint, who is also automatically recruited as a follower.
  • Oleg recognizes the technology and firepower utilized by STAG. When Playa asks him about it, he claims "It's miltary grade, way beyond the private sector".[15]
  • Oleg's personal and professional opinions of Viola DeWynter serve as some of the motivating factors for why Playa allowed Viola to join the Saints.
  • According to the development section of the Prima guide,[16] originally Oleg wasn't cloned, he was a leg breaker for The Syndicate, who joined the Saints to be with his role model: Josh Birk.
  • Oleg's movements in cutscenes look remarkably similar to Mr. Hyde's in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Oleg's left eye is discolored when he is rescued, but after killing Loren, his eye becomes normal.[6]
  • According to Principal Technical Artist Adam Pletcher, "Oleg can't fit into most cars, but he will climb into truck beds."[17] This is untrue, Oleg can only climb into the back of a Criminal.[18]
  • In the description of the "Find Shortcuts" Challenge, Oleg quotes Sun Tzu's Art of War.[quote?]
  • In the description of the "Destroy Smart Cars" Challenge Oleg asks Playa to destroy Emus, saying "the impracticality of these little vehicles for someone of my size annoys me."[quote?]
  • In Saints Row IV, during a cutscene[12] between him and Josh Birk, he states that at first he disliked Nyte Blayde but enjoyed it soon afterward.[quote?]
  • There is a portrait of Oleg in the White Crib which is not on the Saints Row website.[19]
  • Oleg's appearance resembles Mariano Mendoza. At the Saints Row: The Third's debut at E3 he officially cosplayed Oleg for Volition.
  • Oleg is the strongest brute in-game, able to instantly kill Playa with max upgrades in normal and hard and drain the Playas health to under 50 with max upgrades in easy.
  • Despite Oleg's intelligence, he isn't abducted by Zinyak in Saints Row IV.
  • Oleg is featured under O in The ABCs of Saints Row.[20]
  • Oleg is a playable operative named Yeti in Agents of Mayhem.[21]


I am always a gentleman.
— Oleg to Playa and Viola.[22]

Once more into the breach, dear friends.
— Oleg when riding in a car, a quote from Henry V.

Et tu, Brute.
— Oleg quoting Julius Caesar when being injured by Playa.

Fly, You fools.
— Oleg quotes Gandalf while throwing an enemy.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
— Oleg quoting Bruce Banner in battle.

As Shakespeare wrote, 'Brevity is the soul of wit.'
— Oleg quoting Hamlet when dismissed.

I have not yet begun to fight.
— Oleg quoting John Paul Jones.

Most exquisite!
— When Playa kills an enemy.

You fight with the strength of Achilles!
— When Playa kills an enemy.

We go forth, like Arthur and his knights.
— When called for assistance.

Brute: "Fa-ther..."
Oleg: "You are no child of mine... just an abomination."
— Oleg grappling with a Brute during Return to Steelport

Oleg: "Were Kinzie here, I'd pour out my heart."
Pierce: "WHAT?"
Oleg: "It's rare I find an intellectual equal."
— While fighting at the Guard Armory during Three Way

Interviewer: "Rumor has it you and the Mayor of Steelport have known each other for years?"
Oleg: "Oh and how would that be?"
Interviewer: "Well, we know that you were in the KGB during-"
— Interview from the Saints Row website.[23]

Homie ConversationsEdit

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Angel and Oleg

Angel: "Ever consider Murderbrawl? You have the size of it."
Oleg: "I don't waste my time with exhibitions. When I fight, I fight to kill."
Angel: "Ever consider Murderbrawl? You have the bloodlust for it."
Oleg: "[Sigh]"
Homiechat Angel Oleg

Burt and Oleg

Burt: "Oleg Kirrlov."
Oleg: "I should kill you where you stand, Reynolds."
Burt: "The Cold War is over, son."
Oleg: "Do you think I'm naïve enough to believe that?"
Burt: "Ha, guess not."
Oleg: "I owe a debt to the Saints, but when this is all over, you and I will settle what we started in Moscow."
Burt: "Anytime, you commie."
Homiechat Burt Oleg

Josh and Oleg

Josh: "A soldier of the working man, huh? I know what you're going through."
Oleg: "Do you?"
Josh: "I played Torvald in A Doll's House when I was nine."
Oleg: "Never talk to me again."
Homiechat Josh Oleg

Kinzie and Oleg

Kinzie: "KGB, right?"
Oleg: "Is it that obvious?"
Kinzie: "You're a giant Russian Superman. You don't have a whole lot of options, unless you're really Rasputin."
Oleg: "I think I like you, mousey-one."
Homiechat Kinzie Oleg

Shaundi and Oleg

Shaundi: "So, what did you do before you were a glorified pin cushion?"
Oleg: "I worked for the Russian government."
Shaundi: "What did you do for them?"
Oleg: "Whatever my country needed of me."
Shaundi: "That's... very vague... and really unnerving."
Homiechat Shaundi Oleg

Oleg and Viola

Oleg: "I'm onto you, woman."
Viola: "What are you droning on about?"
Oleg: "You fooled the Saints, but I know your true colors."
Viola: "People change, Oleg."
Oleg: "No they don't. I'm watching you."
Homiechat Oleg Viola

Zimos and Oleg

Zimos: "Hey big man, I have a question."
Oleg: "What?"
Zimos: "I know a lot of lonely ladies who would love a chance to spend the night with a man of your talent."
Oleg: "I'm not one of your whores, old man."
Zimos: "No, you're a civil servant giving poor widows a chance to feel what it's like to be with a real man for the first time in their cold lives."
Oleg: "Hmmm, I will consider."
Homiechat Zimos Oleg


  • Oleg - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Oleg - The Belgian Problem - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row the Third concept art of Oleg
  • Oleg in a promo image for Saints Row: The Third
  • Promo image of Oleg
  • Oleg in the Saints Row The Third Power CG trailer
  • Oleg in a promo poster for Saints Row: The Third
  • Oleg in a promo image for Saints Row: The Third
  • Playa with Oleg and Kinzie
  • Oleg meets the saints for the first time
  • Oleg Kirrlov fighting a brute
  • Oleg performing a Delayed Vertical Suplex
  • ...then makes the transition into the Piledriver, killing the Brute
  • Oleg Kirrlov as a Homie
  • Oleg close up
  • Size difference between Oleg and Playa
  • Oleg with a Mini-Gun
  • Oleg clearing a Mini-Gun jam
  • Oleg holding a Morningstar Soldier
  • Oleg can only ride in the back of a Criminal
  • Oleg getting up after being knocked down
  • Oleg punching a Zombie
  • Oleg flipping a car
  • Oleg - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Oleg at the White Crib in Saints Row IV
  • Oleg discussing Nyte Blayde with Josh Birk inside the Broken Shillelagh, moments before the Earth gets blown up in Saints Row IV
  • Oleg with Josh inside the Broken Shillelagh, moments before the Earth gets blown up in Saints Row IV
  • Oleg playing volleyball in heaven with Johnny, Kinzie, Lin, Carlos, Kiki, Viola, & Dane with Josh on the lifeguard stand
  • Oleg is featured under O in The ABCs of Saints Row

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